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22 Sep 2023

Japan, S. Korea share concern over N. Korean missiles

19 Sep 2023

US, Japan, S.Korea concerned about Russia-N.Korea ties' impact on Indo-Pacific -Japan foreign ministry

17 Sep 2023

North Korea’s Kim heads home from Russia’s Far East

16 Sep 2023

North Korea’s Kim praises Russian warplanes for outpacing potential threats

15 Sep 2023

Japan's Kishida willing to meet N. Korea's Kim

14 Sep 2023

No sign of Kim Jong Un on his Russian travels as Seoul expresses concern over meetings with Putin

13 Sep 2023

N. Korea fires ballistic missile toward sea of Japan

31 Aug 2023

Kishida denounces N. Korea's latest missile firing

31 Aug 2023

North Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles

23 Aug 2023

US provoking ‘thermonuclear war’ on Korean Peninsula, North Korea says

22 Aug 2023

N. Korea notifies Japan of plan to launch "satellite"

21 Aug 2023

North Korea’s Kim inspects cruise missile test as South Korea-US military drills begin

20 Aug 2023

North Korean hackers target US-South Korea military drills, police say

17 Aug 2023

North Korea prepares for military actions in protest of US, South Korea, Japan summit - South Korea

14 Aug 2023

North Korea’s Kim orders sharp increase in missile production, days before US-South Korea drills

11 Aug 2023

UN Security Council to meet on human rights in N. Korea

10 Aug 2023

N. Korea’s Kim dismisses military chief, calls for war preparations

28 Jul 2023

Japan raises alarm over China's military, Russia ties and Taiwan tensions in new defense paper

27 Jul 2023

North Korea’s Kim gives Russia defense minister tour of arms expo

24 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea vow to cooperate over N. Korean missiles

19 Jul 2023

North Korea fires 2 short-range missiles into Sea of Japan

18 Jul 2023

Japan, U.S., S. Korea officials to meet Thursday on N. Korea

15 Jul 2023

North Korea defends missile launch, attacks UN

13 Jul 2023

N. Korea launched solid-fuel missile: Japan govt spokesman

12 Jul 2023

N. Korea fires ballistic missile

11 Jul 2023

North Korea blasts IAEA over Japan’s plan to release contaminated water into sea

10 Jul 2023

North Korea denounces US move to bring ballistic missile submarine to peninsula

05 Jul 2023

North Korea appears to lift COVID mask mandate

04 Jul 2023

North Koreans face death penalty for using South Korean language

19 Jun 2023

Japan vigilant against N. Korea's spy satellite launch

19 Jun 2023

North Korea undeterred by failed spy satellite launch, vows 2nd try

16 Jun 2023

North Korean defense spokesman denounces South Korean 'puppets'

11 Jun 2023

Japan extends order to destroy North Korea missile

11 Jun 2023

Japan keeps missile defence alert after North Korea deadline expires

10 Jun 2023

North Korea condemns UN Secretary-General over satellite launch criticism

24 May 2023

South Korea to conduct satellite launch as North Korea pushes to fire its first military spy satellite

20 May 2023

North Korea says joint US-ROK military exercises threaten the Korean Peninsula

11 May 2023

North Korea slams Japan, South Korea meeting

09 May 2023

Japan, South Korea to link radar systems to track N.Korea missiles -source

27 Apr 2023

US plans rare nuclear missile submarine visit in message to North Korea

22 Apr 2023

Japan SDF ordered to prepare to intercept N. Korean missile

19 Apr 2023

Japan raps N. Korea's satellite launch plan

18 Apr 2023

North Korea accuses Japan of hostility and ‘dark ulterior motives’

13 Apr 2023

Japan stands by cancelled missile alert sent to millions of residents

13 Apr 2023

North Korea fires missile; Japan retracts take-cover warning

11 Apr 2023

North Korea's Kim calls for more 'practical, offensive' war deterrence

08 Apr 2023

North Korea says it tested another ‘underwater nuclear attack drone’

07 Apr 2023

South Korea, US, Japan call for support of ban on North Korean workers

06 Apr 2023

North Korea describes US as ‘a human rights barren land’

06 Apr 2023

North Korea warns 'offensive action' over allies' drills


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