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Stranger Things themed café visits Tokyo fans

Stranger Pronto extended until the end of December. (Shutterstock)
Stranger Pronto extended until the end of December. (Shutterstock)
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18 Nov 2022 06:11:44 GMT9
18 Nov 2022 06:11:44 GMT9

Chantal Fouad

DUBAI: Pop-up Stranger Things themed café opens in Tokyo until the end of December.

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things also had a huge fan base in Japan; for that Netflix partnered up with Pronto, a Japanese café-bar chain, to set up a Stranger Things themed café for fans to come and experience the only ‘upside down’ place in the world called Stranger Pronto.

Originally the café was supposed to be open until September, but it has become so popular and a reservation there has become an extremely difficult challenge that they decided to extend the duration until the end of December to give people a chance to live through their favourite Netflix series.

The decorations and even the food in the café were all made with precision to fit the eerie ambiance of the show.

They even have souvenirs for sale such as key chains, pens, and pin badges; all with designs from the show and its characters.

There are also spots where people can take pictures with iconic pieces from the show; the alphabet wall that was seen in Will Byers living room, the bedsheet rope that allowed them to travel between both worlds, and even Vecna’s clock where if you roll your eyes and jump it will appear that you are being attacked by the show’s biggest villain.

The staff’s uniform is also from the show; they are dressed as Scoops Ahoy workers, the famous ice cream store in the show.

All reservations are made in one hour time slots; so, this allows the maximum number of people to visit Stranger Pronto while its open in Tokyo.

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