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20 Sep 2023

Iraqi FM: Iran threat of violence unacceptable, calls for Kuwait meeting on waterways dispute

19 Sep 2023

An airstrike on a military airport in northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region kills 3 people

15 Sep 2023

Iraq-Turkiye oil pipeline ready to resume operations soon

15 Sep 2023

Iraq steps up repatriations from Daesh camp in Syria, hoping to reduce militant threats

13 Sep 2023

Iraq moves against Iranian Kurdish groups: minister

06 Sep 2023

Iraq-Turkiye oil flows not expected to resume before October

03 Sep 2023

One killed in ethnic protests in Iraq’s Kirkuk

02 Sep 2023

16 people, mostly Iranians, killed in road accident in Iraq

28 Aug 2023

Iraq hangs 3 for Daesh-claimed blast that killed hundreds

28 Aug 2023

Iran says Iraq has agreed to disarm and relocate Kurdistan militants

28 Aug 2023

Iraq says arrested Daesh member for gathering intel

26 Aug 2023

Turkiye, Iraq seek new dynamism in their relationship

24 Aug 2023

Three PKK members killed in Turkish drone strike in Iraq: authorities

23 Aug 2023

Top Turkish diplomat calls for Iraq to designate PKK a terrorist organization during Baghdad visit

20 Aug 2023

20th anniversary of deadly attack on UN headquarters in Iraq commemorated

19 Aug 2023

Photography exhibition raising funds for Iraq’s persecuted Yazidis

13 Aug 2023

Iraq to unblock Telegram app as platform responded to security requirements -statement

02 Aug 2023

UK formally declares Daesh atrocities against Iraq’s Yazidi minority as genocide

02 Aug 2023

Iraq says in touch with US over paying for Iranian gas

30 Jul 2023

Iraq and Kuwait seek to solve contested border issue

29 Jul 2023

Turkish strike in Iraq kills 4 militants: Kurdish officials

29 Jul 2023

Fire kills four in Iraq shrine city as pilgrims gather

29 Jul 2023

Kurdish groups: Turkish strikes in Syria, Iraq kill eight fighters

25 Jul 2023

Iraq condemns latest Qur’an burning in Copenhagen

24 Jul 2023

Japan condemns Iraq protestors storming Swedish Embassy following Quran burning in Sweden

22 Jul 2023

Protesters try to storm Baghdad’s Green Zone over the burning of Qur’an and Iraqi flag in Denmark

21 Jul 2023

Saudi Arabia eyes more oil investments in Iraq as top officials meet

20 Jul 2023

Iraqis furious over government’s demolition of 300-year-old minaret

16 Jul 2023

Iraqi PM visits Syria in first trip since Syrian war

06 Jul 2023

Charity suspends ‘vital’ medical aid in 2 Mosul hospitals

03 Jul 2023

Iraq’s militias: Double the size, double the money, double the threat

29 Jun 2023

Iraq plants mangrove forest to fight climate disaster

18 Jun 2023

Iraq enjoys respite from turmoil but risks remain

14 Jun 2023

Iraqi immigrant pleads guilty in federal court in Oregon to supporting Daesh

04 Jun 2023

Syrian top diplomat to meet Iraqi PM on visit to key ally

04 Jun 2023

Iraq and Syria to reopen Semalka border crossing after 3 week closure

30 May 2023

Desert wells help Iraq harvest bumper wheat crop as rivers dry

28 May 2023

Iraq unveils $17bn transport project linking Europe and Mideast

27 May 2023

Saudi Arabia, Iraq to develop special economic zone, boost trade

24 May 2023

Turkish strike kills 3 Yazidi militiamen in northern Iraq, local officials say

23 May 2023

American found guilty of torture in Iraq

22 May 2023

Iraqi, Syrian Kurds divided over Erdogan’s election battle

22 Apr 2023

Khartoum sees lull in fighting on first day of Eid

20 Apr 2023

UN criticizes Iraq’s hasty closing of camp for displaced

19 Apr 2023

Iraq’s years of carnage still engrained in Baghdad streets

18 Apr 2023

Japan's Ambassador to Iraq meets Iraqi PM, encourages private sector investment

17 Apr 2023

Ukraine rejects Iraqi offer to mediate talks with Russia

15 Apr 2023

Iraqi envoy hails KSA’s leading experience in several sectors

15 Apr 2023

Officials arrive in Saudi Arabia for Gulf, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq meeting

15 Apr 2023

Foreign ministers discuss Saudi-Iraqi relations


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