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24 Jan 2023

NATO Secretary-General to visit Japan

19 Jan 2023

Turkiye asks US for F-16 jets amid NATO, Congress rows

26 Nov 2022

NATO vows to aid Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’

29 Oct 2022

Russian ambassador to Japan will leave his post in late November

27 Aug 2022

Sweden, Finland pledge to fight ‘terror,’ at NATO talks, Turkey says

19 Jul 2022

Vladimir Putin heads to Tehran for talks with leaders of Iran, Turkey

02 Jul 2022

Erdogan warns Turkey may still block Nordic NATO drive

02 Jul 2022

Obstacles to an ‘Arab NATO’

30 Jun 2022

NATO launches biggest military buildup since end of Cold War

30 Jun 2022

Japan, 3 others confirm Indo-Pacific Cooperation

29 Jun 2022

Japan's Kishida backs Sweden's NATO bid

27 Jun 2022

North Korea says US is setting up Asian NATO; vows stronger defence

25 Jun 2022

NATO’s chance to chart a new path for its future

25 Jun 2022

Jordan’s King Abdullah II backs idea of ‘Middle East NATO’

15 Jun 2022

Japan to attend NATO summit for first time

07 Jun 2022

Japan, NATO step up ties amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine

02 Jun 2022

NATO enlargement in the spotlight after over 3 months of Russia-Ukraine crisis

28 May 2022

Kishida mulling attending NATO summit

12 May 2022

Japan, Finland confirm unity in dealing with Russia

01 May 2022

'NATO, Russia, stay out of Ukraine': Japanese protesters

01 May 2022

‘Russia does not consider itself to be at war with NATO, but NATO does,’ Lavrov tells Al-Arabiya

18 Apr 2022

Russian ambassador to Japan: ‘G7 misinterprets Russia’s goals’

15 Apr 2022

Turkish citizens warming to NATO and EU as new cold war bites

15 Apr 2022

Russia warns of nuclear deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO

07 Apr 2022

Japan's Hayashi departs for NATO meeting

06 Apr 2022

The need for an Arab NATO is growing ever more pressing

05 Apr 2022

Japan Foreign Chief to visit Belgium for G7, NATO meetings

25 Mar 2022

West unites to back Ukraine and seek ‘ruinous cost’ for Putin

15 Mar 2022

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine breathed new life into NATO

28 Feb 2022

Russia and the West must establish new power balance

09 Jan 2022

Turkey can play key role in Russia-NATO relations

09 Sep 2021

Saudi FM: Afghans have Kingdom’s support during this crucial stage

29 Aug 2021

US in final phase of evacuations from Kabul, Taliban says ready to take over airport

15 Jun 2021

Nato summit statement: 'We call on Iran to stop all ballistic missile activities'

11 May 2021

Security experts offer a road map for NATO’s future in MENA region

01 Jan 2021

2020 appears to have brought real change to the Middle East

06 Nov 2020

Strong regional alliance is key to peaceful and prosperous Middle East

02 Nov 2020

Greece: Turkey encroaching on continental shelf with new hydrocarbon search

06 Oct 2020

Erdogan on collision course with NATO over Nagorno-Karabakh war

06 Sep 2020

Egypt and UAE discuss Eastern Mediterranean

10 Aug 2020

Turkey’s new seismic survey in Mediterranean set to revive Greek tensions

06 Jul 2020

France-Turkey spat over Libya arms exposes NATO’s limits

28 Jun 2020

Turkey, France: Longtime rivalry on the horizon?

13 Jun 2020

Conflict, division blight virus response in Libya

09 Jun 2020

NATO urges allies to work more closely with Japan, others

01 Jun 2020

The US is stronger with allies than without

24 May 2020

Conflict in Kosovo

15 Mar 2020

Syria migrant crisis tops agenda at three-way ‘video summit’

29 Dec 2019

How Erdogan’s maneuvers in the Med have roots a century old

22 Dec 2019

The curious diplomacy of US sanctions on allies


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