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13 Jun 2022

AnimeKey: A new anime online streaming service for the Middle East region

13 Jun 2022

‘The Middle East has had a soft spot for anime since the Eighties’ — META executive

08 Jun 2022

Beloved Japanese manga 'One Piece' heads into final Arc

03 Jun 2022

Anime Village gives Saudi fans an unforgettable experience with cinematic shows, concert

03 May 2022

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba releases new trailer for its third season

19 Apr 2022

Japan hosts 16th International Manga Award competition

14 Apr 2022

Famous voice actress Minori Matsushima passes away at 81

08 Apr 2022

Legendary manga artist Fujiko Fujio A passes away at 88 years old

07 Apr 2022

Nonchi: The Japanese artist drawing anime using old techniques

10 Mar 2022

Syrian animator takes major inspiration from Japan

03 Mar 2022

Meet the Nigerian animator working on major Japanese anime projects

28 Feb 2022

Made-in-Japan manga goes global with Webtoon, Deadpool

23 Feb 2022

Manga artists to join Japan Art Academy for 1st time

20 Feb 2022

Manga Bound: New UAE-based online store specializing in selling Japanese Manga

12 Feb 2022

Kazutaka Kodaka: The creator and writer of the Danganronpa franchise

03 Feb 2022

Japanese manga artist Yanagi collaborated with American comics for over 20 years

02 Feb 2022

4 Japanese publishers sue US tech firm over manga piracy

17 Jan 2022

Japanese manga artist Shinji Mizushima dies at 82

31 Dec 2021

Manga piracy sites remain rampant in Japan

26 Dec 2021

SRMG opens a Manga Arabia booth at Boulevard Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia

26 Nov 2021

Nassar Al Nassar: The Saudi voice behind The Journey’s protagonist

23 Nov 2021

40th Sharjah International Book Fair attracts 1.69 million visitors from 109 nationalities

14 Nov 2021

Nippon Sayko: How Japanese pop culture made it to the heart of Riyadh Season

26 Oct 2021

Japanese manga artist Sanpei Shirato dies

22 Oct 2021

French Animator Alexandre Gomes shares passion for Japanese anime

13 Oct 2021

Mickey Mouse meets manga at Jeddah’s biggest anime cafe

08 Oct 2021

EGYcon: The biggest anime & pop culture event in Egypt is coming back this weekend

03 Oct 2021

Japanese cultural festival opens in Russia

29 Sep 2021

'Golgo 13' author Saito dies at 84

28 Sep 2021

Teenage entrepreneur launches online store selling manga

24 Sep 2021

Manga Arabia Kids now available at Japanese-based Kinokuniya bookstores in UAE

15 Sep 2021

‘Kate’: A middling work that is high on action but lacks innovation

06 Sep 2021

SRMG launches Manga Arabia Kids

02 Sep 2021

Horror manga creator announces 1st new work in 26 years

12 Aug 2021

Terraformars manga will return upon the improvement of writer's health

24 Jul 2021

The 3rd anime series of Baki on Netflix releases this fall

22 Jun 2021

Funko Pop to release Demon Slayer themed collection in the Middle East

18 Jun 2021

First Saudi-Japanese anime movie ‘The Journey’ premieres in the UAE

07 Jun 2021

‘Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet’ debuts in the UAE

05 Jun 2021

Pan-Arab streaming app Spacetoon GO releases Arabic dubbed version of Hunter x Hunter

28 May 2021

Berserk manga creator Kentaro Miura passes away at 54

27 May 2021

Large-scale Attack on Titan manga receives Guinness World Record for ‘largest comic book ever’

18 May 2021

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is the #1 movie worldwide in 2020

25 Apr 2021

Shokugan Shodo Digimon action figures launch in the Middle East

06 Apr 2021

Japanese company pays drivers to turn their cars into anime ‘itasha’

04 Mar 2021

Animated 'Demon Slayer' strikes chord with pandemic Japan

17 Feb 2021

Season 2 of Demon Slayer anime to be released this year

13 Feb 2021

'Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet' movie to be released in 22 countries

11 Feb 2021

Eisaku Inoue: Veteran Japanese animator and director

24 Jan 2021

Ryuki Kitaoka: Japanese international stunt actor


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