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05 Dec 2023

‘We’re going to develop local culture, local talent, build the emerging film industry of Saudi Arabia,’ says Hollywood producer Tarak Ben Ammar

28 Sep 2023

Wim Wenders to preside over 36th Tokyo International Film Festival

07 Aug 2023

Japan Foundation starts ‘JFF+ Independent Cinema 2023’ program

16 Jun 2023

Follow your dreams and be king of your own ring, says new Saudi film star

24 Jan 2023

Cairo’s Japan Foundation hosts short video contest

09 May 2022

Saudi filmmaking company brings fresh production methods to KSA’s screens

28 Feb 2022

Saudi film ‘Champions’ to be released in March

17 Feb 2022

Uncharted movie premieres in the UAE

07 Dec 2021

Saudi Arabia lifts the curtain on the future of film

26 Oct 2021

J-Pop group Arashi premieres movie featuring the band's concert

11 Oct 2021

Red Sea festival brings movies to the streets of Jeddah

20 Sep 2021

Middle East Film & Comic Con heads to Abu Dhabi for 2022 edition

13 Jul 2021

The many forces propelling Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning film industry forward

13 Jul 2021

Saudi Arabia’s Ithra Film Production unveils two new films at Cannes

20 May 2021

Iranian film director murdered by family in so-called ‘honor killing’

20 May 2021

Inaugural Saudi Red Sea film festival go for movie submissions

07 May 2021

A Saudi actress personifies the zeitgeist of an era of change in the Kingdom

25 Feb 2021

Japanese Film Festival 2021 to feature free Japanese movies online in Egypt

23 Feb 2021

Mortal Kombat releases first film trailer

02 Feb 2021

The release of the first teaser trailer for 'Shin Ultraman' movie

24 Jan 2021

Ryuki Kitaoka: Japanese international stunt actor

18 Dec 2020

Arabian apocalypse: Inside a live-streamed Saudi horror film

21 Aug 2020

Shibuya Scramble Crossing film set available for rent

02 Aug 2020

Lana Kamel Komsany, Saudi director, scriptwriter, actress and theater coach

01 Aug 2020

Mohialdeen Saleh Kamel, director at Saudi Arabia’s Film Authority

27 Jul 2020

New board to develop Saudi film industry

11 Jul 2020

Louis Vuitton’s short film ‘The adventures of Zoooom with friends’

01 Jul 2020

Studio Ghibli shares images of upcoming film ‘Aya And The Witch’

22 Apr 2020

Saudi film project to represent KSA in TFI virtual event

12 Mar 2020

Cannes Film Festival director admits possibility of cancelation due to coronavirus

03 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea film festival postponed due to coronavirus

28 Feb 2020

Line-up, jury announced for first Red Sea Shorts Competition

12 Feb 2020

UAE’s Ras Al-Khaimah Festival spotlights local jewelers, artists and filmmakers


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