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K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN to release their first full Japanese album

Korean boy group SEVENTEEN to release their first Japanese album this year (SEVENTEEN's Japanese website).
Korean boy group SEVENTEEN to release their first Japanese album this year (SEVENTEEN's Japanese website).
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17 Jul 2023 05:07:43 GMT9
17 Jul 2023 05:07:43 GMT9

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The 13-member Korean group SEVENTEEN is set to release their first full Japanese album “ALWAYS YOURS” on August 23.

SEVENTEEN is releasing their first Japanese album, “ALWAYS YOURS” to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their Japanese debut. The album will consist of two discs. The first disc will feature two brand-new original Japanese songs as well as other original Japanese songs by the band, such as “Dream” , “舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin’ Flower)”, and “24H”. The second disc will feature 18 Japanese versions of the group’s Korean songs, such as “HOME;RUN – Japanese ver -”, “Snap Shoot – Japanese ver -”, “Rock with you – Japanese ver -” and many more. 

“ALWAYS YOURS” will be available digitally on August 23, followed by a physical CD in the US on September 29. The compilation album will be available in four editions: one standard version and three special versions. All versions will come with a photobook and a randomly selected set of photocards of the members.  

One of the versions of SEVENTEEN’s Japanese album “ALWAYS YOURS” (SEVENTEEN’s official Japanese website)

The band is also set to tour Japan for three months, from September until December, as part of their upcoming tour “Follow”. They will start their 3-month Japanese tour in Tokyo on September 6th and end it in Fukuoka on December 17. They will also be performing in Saitama, Aichi, and Osaka. 

SEVENTEEN debuted in Korea in May 2015 with their mini album “17 Carat” and “Adore U” as the lead single. The mini album became the longest-charting K-Pop album of the year in the United States.

Three years later, the band debuted in Japan in May 2018 with their mini album “We Make You” and “Call Call Call!” as the lead single and their first original Japanese song.

In 2022, Their third Japanese mini album “Dream” debuted at number one on Daily Oricon Albums Chart and sold almost half a million copies in the first week. The band is also considered the best-selling K-pop group in Japan.

The group recently released a new mini album in April titled “FML”, which became the highest-selling K-Pop album in its first day with 3 million copies and landed at number 2 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Not only that, but the mini-album also became the best-selling K-pop album of all time, outselling K-pop sensation BTS with their album “Map of the Soul: 7.” There will be no Japanese versions of any of the songs in “FML” in their upcoming Japanese album. 

Although the band has no Japanese members, they’ve had tremendous success in Japan. Since their Japanese debut, the band has been releasing Japanese original songs and Japanese versions of their songs, as well as having Japanese social media accounts. Their member Jeonghan is one of the most popular K-Pop idols in Japan.

SEVENTEEN member Jeonghan in Japan in 2022 (Jeonghan’s Instagram @jeonghaniyoo_n).
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