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13 Aug 2022

Sadr followers hold mass prayer outside Iraqi parliament in show of force

11 Aug 2022

Iraq’s Sadr tells judiciary to dissolve parliament in a week

09 Aug 2022

Protests in Iraq over power cuts

04 Aug 2022

Iraqi sectarian political system has failed: Chaldean patriarch

04 Aug 2022

UN calls for ‘urgent’ solutions to Iraq political crisis

03 Aug 2022

‘We have nothing’: Iraqi protesters voice anger, hope

03 Aug 2022

Followers of cleric told to withdraw from Iraq’s parliament

31 Jul 2022

Iraq stares into the void as public frustration grows

31 Jul 2022

Pro-Sadr protesters vow to remain inside Iraq parliament

31 Jul 2022

At least 60 Iraqi protesters injured after storming Baghdad’s Green Zone

30 Jul 2022

Iraq’s PMF says Daesh attack thwarted in north of Baghdad

30 Jul 2022

Iraq’s archaeological treasures face looming threat of climate change

28 Jul 2022

Iraq, Turkey spar at UN Security Council over Duhok attack

26 Jul 2022

Iraqi Kurd farmers battle drought as Lake Dukan retreats

26 Jul 2022

Iraq gets Saudi grant to renovate Baghdad hospital damaged in deadly blaze

23 Jul 2022

Two armed drones downed near Turkish base in Iraq: mayor

22 Jul 2022

Japan condemns attack in northern Iraq

21 Jul 2022

Iraqi PM livid as Turkish artillery strike kills 9 tourists; Ankara rejects responsibility

16 Jul 2022

US President Biden welcomes Iraqi offer to host talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran

14 Jul 2022

Biden to see ‘a new Iraq’ at the table, PM Al-Kadhimi says

13 Jul 2022

Baggage of despair: Iraqi Kurd plans new escape to Europe

26 Jun 2022

Saudi Crown Prince, Iraqi PM review bilateral ties

25 Jun 2022

Rocket attack targets Dana Gas site in Iraq, sources say

19 Jun 2022

In a parched land, Iraqi gazelles dying of hunger

18 Jun 2022

Turnaround in oil markets boosting Iraq economic recovery: Report

15 Jun 2022

Iraq is quickly becoming the land of no rivers

12 Jun 2022

Iraq’s Congo fever death toll rises to 27: ministry

11 Jun 2022

UN envoy warns of civil unrest in Iraq as anger grows over jobs, food and water

10 Jun 2022

Iraq’s Sadr warns MPs could ‘resign’ to break deadlock

06 Jun 2022

How Iran’s malign proxies are tearing a nation apart

31 May 2022

Rockets fired at Iraq military base with foreign troops

19 May 2022

Iraq ambassador in Tokyo thanks Japan for its support

18 May 2022

‘Conflict, destruction’ prevent return to Iraq’s Yazidi heartland: NGO

16 May 2022

Flights cancelled after dust storm hits Iraq

07 May 2022

Northern Iraq registers Congo fever death as infections spread

05 May 2022

Iraq sandstorm sends more than 1,000 to hospital

04 May 2022

Years after Daesh defeat, northern Iraq struggles to rebuild

01 May 2022

2 rockets target coalition troops in Iraq, no casualties

01 May 2022

Two rockets target coalition troops in Iraq, no casualties

27 Apr 2022

Overuse and climate change kill off Iraq’s Sawa Lake

23 Apr 2022

US official urges Iraqi parties to expedite government formation

20 Apr 2022

Iraq ‘green belt’ neglected in faltering climate fight

15 Apr 2022

Iraqis queue for fuel as stations protest government

13 Apr 2022

How worsening water crisis threatens lives and development in Iraq

10 Apr 2022

Iraq official warns of extremist threat from Syria camp

10 Apr 2022

Dozens hospitalized as Iraq gripped by dust storm

08 Apr 2022

Iraqi defense shot down drone near base hosting US troops

04 Apr 2022

Thwarting the people’s will in Iraq and Lebanon

28 Mar 2022

In a ‘dangerous’ land: Tourists trickle back to Iraq

27 Mar 2022

Iraq fails again to elect new president


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