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24 Oct 2020

Egypt’s parliamentary vote likely to tighten Sisi’s grip

23 Oct 2020

Turkey irked over joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt

22 Oct 2020

Egyptian-Cypriot-Greece summit discusses Turkey’s provocations

21 Oct 2020

Egyptian expats to start voting for country’s parliamentary elections

19 Oct 2020

Egypt to launch 691 green projects in 2021

19 Oct 2020

Egyptian grandfather becomes world’s oldest football pro

18 Oct 2020

Egypt condemns Israeli approval of new settlements in West Bank

14 Oct 2020

Egypt will not reimpose lockdown if second coronavirus wave hits country

09 Oct 2020

Sisi’s health advisor warns of new wave of COVID-19 infections

09 Oct 2020

Egypt records no COVID-19 cases among tourists since resorts reopened

09 Oct 2020

Egyptian authorities focus on water resources and irrigation

09 Oct 2020

Fire at Al-Azhar Mosque contained and under control

07 Oct 2020

Egypt wants all Berlin Conference recommendations implemented

07 Oct 2020

Cairo committed to protecting asylum seekers, refugees: Ministry

06 Oct 2020

El-Sisi: Egyptian water rights are ‘national security issue’

06 Oct 2020

Grand Imam of Al-Azhar welcomes Pope Francis ‘Fratelli Tutti’ encyclical

05 Oct 2020

Egypt vaccines ready for clinical trials

04 Oct 2020

Egyptian archaeologists unveil discovery of 59 sealed sarcophagi

02 Oct 2020

Arab leaders pay tribute to late emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah

30 Sep 2020

Egypt hosts talks over Libyan reconciliation process

29 Sep 2020

Emirati consortium studies implementing wind energy project in Egypt

19 Sep 2020

Egypt’s resorts face tough winter as visitor numbers plummet

16 Sep 2020

Egyptian FM in Greece for talks on border tensions with Turkey

10 Sep 2020

Egyptians show solidarity to Sudan after floods

09 Sep 2020

Egypt sends aid to Sudan amid flood crisis

09 Sep 2020

Voting begins in decisive Egypt Senate elections

07 Sep 2020

Egypt to announce major archaeological discovery in Saqqara

03 Sep 2020

UAE-Israel deal step to Middle East peace: Egypt’s El-Sisi

01 Sep 2020

Egypt, Cyprus officials intensify talks over joint gas pipeline project

31 Aug 2020

Lebanon arrests 3 Egyptian suspects in Cairo gang rape case

27 Aug 2020

Egypt calls for international meeting of tourism ministers to discuss revival of sector

20 Aug 2020

Water already dwindling, Egypt’s farmers fear impact of dam

20 Aug 2020

Construction of Egypt’s first nuclear power plant to begin next year

19 Aug 2020

Egyptian parliament approves law to protect sexual harassment victims

18 Aug 2020

Israeli planes bomb Gaza as Egyptians seek to restore calm

18 Aug 2020

Egyptian mediators enter Gaza after week of clashes with Israel

12 Aug 2020

Egypt fears second wave as COVID-19 cases climb

11 Aug 2020

Egypt allows Gazans to leave strip for first time in months

10 Aug 2020

Egypt mulls law to protect women’s identities as MeToo movement escalates

21 Jul 2020

Egypt’s foreign minister in show of support for Palestinians in Ramallah

21 Jul 2020

Egypt parliament approves possible intervention in Libya

20 Jul 2020

Egypt’s lawmakers to vote on deploying troops to Libya

15 Jul 2020

Libyan parliament calls on Egypt to protect Sirte, Al-Jufra from attacks

11 Jul 2020

Egypt welcomes 6,000 tourists after resuming flights

07 Jul 2020

Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan warn Israel on annexation

05 Jul 2020

Egypt arrests alleged serial sexual predator

01 Jul 2020

Egypt strikes gold in Eastern Desert

27 Jun 2020

Nile countries agree to restart talks over disputed dam

27 Jun 2020

IMF approves $5.2bn, one-year loan program for Egypt

25 Jun 2020

Egyptian throws wife from fifth floor because she has coronavirus


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