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27 Apr 2023

GCC IPO activity to remain strong as more companies opt to go public: Report

10 Apr 2023

GCC condemns Israeli escalations and violation of Al-Aqsa Mosque sanctity

27 Mar 2023

GCC appeals to US over Israeli minister’s Palestinian comments

20 Mar 2023

GCC banks resilient to US banks’ recent distress: Moody’s

10 Mar 2023

Saudi Arabia expands electronic tourist visa applications to GCC residents of all professions

06 Mar 2023

GCC hosts first meeting of cybersecurity executive committee

23 Feb 2023

GCC countries urge upholding international law to resolve Ukraine crisis

15 Feb 2023

Japan to expand relations in Gulf, offer help to rebuild quake-hit Turkiye: Shikata

14 Feb 2023

US-GCC meetings in Riyadh seek to counter Iranian threats

09 Jan 2023

GCC chief meets with Bahrain FM in Manama

17 Dec 2022

Saudi, UK, GCC discuss hi-tech defense

04 Dec 2022

GCC stocks finished november lowest in a year as TASI continues to be under 11K level

09 Nov 2022

Prince Khalid chairs GCC defense ministers meeting in Riyadh

31 Oct 2022

Saudi, UAE donations ‘continue to save people from hunger’ says World Food Programme GCC representative

27 Oct 2022

EU, GCC experts talk energy efficiency, decarbonization, fight against climate change

17 Oct 2022

Japan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia IWAI participates in Secretariat General of GCC meeting

07 Sep 2022

GCC, Central Asian FMs to gather for Riyadh dialogue on Wednesday

06 Sep 2022

Arab oil provides nearly 98 percent of Japan’s July crude imports

17 Aug 2022

Jordanian king meets Bahraini officials meet to discuss bilateral ties

07 Aug 2022

Kingdom’s Mideast alliances hold the key to security

14 Jul 2022

Reunited GCC a gift ahead of Biden’s Saudi visit

09 Jun 2022

GCC meetings with Russia, Ukraine provide opening for diplomacy

02 Jun 2022

Russia and Iran: What next for the world’s most-sanctioned states?

02 Jun 2022

Gulf united on Russia-Ukraine war, says Saudi foreign minister

02 Jun 2022

Saudi foreign minister, Qatari counterpart discuss cooperation

31 May 2022

World Bank's official says more work to be done for GCC economies to break away from oil

18 May 2022

Tech booms in the GCC, but women in danger of being excluded

10 May 2022

GCC Sec-Gen reaffirms support for efforts aimed at enhancing security and stability in Yemen

17 Apr 2022

Gulf ministers set March 1 as healthy cities day

14 Apr 2022

UN Security Council welcomes transfer of power in Yemen, praises GCC contribution

11 Apr 2022

GCC secretary general meets with US, UN envoys to Yemen

09 Apr 2022

GCC foreign ministers back ‘roadmap for peace’ in Yemen, optimistic of Lebanon ‘breakthrough’

08 Apr 2022

GCC foreign ministers hold meeting to discuss regional and international developments

03 Apr 2022

GCC not at risk of food insecurity but inflation as Ukraine crisis disrupts supply

01 Apr 2022

Yemen talks focus on aid, care for wounded and opening of roads

27 Mar 2022

Lebanon needs ties with Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, says premier

24 Mar 2022

GCC-hosted Yemeni talks could be a game changer

19 Mar 2022

Yemenis embrace GCC call for peace talks in Riyadh

18 Mar 2022

Houthis reject proposed GCC peace talks in Riyadh

17 Mar 2022

Ukraine crisis could be a boon for GCC countries and oil companies alike

16 Mar 2022

GCC offers to host peace talks between Yemeni factions, including Houthis, in Riyadh

14 Mar 2022

GCC better positioned to sail through challenging waters of Ukraine war

08 Mar 2022

International women's day: How female entrepreneurs are impacting GCC business

03 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Japan chairs GCC ambassadors meeting

28 Feb 2022

Japanese Football Association hosts exciting tournament in Dubai

18 Feb 2022

EU foreign ministers to meet their GCC counterparts on Monday

08 Feb 2022

GCC official praises Coalition efforts in Yemen

31 Jan 2022

Gulf states review Lebanon’s response to proposal to ease row

20 Jan 2022

US envoy to Yemen on GCC tour to reactivate peace efforts

03 Jan 2022

2022 Look Ahead: The cultural renaissance sweeping the Gulf region


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