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18 May 2024

Hiroshima anti-nuclear groups oppose inviting Israel to peace ceremony

13 May 2024

U.S. Senator again justifies 1945 atomic bombings of Japan

23 Apr 2024

Japan to host the 48th Antarctic Treaty Meeting in 2026

07 Apr 2024

Pros, cons heard in Hiroshima over "Oppenheimer" film

11 Mar 2024

Hiroshima residents hope 'Oppenheimer' Oscars draw attention to A-bomb reality

10 Nov 2023

Parallel horrors: Examining the similarities of Hiroshima and Gaza

07 Nov 2023

Japan dismisses threat of Israel nuking Gaza

31 Oct 2023

US to create nuclear bomb 24 times more powerful of one dropped on Hiroshima

10 Aug 2023

Japan recalls the fallout from US nuclear bomb testing in the Pacific

09 Aug 2023

Nagasaki marks 78th anniversary of atomic bombing with mayor urging world to abolish nuclear weapons

06 Aug 2023

Panels depicting scenes from atomic bombing of Hiroshima on show in Tokyo

06 Aug 2023

Japan’s nationalists demand American apology for atomic bombing of Hiroshima

06 Aug 2023

U.S. museum to show photos of atomic bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki

06 Aug 2023

Japan's Kishida vows to show road map toward nuke abolition

29 Jun 2023

Iconic parks in Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor become sisters

27 May 2023

Biden leaves "Thank You" message in Hiroshima hotel

21 May 2023

Biden invites Japan, S. Korea leaders to US for talks

21 May 2023

G-7 ends Hiroshima Summit with pledge of nuke-free world

21 May 2023

Hiroshima Mayor pleased with progress of G7 Summit

20 May 2023

Japan to set up $4 billion Credit Line for developing nations

20 May 2023

Kishida treats other G-7 leaders to Hiroshima food

20 May 2023

G-7 vows action for "Ultimate Goal" of Nuke-Free World

20 May 2023

S. Korean president apologizes to Korean Hibakusha in Hiroshima

19 May 2023

G7 Summit spurs protests in Tokyo and Hiroshima

18 May 2023

'There was a city': VR tour peers into Hiroshima's past

19 Jan 2023

Zelensky's in-person attendance sought for G7 Summit in Hiroshima

04 Jan 2023

G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting to take place in Japan

03 Jan 2023

Kishida aims to hold Hiroshima G7 Summit successfully

07 Aug 2022

Hiroshima Mayor refutes the idea of nuclear deterrence

06 Aug 2022

From Hiroshima, U.N. Secretary General and Kishida emphasize Japan's role to eliminate nukes

06 Aug 2022

Hiroshima vows nuke ban at 77th memorial amid Russia threat

23 May 2022

Japan to host G7 summit in Hiroshima: Kishida

13 May 2022

EU's Michel, on Hiroshima visit, says global security is under threat

07 May 2022

European council president Michel to visit Hiroshima

26 Mar 2022

US President Biden may visit Hiroshima or Nagasaki

03 Mar 2022

Japan's atomic bomb victims warn against global nuclear war

20 Feb 2022

Kishida, US Envoy Emanuel to visit Hiroshima

12 Jan 2022

Hiroshima considering COVID-19 pre-emergency expansion

09 Jan 2022

COVID-19 pre-emergency curbs imposed on 3 prefectures

27 Dec 2021

Hiroshima reports suspected community-acquired Omicron case

27 Oct 2021

Hiroshima nuclear bomb survivor and campaigner dies at 96

06 Aug 2021

Suga criticized for missing key part of his Hiroshima speech

06 Aug 2021

Suga vows to provide broad relief to ‘Black Rain’ victims swiftly

06 Aug 2021

Hiroshima urges govt to sign nuke ban treaty on 76th anniversary

18 Apr 2021

2 earthquakes hit Japan in a day; no damage reported

15 Jan 2021

Japan's Hiroshima to conduct large-scale PCR tests to battle COVID-19

10 Sep 2020

UN chief hoping to visit Hiroshima next year

14 Aug 2020

Melting 'frozen memories,' AI helps Japanese recall war days

12 Aug 2020

Plaintiffs regret govt appeal against "Black Rain" ruling

06 Aug 2020

Hiroshima residents sympathize with Lebanon

06 Aug 2020

Exhibition on atomic bombings starts in Bangkok

06 Aug 2020

Hiroshima Mayor seeks unity for nuclear-free world

06 Aug 2020

Hiroshima marks 75th anniversary of atomic bomb catastrophe

06 Aug 2020

Hiroshima’s world class runner lights 1964 Tokyo Olympic cauldron

04 Aug 2020

Japan set to mark 75 years since Hiroshima, Nagasaki atomic bombing

31 Jul 2020

Hiroshima to seek efforts on nuclear ban treaty

30 Jul 2020

Hiroshima court recognizes atomic bomb 'black rain' victims

10 Jul 2020

93 nations to attend Hiroshima Peace ceremony

24 Nov 2019

Ageing Japan bomb survivors back pope’s anti-nukes call

23 Nov 2019

Hiroshima students to give copper "Orizuru" to Pope Francis

17 Nov 2019

Pope Francis to take anti-nuclear mission to Japan’s ground zeros

16 Nov 2019

Japanese Cardinal pins high hopes on Pope's visit


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