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Cornelia Meyer

Cornelia Meyer

Cornelia Meyer is a business consultant, macro-economist and energy expert.

07 Apr 2020

Machinations behind an OPEC++ meeting

31 Mar 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on remittances

24 Mar 2020

Oil’s perfect storm? No, it’s much worse than that

20 Mar 2020

COVID-19 recovery could make or break the EU

17 Mar 2020

The world as we knew it may just have changed for a long time to come

13 Mar 2020

Idlib, coronavirus make EU refugee crisis a perfect storm

09 Mar 2020

Why OPEC’s obituaries are premature

03 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: All eyes on OPEC+

25 Feb 2020

G20 meeting: Global priorities meet Vision 2030 aims

18 Feb 2020

Why oil rebounded last week despite coronavirus doom

11 Feb 2020

Coronavirus proves oil is still at the center of global economic activity

09 Feb 2020

How a virus can strip away our veneer of civility

07 Feb 2020

Turkey’s days of peace with all neighbors now long gone

04 Feb 2020

Economic effects of coronavirus to be felt for months

08 Jan 2020

Middle East tensions hang over global oil markets

05 Jan 2020

Why ‘green’ is the new mainstream

29 Dec 2019

How Erdogan’s maneuvers in the Med have roots a century old

27 Dec 2019

Moon-Abe summit: A Christmas gift to the region

22 Dec 2019

The curious diplomacy of US sanctions on allies

18 Dec 2019

Turkey — between NATO, Europe and Russia

10 Dec 2019

Saudi budget goes back to school with ongoing reforms

07 Dec 2019

Drama and a new deal at OPEC+ meeting in Vienna

03 Dec 2019

Plenty for ministers to discuss at OPEC+ meetings

01 Dec 2019

New EU leaders, same old problems

26 Nov 2019

Ups and downs in the oil markets prior to OPEC+ and Aramco IPO

22 Nov 2019

Counting the costs of the Hong Kong protests

19 Nov 2019

Aramco IPO: More clarity in terms of valuation, numbers of shares offered and potential investor base

12 Nov 2019

Aramco IPO: The prospectus for world’s most profitable company

10 Nov 2019

From ruin to reigning Europe — how the Berlin Wall transformed Germany

05 Nov 2019

Why the Saudi Aramco IPO matters in the Kingdom and beyond

01 Nov 2019

The Kingdom’s soft power in action

29 Oct 2019

Prince Abdulaziz shows the way on circular carbon economy

27 Oct 2019

European nations sidelined on Syrian security

26 Oct 2019

Japan and Saudi Arabia – Not so different after all

28 Sep 2019

Beware the power of words

23 Sep 2019

Let's save the planet, but be careful how

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