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Toyota halts all plants in Japan due to cyberattack

Toyota halts all plants in Japan due to cyberattack. (AFP)
Toyota halts all plants in Japan due to cyberattack. (AFP)
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01 Mar 2022 04:03:16 GMT9
01 Mar 2022 04:03:16 GMT9

TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp on Tuesday halted operations at all of its 14 plants and 28 production lines in Japan following a system glitch at a parts supplier due to a cyberattack.

The suspension is expected to affect production of some 13,000 units for the day.

Meanwhile, Toyota plans to resume the entire operations Wednesday morning.

The supplier, Kojima Industries Corp., has yet to restore its stricken system. But Toyota decided the resumption after finding a way to exchange order data with Kojima Industries safely.

Kojima Industries confirmed on Saturday a computer virus infection on its server and a threatening message. The company shut off its system from the outside networks, stopped it entirely and is working to recover it from the glitch.

Police are investigating the matter, suspecting the possibility of a ransomware attack.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Koichi Hagiuda told a press conference Tuesday that the government will “work to confirm the facts” on the cyberattack against Kojima Industries.

In addition, he called on companies to strengthen system security measures.

“The risk of cyberattacks is increasing, and concern is growing that damage to businesses will occur,” Hagiuda said, apparently with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in mind.

Also on Tuesday, Daihatsu Motor Co., a Toyota subsidiary, idled its Kyoto plant in western Japan. Hino Motors Ltd., another unit, suspended operations at it Koga plant in Ibaraki Prefecture, eastern Japan, and its Hamura plant in Tokyo.

Since autumn, Toyota has repeatedly reduced its vehicle production as it became unable to operate plants due to semiconductor shortages and novel coronavirus infections.

Domestic production in March was projected at about 300,000 vehicles before the glitch occurred.

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