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Dr. Ramzy Baroud

Dr. Ramzy Baroud

Dr. Ramzy Baroud is a journalist, author and editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of six books. His latest book, co-edited with Ilan Pappe, is “Our Vision for Liberation: Engaged Palestinian Leaders and Intellectuals Speak Out.” His other books include “My Father was a Freedom Fighter” and “The Last Earth.” He is a nonresident senior research fellow at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs. His website is X: @RamzyBaroud

03 Jun 2024

What the shifting discourse on Palestine means for Israel

27 May 2024

ICC action a proud moment for the Global South

14 May 2024

How Israel inadvertently empowered Palestinian media

07 Feb 2024

The psychology of the Israeli genocide in Gaza

03 Jan 2024

America’s support of Israel will ultimately backfire

26 Dec 2023

Palestinian resistance remains undefeated

12 Dec 2023

Israel kills Gaza’s storytellers but cannot kill the story

06 Dec 2023

Why Palestinian resistance is no numbers game

15 Nov 2023

History tells us why Israel will not defeat Gaza

24 Oct 2023

Israel’s Gaza war rooted in dehumanizing, genocidal language

26 Sep 2023

Israel angered by UNESCO due to its fear of history

22 Aug 2023

Russia’s concessions to Israel should worry Palestinians

15 Aug 2023

How China can make a difference in Israel-Palestine conflict

06 Jun 2023

‘No safety nets’ — China, Israel and Palestine in the new global Cold War

13 Mar 2023

Israel protests are not the salvation of Palestinians

28 Feb 2023

Israel-Palestine conflict: Why Palestinians are not as happy as their UN ambassador

31 Dec 2022

Palestinian tragedies, hope and little wins

07 Dec 2022

How Palestine unites the Arabs at the World Cup

29 Nov 2022

World must force Israel to dismantle its nuclear arsenal

04 Oct 2022

Why Israel’s prime minister spoke of a Palestinian state

01 Sep 2022

Palestinians recognize the suffering of the Holocaust

24 Aug 2022

Western media bias makes Israeli war on Palestinians possible

10 Aug 2022

Evidence reaffirms that Palestine remains an Arab cause

05 Jul 2022

Why Israel’s 15-year siege on Gaza has failed

24 May 2022

Long marginalized, the ‘right of return’ is once more a Palestinian priority

03 May 2022

Palestinian refugees’ rights under attack in US-Israeli ploy

20 Apr 2022

For Palestinians, food insecurity is now an existential threat

29 Mar 2022

Palestinians fight for survival amid Israel’s war on Gaza’s water

15 Mar 2022

Palestinians caught between Russian friendship and American funding

31 Dec 2021

New generation of Palestinians made its mark in 2021

16 Nov 2021

How Israel’s ‘security’ experiment in Palestine went global

09 Nov 2021

Israel an enemy of the environment, not its savior

19 Oct 2021

Author’s Israel boycott turns spotlight on cultural genocide in Palestine

07 Sep 2021

How many more Palestinians must die for Israel’s ‘security’?

31 Aug 2021

New understanding of Afghanistan is a must

29 Jun 2021

Palestinians proving to Israel they can play politics too

16 Feb 2021

Democrats want to ‘leave aside’ international law on Israel-Palestine

02 Feb 2021

Anti-racist boycott of Israel widely misunderstood in US

05 Jan 2021

2021 offers Palestine the chance to fight back

09 Jun 2020

Palestinians, African-Americans united by cries for justice

21 Apr 2020

How Gantz resurrected the fortunes of Netanyahu and Israel’s right

07 Apr 2020

Arabs sadly lacking solidarity in the age of coronavirus

18 Feb 2020

Abbas’ UN speech and the breakdown of Palestinian politics

12 Feb 2020

Arabs and Muslims must stand up for Palestine

04 Feb 2020

Trump deal piles pressure on Palestinian leadership

24 Dec 2019

On the road to Gaza: The freedom flotilla will sail again

17 Dec 2019

The UN resolution that paved the road for West Bank annexation


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