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27 Oct 2020

Dangerous road ahead as Iraq gripped by militia violence

22 Oct 2020

Iraq PM arrives in UK as part of Europe tour

11 Oct 2020

Iraq militia claims halt to attacks on US forces

11 Oct 2020

Iraq reshuffles military commanders amid escalations with Daesh groups

10 Oct 2020

Former Unaoil executive sentenced for $1.7bn Iraq bribe

05 Oct 2020

JGC sign contract for refinery upgrading project in Iraq

03 Oct 2020

An Iraqi father confronts militia in search for missing son

02 Oct 2020

Turkey, Iran deploy drones in north Iraq against Kurd rebels

02 Oct 2020

Arab leaders pay tribute to late emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah

01 Oct 2020

Iraq says ‘not happy’ with ‘dangerous’ US pullout threat

29 Sep 2020

US warns Iraq of Baghdad embassy closure if attacks continue

16 Sep 2020

Japanese envoys appointed to Middle East and African Embassies

10 Sep 2020

Iraq reforms stymied by wave of attacks blamed on pro-Iran groups

10 Sep 2020

US to pull half its troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan by November

08 Sep 2020

Iraq to reopen borders for trade, bring back sports and dining

03 Sep 2020

Macron and Iraqi PM discuss nuclear energy project

02 Sep 2020

Macron to back Iraq ‘sovereignty’ on first Baghdad visit

28 Aug 2020

Saudi foreign minister discusses ‘growing relations’ with Iraq PM

27 Aug 2020

Iraq government must choose between US and Iran — its people already have

23 Aug 2020

Iraq appeals for US help in Turkey row

22 Aug 2020

Series of killings plunges Iraq activists into familiar fear

21 Aug 2020

Iraq open for US business says PM as Trump mulls oil prospects, troop numbers

20 Aug 2020

US announces nearly $204m in additional humanitarian assistance for Iraq

18 Aug 2020

PKK says shot down Turkish helicopter in Iraq

13 Aug 2020

Saudi Arabia calls for extending arms embargo on Iran

13 Aug 2020

Turkey urges Baghdad to cooperate as operations against Kurdish militants to continue

13 Aug 2020

UAE condemns Turkish drone strike that killed Iraq officers

12 Aug 2020

Iraq fumes against Turkey over deadly drone strike

11 Aug 2020

Explosion targets convoy carrying US military equipment near Iraq-Kuwait crossing

06 Aug 2020

All bets are off: Virus hits Iraq’s currency trade

04 Aug 2020

Japanese engineering company to renovate Iraqi refinery

03 Aug 2020

For Iraqi mothers-to-be, hospitals are pandemic no-go zones

02 Aug 2020

Iraq to hold next parliamentary elections on June 6, 2021 — a year early

31 Jul 2020

Iraq increases oil exports, pumps above OPEC+ target

31 Jul 2020

Yazidi children freed from Daesh haunted by health crisis

29 Jul 2020

Third Iraq protester dies of tear gas canister wound this week

21 Jul 2020

Saudi Arabia signs energy, sports agreements with Iraq

20 Jul 2020

Iraqi PM Kadhemi postpones Saudi visit after King Salman hospitalized

18 Jul 2020

Iraqi PM to visit Saudi, Iran in diplomatic balancing act

14 Jul 2020

Turkish map of ‘divided’ Iraq triggers criticism

07 Jul 2020

Iraqi security and political expert Hisham Al-Hashimi killed in Baghdad

05 Jul 2020

Rocket targeting US embassy in Baghdad intercepted while Iraq condemns Turkish operations against state

28 Jun 2020

Turkish soldier dies in clashes with Kurdish rebels

26 Jun 2020

Iraqi security forces raid Iran-backed militia headquarters

23 Jun 2020

Erdogan continues to muzzle voices critical of his government

23 Jun 2020

New rocket attack in Baghdad, 6th in two weeks

22 Jun 2020

With assault on Iraq, Turkey and Iran cement a partnership in crime

21 Jun 2020

Arab anger grows at Erdogan’s ‘military adventurism’ in Iraq

20 Jun 2020

Oil tops $42 as OPEC+ ‘laggards’ promise to step up compliance

19 Jun 2020

Turkish strikes kill civilian in northern Iraq: local official


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