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05 Apr 2020

Iraqis rally to help needy families as virus hits, economy falters

30 Mar 2020

Japan contributes $4m to the UN’s World Food Programme in aid of refugees in Iraq

21 Mar 2020

One-two punch as virus, 
falling oil prices hit Iraq

16 Mar 2020

Pompeo to Iraq PM: US will take action in self-defense if attacked

16 Mar 2020

Iran’s puppets pushing Iraq into failed statehood

14 Mar 2020

Iraq officials: Rocket attack hits base housing US troops

23 Feb 2020

Grave of slain Iraq commander, a new anti-US magnet

13 Feb 2020

US gives Iraq sanctions waiver for vital Iranian gas imports

09 Feb 2020

Iraq to cut oil output at Nahr Bin Omar oil field

06 Feb 2020

Iraq’s new prime minister pledges to release detained protesters

06 Feb 2020

US broke Iraq, now it must own its mistakes

02 Feb 2020

Iraqi protesters dig in heels despite new PM-designate

27 Jan 2020

UK ambassador reflects on five ‘big years’ in Saudi Arabia

27 Jan 2020

Three rockets hit US embassy in Baghdad

24 Jan 2020

Iran exploiting Iraq to achieve its regional goals

18 Jan 2020

Iraqi security forces kill one protester, wound 25

16 Jan 2020

Turkey targets Kurdish rebels in Iraq, killing 4 Yazidis

15 Jan 2020

Is the regime in Tehran in danger of falling?

09 Jan 2020

Japan closes embassy in Iraq briefly amid US-Iran Tensions

08 Jan 2020

‘Nobody wants a war’ in the Middle East: OPEC’s Barkindo

08 Jan 2020

Iran attacks US air bases in Iraq

07 Jan 2020

Pentagon chief denies US leaving Iraq after letter ‘sent by mistake’

06 Jan 2020

Hamas leader Haniyeh attends Soleimani’s funeral in Iran

06 Jan 2020

Saudi Arabia ‘not consulted’ over Soleimani drone strike

06 Jan 2020

Iraqi MPs to vote on expelling US troops after killing Iran’s Soleimani

05 Jan 2020

After Soleimani: Three scenarios that could happen next

05 Jan 2020

Soleimani’s body arrives in Iran as Trump issues new threats

04 Jan 2020

CDPJ Chief seeks debate on SDF Middle East mission

04 Jan 2020

How Iran’s Qassem Soleimani destabilized the Middle East

04 Jan 2020

Iraq military denies air strike took place north of Baghdad

04 Jan 2020

Qassem Soleimani: He will kill no more

04 Jan 2020

Soleimani’s death leaves Iran’s strategy in tatters

03 Jan 2020

Iraqis ‘dancing in the street’ after Soleimani death: Pompeo

03 Jan 2020

Iraq faces a bleak new year

01 Jan 2020

Iraqis must stop their country from becoming a proxy battlefield

31 Dec 2019

Cycle of Middle East protests likely to continue into 2020

31 Dec 2019

The long fight against Daesh

30 Dec 2019

Operations resume at Iraq’s Nassiriya oilfield

29 Dec 2019

Iraq protesters lock down Nasiriyah oilfield, production and exports not affected

29 Dec 2019

Iraqi artists pay tribute to dead protesters with sculptures

29 Dec 2019

Iraqi group says 490 protesters killed since October

27 Dec 2019

Iraqi president says he would rather quit than name PM rejected by protesters

25 Dec 2019

Iran-backed bloc names Basra governor for post of Iraqi PM

22 Dec 2019

Russia, China have blood on their hands after veto on Syria cross-border aid: Pompeo

12 Dec 2019

Time to hit Iraqi elite where it hurts

12 Dec 2019

Iraqi oil-reserve potential ‘could exceed’ Saudi Arabia’s

07 Dec 2019

Iraqi officials raise Friday’s toll to 25 protesters killed

05 Dec 2019

Iraq faces fresh uncertainties in wake of PM’s resignation

04 Dec 2019

Al-Baghdadi’s ‘deputy’ captured in northern Iraq

04 Dec 2019

Iraq on difficult but not impossible journey to reform

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