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18 May 2022

Tech booms in the GCC, but women in danger of being excluded

10 May 2022

GCC Sec-Gen reaffirms support for efforts aimed at enhancing security and stability in Yemen

17 Apr 2022

Gulf ministers set March 1 as healthy cities day

14 Apr 2022

UN Security Council welcomes transfer of power in Yemen, praises GCC contribution

11 Apr 2022

GCC secretary general meets with US, UN envoys to Yemen

09 Apr 2022

GCC foreign ministers back ‘roadmap for peace’ in Yemen, optimistic of Lebanon ‘breakthrough’

08 Apr 2022

GCC foreign ministers hold meeting to discuss regional and international developments

03 Apr 2022

GCC not at risk of food insecurity but inflation as Ukraine crisis disrupts supply

01 Apr 2022

Yemen talks focus on aid, care for wounded and opening of roads

27 Mar 2022

Lebanon needs ties with Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, says premier

24 Mar 2022

GCC-hosted Yemeni talks could be a game changer

19 Mar 2022

Yemenis embrace GCC call for peace talks in Riyadh

18 Mar 2022

Houthis reject proposed GCC peace talks in Riyadh

17 Mar 2022

Ukraine crisis could be a boon for GCC countries and oil companies alike

16 Mar 2022

GCC offers to host peace talks between Yemeni factions, including Houthis, in Riyadh

14 Mar 2022

GCC better positioned to sail through challenging waters of Ukraine war

08 Mar 2022

International women's day: How female entrepreneurs are impacting GCC business

03 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Japan chairs GCC ambassadors meeting

28 Feb 2022

Japanese Football Association hosts exciting tournament in Dubai

18 Feb 2022

EU foreign ministers to meet their GCC counterparts on Monday

08 Feb 2022

GCC official praises Coalition efforts in Yemen

31 Jan 2022

Gulf states review Lebanon’s response to proposal to ease row

20 Jan 2022

US envoy to Yemen on GCC tour to reactivate peace efforts

03 Jan 2022

2022 Look Ahead: The cultural renaissance sweeping the Gulf region

27 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrencies, the new Internet?

20 Dec 2021

Frankly Speaking: Groundwork being laid for Gulf economic union by 2025, says GCC chief Nayef Al-Hajraf

15 Dec 2021

GCC states’ inflation is predicted at 2.1% in 2021 due to higher costs of raw materials

07 Dec 2021

Saudi, Omani firms unveil deals worth $10bn as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman begins visit

23 Nov 2021

GCC, US united against Iranian threats

23 Nov 2021

Saudi deputy defense minister discusses defense cooperation with GCC

21 Nov 2021

Bahrain envoy chairs meeting of GCC ambassadors in Tokyo

13 Nov 2021

Iranian aggression in the Gulf must be deterred

04 Nov 2021

How GCC investment in clean hydrogen can supercharge energy transition

02 Oct 2021

GCC needs to prepare for world dominated by clean energy

17 Sep 2021

Foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Iraq meet on sidelines of GCC meeting

07 Aug 2021

GCC chief says ready to work with new UN envoy to Yemen

25 Jul 2021

Iran’s meddling in affairs of other countries threatens regional security: GCC chief

09 Jul 2021

GCC chief, Saudi economy minister discuss enhancing ties

25 Jun 2021

GCC, Muslim World League and Saudi Human Rights Commission chiefs meet US official

25 May 2021

Japanese woman creates one-of-a-kind halal cosmetics brand

21 May 2021

Inflation, the Fed minutes and what it could mean for the GCC

27 Apr 2021

Jordan’s King Abdullah, GCC chief hold talks on anti-Arab extremist violence in Jerusalem

25 Apr 2021

How the Arab region can be immunized against COVID-19

22 Apr 2021

Gulf economies seen rebounding this year but some forecasts scaled back

15 Apr 2021

GCC calls on world powers to include Gulf concerns in Iran nuclear talks

25 Feb 2021

Qatar, Egypt to appoint envoys, resume work of embassies

23 Feb 2021

Could citizenship for talented foreigners and investors be the GCC’s game changer?

05 Feb 2021

Strengthening trade with GCC a priority after Brexit, UK says

02 Feb 2021

GCC secretary general and Iraqi PM discuss Gulf power line project

27 Jan 2021

Seven pillars on which to grow GCC-China partnership


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