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19 Jan 2022

As Shiite rivals jostle in Iraq, Sunni, Kurdish parties targeted

15 Jan 2022

Attacks on Iraq political party’s HQ, Green Zone raise security fears

03 Jan 2022

Victims turned activists: Iraqi women battle abuse

02 Jan 2022

Iran-backed armed factions rally in Iraq for anniversary of warlord’s death

31 Dec 2021

Inquiry opened after civilians die during Iraq manhunt

26 Dec 2021

Bodies of 16 killed in Channel boat disaster repatriated to Iraq

26 Dec 2021

Governor of Iraq’s Najaf resigns after protests

24 Dec 2021

Iraq pays final Kuwait war reparations

24 Dec 2021

Iraqi FM calls for direct Iran-US talks on nuclear deal

23 Dec 2021

Building on tradition: Iraqi laborer preserves calligraphic art

19 Dec 2021

Two rockets hit Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone — Iraqi state media

18 Dec 2021

Digitized war records of Indian troops killed in WWI Iraq highlight long forgotten Kut Al-Amara siege

18 Dec 2021

Iraqi Kurdistan floods kill at least 12, including 2 Filipinos

16 Dec 2021

Lack of jobs, crisis drive Iraqi Kurds to migrate

14 Dec 2021

PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s plea for national unity strikes a chord on Iraqi nation state’s centenary

05 Dec 2021

Daesh attack on Iraqi village kills 10 soldiers, Kurdish government says

03 Dec 2021

Civilians among 10 dead in north Iraq attack blamed on Daesh: officials

01 Dec 2021

Iraq’s ‘wasta’ system favors lucky few, frustrates many

28 Nov 2021

Iraqi family of English Channel shipwreck victim mourn her death

26 Nov 2021

Abu Dhabi crown prince holds separate talks with Egypt, Iraq leaders

20 Nov 2021

Yazidi family abandons EU dream, reluctantly returns to Iraq

16 Nov 2021

UN Security Council praises Iraq for ‘well-managed, peaceful’ election

14 Nov 2021

Attempt on PM Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s life shows destructive effect of pro-Iran factions on Iraqi state

11 Nov 2021

Iraq’s moment of truth in wake of attempt on PM’s life

11 Nov 2021

Saudi aid agency chief, Iraqi defense minister discuss ties

10 Nov 2021

Saudi crown prince calls Iraqi PM after drone attack

10 Nov 2021

Japanese media: Iran involved in the attempt to assassinate Iraqi PM Al-Kadhimi

09 Nov 2021

Militias ‘tried to murder Iraqi PM with Iranian-made drones’

08 Nov 2021

Iraq’s political instability raises Al-Sistani succession stakes

07 Nov 2021

Regional leaders condemn attempt to assassinate Iraqi PM

07 Nov 2021

Iraqi PM unhurt after failed assassination attempt at his residence

07 Nov 2021

Pro-Iran protesters stage fresh Baghdad demonstration after deadly clash

06 Nov 2021

Drought gives rebirth to Kurdish village in northern Iraq

06 Nov 2021

Baghdad deaths, injuries to be investigated amid election dispute

05 Nov 2021

Despite oil wealth, poverty fuels despair in south Iraq

04 Nov 2021

Iraq’s civil society protest movement seeks to find a voice in parliament

27 Oct 2021

Iraq blames Iran for drastic decline in river flow

26 Oct 2021

Iraq pledges to end harmful gas flaring by 2025

24 Oct 2021

Saudi soldier who died in Iraqi prison finally home and at rest

22 Oct 2021

In Iraqi Kurdish city, women gain power without parity

15 Oct 2021

Iraqi elections were competitive and ‘surprisingly’ well-managed, observers say

13 Oct 2021

Iraqi voters turn their backs on Iran-backed armed groups

12 Oct 2021

Japan welcomes Iraqi Council of Representatives elections

12 Oct 2021

Pro-Iran groups biggest loser in record-low Iraq voter turnout

11 Oct 2021

Voters disillusioned by corruption boycott Iraq parliamentary elections

10 Oct 2021

Iraqis vote in general election, a test for democratic system

10 Oct 2021

Iraq’s young voters ponder how to effect meaningful change

08 Oct 2021

Security forces vote in Iraq's general election

30 Sep 2021

UN launches initiative to repatriate citizens from Iraq and Syria

26 Sep 2021

Iraq issues warrants against attendees of Israel normalization conference


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