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30 Nov 2022

Nintendo releases its second Super Mario second trailer

28 Nov 2022

Saudi, Japan partnership brings world’s largest anime town at Riyadh Season

31 Oct 2022

Saudi Anime Expo held in the Kingdom for first time in 3 years

22 Jun 2022

Jeddah Season brings out the most popular anime goods

18 Jun 2022

‘Dragon Ball’ characters show off dance moves on Anime Village stage at City Walk in Jeddah

15 Jun 2022

Japanese man Shams Qamar visits Anime Village in Jeddah

08 Jun 2022

Beloved Japanese manga 'One Piece' heads into final Arc

31 May 2022

Saudi audience delighted to meet Pokemon TCG illustrator

21 May 2022

‘The Journey’ nominated for award at Septimius Film Festival

09 May 2022

French animator taps into Japanese anime industry

17 Jan 2022

Freelance animator describes his first year working in the Japanese anime industry

04 Dec 2021

The first figure of Naruto HEX Collectibles is available now in the UAE

08 Nov 2021

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie is coming to Middle East cinemas

01 Nov 2021

Streaming app Spacetoon GO releases Arabic version of Kuroko’s Basketball

28 Sep 2021

Teenage entrepreneur launches online store selling manga

21 Sep 2021

Sudanese animator Vann Oba is working on major Japanese anime projects

06 Sep 2021

Grendizer creator celebrates 76th birthday

31 Aug 2021

Free Comic Book Day at Kinokuniya bookstore in Abu Dhabi

10 Aug 2021

Manga Productions named Best Place to Work in Saudi Arabia for 2021

15 Jul 2021

Saudi-Japanese anime to premiere in 6 European countries

28 May 2021

Berserk manga creator Kentaro Miura passes away at 54

07 May 2021

Demon Slayer movie coming to Middle East cinemas this month

22 Apr 2021

Darkness Road: The first Arab survival horror game developed by an Emirati studio

06 Mar 2021

Saudis behind ‘The Journey’ anime trained in Japan

01 Nov 2020

Wahid Jalal: The legendary Arabic actor, and radio producer

21 Oct 2020

Wiam Al Saidi: A pioneer in the art of dubbing anime series in the Middle East

02 Jul 2020

Pokémon Company celebrates love with Pikachu-themed engagement rings

04 Jun 2020

Saudi animator works on Middle Eastern anime series

17 May 2020

Asami: the Emirati artist creating manga inspired by Japanese culture


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