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21 May 2024

Saudi Arabia, Japan to collaborate on original anime, gaming content

21 May 2024

Manga Arabia announces launch of Manga International from Tokyo

20 May 2024

'Haikyu!!': Comic heroes fuel Japan Olympic volleyball manga mania

13 May 2024

Saudi artist wins Japan manga contest

08 May 2024

Sharjah Animation Conference 2024 concludes with 8,000 attendees

07 May 2024

Japanese startup to use AI to translate manga

06 May 2024

Dubai's Kinokuniya bookstore celebrates 'Free Comic Book' day with Japanese artists

30 Apr 2024

Saudi Arabia features in new series of anime show ‘Grendizer U’

18 Apr 2024

Ex-Manga piracy website operator ordered to pay publishers 1.73 billion yen

16 Apr 2024

Sharjah Animation Conference's 2nd edition to be held next month

15 Apr 2024

Yann Le Gall: French animator working on major Japanese animation projects

12 Apr 2024

Foreign Ministry announces 18th Japan International Manga Award

12 Apr 2024

Go Nagai sends handwritten message of hope to Wajima City

11 Apr 2024

Saudi novelist Sultan Ayaz’s ‘Crossing Thoughts’ to be adapted into manga

06 Apr 2024

Sophie-chan: Arab manga artist who achieved global success with 'Ocean of Secrets'

04 Apr 2024

Full time for football comic 'Captain Tsubasa' in print

03 Apr 2024

Omani manga artist creates mystery in 'Decalcomania 0202'

26 Mar 2024

Japanese artist Konishi Shinobu speaks about his love for manga and Saudi Arabia

22 Mar 2024

Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, Manga Arabia help transform Saudi literature into comic stories

14 Mar 2024

'Learning Arabic coffee culture with Layla-san': A trip to Arab culture through manga

08 Mar 2024

Arab world mourns Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama

06 Mar 2024

17th Japan International MANGA Award celebrates global talent

28 Feb 2024

Hitoshi Iwaaki's 'Parasyte' receives South Korean live-action adaptation

27 Feb 2024

Manga Productions celebrates Arab voice talents

14 Feb 2024

From consumer to exporter, Saudi Arabia uses anime to spread Arab culture around world

08 Feb 2024

Tokyo Meiji-era building to reopen as manga attraction

03 Feb 2024

Saudi manga artists complete intensive training in Tokyo

06 Jan 2024

Creator of 'Captain Tsubasa' to end manga series in April

27 Dec 2023

Saudi artist wins third Award of Japan 17th International MANGA

02 Dec 2023

Mangaya: The first Manga café in Dubai

22 Nov 2023

AI helps create new manga from 'godfather' Tezuka

15 Nov 2023

'Fist of the North Star' manga receives exhibition in Tokyo

07 Nov 2023

Emirati comic 'Sky Falcon and the Lizard' launches in Dubai

06 Nov 2023

UAE's Japan Embassy hosts engaging creative industry seminar

01 Nov 2023

Middle East Film & Comic Con to welcome artist behind Marvel, Star Wars comics

31 Oct 2023

‘Silent Möbius’ exhibition takes place in Tokyo

23 Oct 2023

Manga adaptations of Saudi Arabia literature underway

20 Sep 2023

Japanese manga artist pens refurbished edition of ‘The Road of Hermès’

16 Sep 2023

Two Japanese win Ig Nobel Prize for tableware that change taste

18 Jul 2023

Saudi film production firm to launch collaborative new manga video game

16 Jul 2023

Anime “Black Butler” returns with a new season after nearly a decade

06 Jul 2023

Japan's 17th International Manga Award deadline extends to July 12

04 Jul 2023

‘The First Slam Dunk’ movie releases in the Middle East

22 Jun 2023

Manga Industry program to foster Kingdom’s art scene

19 May 2023

Paul Williams: The animator with a big passion for Japanese animation

21 Apr 2023

Masaki Sato: The veteran Japanese animator well-known for Dragon Ball Z series

06 Apr 2023

Japanese manga artist Rumiko Takahashi given French honor

29 Mar 2023

Manga Productions signs partnership agreement with Tsubasa Co. 

23 Mar 2023

Takahiro Yonemura: Creator of ‘Beast Code’ sci-fi novel series

20 Mar 2023

Andy Lee: Veteran Chinese illustrator combines art and pop culture using a Zen brush

07 Mar 2023

Machine magic or art menace? Japan's first AI manga

07 Mar 2023

Netflix making live-action 'One Piece' from popular manga

03 Mar 2023

ChatGPT turns to manga in 'One Piece' author experiment

13 Feb 2023

Japan's anime and manga culture inspires youths of Saudi Arabia: Bukhari

11 Feb 2023

Captain Tsubasa creator targets real-life football glory

22 Dec 2022

Japanese martial artist stars at Saudi anime event

22 Dec 2022

Joint Saudi anime film ‘The Journey’ premieres in Hong Kong

16 Dec 2022

Renowned Japanese artist KUBO Shu brings KIRIĒ Art Exhibition to Riyadh

09 Nov 2022

‘One Piece Film: Red’ premieres in Dubai

29 Oct 2022

Manga mindset: Japan's biggest 'One Piece' fans

20 Oct 2022

Fans delighted as Comic-Con 2022 opens in Jeddah

19 Oct 2022

Dress to impress: Comic Con returns to Jeddah

15 Oct 2022

Stage set for "The World Manga Competition"

14 Oct 2022

Revolutionary manga 'The Rose of Versailles' turns 50

14 Oct 2022

Saudi Anime Expo set to launch this month at Riyadh Season

19 Aug 2022

Saudi’s Manga Productions fulfilling local artists’ dreams

21 Jul 2022

Buckle up for climactic finale, says author of manga 'One Piece'

20 Jul 2022

Manga Productions to move base to Prince Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City

13 Jun 2022

AnimeKey: A new anime online streaming service for the Middle East region

13 Jun 2022

‘The Middle East has had a soft spot for anime since the Eighties’ — META executive

08 Jun 2022

Beloved Japanese manga 'One Piece' heads into final Arc

03 Jun 2022

Anime Village gives Saudi fans an unforgettable experience with cinematic shows, concert

03 May 2022

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba releases new trailer for its third season

19 Apr 2022

Japan hosts 16th International Manga Award competition

14 Apr 2022

Famous voice actress Minori Matsushima passes away at 81

08 Apr 2022

Legendary manga artist Fujiko Fujio A passes away at 88 years old

07 Apr 2022

Nonchi: The Japanese artist drawing anime using old techniques

10 Mar 2022

Syrian animator takes major inspiration from Japan

03 Mar 2022

Meet the Nigerian animator working on major Japanese anime projects

28 Feb 2022

Made-in-Japan manga goes global with Webtoon, Deadpool

23 Feb 2022

Manga artists to join Japan Art Academy for 1st time

20 Feb 2022

Manga Bound: New UAE-based online store specializing in selling Japanese Manga

12 Feb 2022

Kazutaka Kodaka: The creator and writer of the Danganronpa franchise

03 Feb 2022

Japanese manga artist Yanagi collaborated with American comics for over 20 years

02 Feb 2022

4 Japanese publishers sue US tech firm over manga piracy

17 Jan 2022

Japanese manga artist Shinji Mizushima dies at 82

31 Dec 2021

Manga piracy sites remain rampant in Japan

26 Dec 2021

SRMG opens a Manga Arabia booth at Boulevard Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia

26 Nov 2021

Nassar Al Nassar: The Saudi voice behind The Journey’s protagonist

23 Nov 2021

40th Sharjah International Book Fair attracts 1.69 million visitors from 109 nationalities

14 Nov 2021

Nippon Sayko: How Japanese pop culture made it to the heart of Riyadh Season

26 Oct 2021

Japanese manga artist Sanpei Shirato dies

22 Oct 2021

French Animator Alexandre Gomes shares passion for Japanese anime

13 Oct 2021

Mickey Mouse meets manga at Jeddah’s biggest anime cafe

08 Oct 2021

EGYcon: The biggest anime & pop culture event in Egypt is coming back this weekend

03 Oct 2021

Japanese cultural festival opens in Russia

29 Sep 2021

'Golgo 13' author Saito dies at 84

28 Sep 2021

Teenage entrepreneur launches online store selling manga

24 Sep 2021

Manga Arabia Kids now available at Japanese-based Kinokuniya bookstores in UAE

15 Sep 2021

‘Kate’: A middling work that is high on action but lacks innovation


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