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17 Jun 2024

Vladimir Putin to visit Kim Jong Un in North Korea this week

15 Jun 2024

North Korea blasts US, South Korea for double standards on human rights

15 Jun 2024

North Korea building roads, walls inside Demilitarized Zone: Yonhap

13 Jun 2024

Japan, North Korea held secret meeting in May, according to South Korea newspaper

10 Jun 2024

North Korea sends more balloons as Kim’s sister warns of ‘new counteraction’

09 Jun 2024

South Korea to blast loudspeaker broadcasts after North’s trash balloons

03 Jun 2024

North Korea suspends sending garbage balloons to South Korea

03 Jun 2024

South Korea to suspend military pact with North over trash balloons

02 Jun 2024

North Korea sends 600 more trash balloons over border, South says

01 Jun 2024

Japan, U.S., S. Korea officials slam recent N. Korean launches

31 May 2024

North Korea says 18-missile salvo was warning to South

30 May 2024

North Korea drops at least 260 waste-filled balloons in South Korea

28 May 2024

North Korea says US, South Korea reconnaissance infringes its sovereignty  

28 May 2024

North Korea's spy satellite launch ends in failure

27 May 2024

North Korea condemns denuclearization discussion at South Korea-Japan-China summit

27 May 2024

South Korea, China, Japan vow to ramp up cooperation in rare summit

24 May 2024

Japan and S. Korea announce sanctions over Russia, N. Korea arms deals

22 May 2024

Japan sees qualitative improvement of N. Korea nukes

21 May 2024

North Korea’s Kim was ‘sincere’ in Trump talks: Seoul’s former president Moon

18 May 2024

N. Korea test-fires tactical ballistic missiles: State media

17 May 2024

North Korea fires ballistic missile, South Korea’s military says

13 May 2024

North Korea accuses US of following a ‘one Jewish state policy’

11 May 2024

Kishida again vows to strive for summit with North Korea

10 May 2024

Kishida vows more efforts to realize Japan-N. Korea summit

09 May 2024

North Korea expresses anger at America’s new sanction plans

02 May 2024

Japan, 49 others urge N. Korea to comply with sanctions

23 Apr 2024

N. Korea animators may be involved in Japan anime production

20 Apr 2024

North Korea says it tested 'super-large' cruise missile warhead and new anti-aircraft missile

09 Apr 2024

US ambassador to UN to visit Japan, S. Korea next week

09 Apr 2024

Kishida-Kim Jong Un summit unlikely soon: Japanese envoy

03 Apr 2024

N. Korea succeeds in test-firing hypersonic missile: state media

02 Apr 2024

Tokyo police confirm death of N. Korea abduction suspect

02 Apr 2024

N. Korea fires ballistic missile into sea of Japan

30 Mar 2024

North Korea emphatically blocks any contact with Japan

29 Mar 2024

North Korea rules out any meetings with Japan

29 Mar 2024

Russia vetoes UN resolution to extend N. Korea panel

25 Mar 2024

North Korea says Japan's prime minister proposed summit with leader Kim Jong Un

24 Mar 2024

North Korea-Japan qualifier in Pyongyang canceled by FIFA

21 Mar 2024

Tanaka gives Japan scrappy win over North Korea in World Cup qualifier

20 Mar 2024

'Frustration' to drive Japan in North Korea World Cup qualifiers

20 Mar 2024

Japan to send govt employees to Pyongyang to help soccer team

18 Mar 2024

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles

14 Mar 2024

Ito left out of Japan squad amid assault claim

14 Mar 2024

North Korea's Kim drives new-type tank during drills and calls for efforts to prepare for war

12 Mar 2024

Japan's push for North Korea summit 'very important', IAEA chief says

05 Mar 2024

North Korea denounces South Korea-US military drills, warns of consequences

01 Mar 2024

South Korea's Yoon says better Japan ties helping deter North Korea threat

29 Feb 2024

Japanese protest joint military exercises aimed at North Korea

28 Feb 2024

Japan defeats North Korea 2-1 to reach women's soccer tournament at the Paris Olympics

23 Feb 2024

Japan, US, S. Korea reaffirm close cooperation over N. Korea at G20

23 Feb 2024

Debris from North Korean missile in Ukraine could expose procurement networks

22 Feb 2024

Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers meet to discuss cooperation and contentious issues

20 Feb 2024

Japan-North Korea women's Olympic soccer qualifier moved to Saudi Arabia

20 Feb 2024

North Korea's Kim Jong Un receives car as gift from Putin - KCNA

16 Feb 2024

Japan responds coolly to N.Korea comments on better ties

14 Feb 2024

US supports Japan's push for talks with North Korea, envoy says

14 Feb 2024

North Korea fires several cruise missiles off east coast

10 Feb 2024

UN experts investigating 58 suspected North Korean cyberattacks valued at about $3 billion

10 Feb 2024

U.S. envoy on N. Korea human rights to visit Japan, S. Korea

08 Feb 2024

North Korea abolishes economic cooperation with South

06 Feb 2024

South Koreans stay calm as they see showmanship in the North’s escalating threats

04 Feb 2024

South Korea summons Russian envoy over criticism of President Yoon -ministry

03 Feb 2024

North Korea says it tested cruise missiles with ‘super-large’ warheads in its latest weapons display

02 Feb 2024

North Korean leader Kim calls for war readiness while inspecting construction of warships

31 Jan 2024

North Korea says it tested long-range cruise missiles to sharpen attack capabilities

29 Jan 2024

North Korea tests submarine-launched cruise missiles, KCNA says

28 Jan 2024

North Korea fires several cruise missiles from sea

27 Jan 2024

Japan Minister vows efforts to realize summit with N. Korea

26 Jan 2024

Chinese vice foreign minister visits North Korea in latest diplomacy between countries

24 Jan 2024

South Korea says North Korea has fired several cruise missiles into the sea

21 Jan 2024

North Korea stresses alignment with Russia against US and says Putin could visit at an 'early date'

19 Jan 2024

South Korea calls on divided UN council ‘to break the silence’ on North Korea’s tests and threats

17 Jan 2024

US, South Korea and Japan conduct naval drills as tensions deepen with North Korea

16 Jan 2024

Japan, S. Korea, U.S. to discuss N. Korea Thurs.

16 Jan 2024

North Korea will no longer pursue reconciliation with South because of hostility, Kim Jong Un says

15 Jan 2024

North Korea says it tested solid-fuel missile tipped with hypersonic weapon

14 Jan 2024

N. Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan

13 Jan 2024

Japan launches an intelligence-gathering satellite to watch for North Korean missiles

11 Jan 2024

UN members condemn Russia's use of N. Korean weapons

10 Jan 2024

Countries condemn Russia-North Korea Military cooperation

06 Jan 2024

North Korea dismisses South Korea's claims of military provocation

06 Jan 2024

Kim Jong-un sends letter of sympathy to Japan Prime Minister following earthquake

05 Jan 2024

South Korea orders evacuation on island near North Korea border

05 Jan 2024

N. Korea breached UN sanctions by supplying missiles to Russia for Ukraine attacks: US and UK

31 Dec 2023

North Korea to launch new satellites, build drones as it warns war inevitable

28 Dec 2023

North Korea sees the ‘decline of US hegemony’

21 Dec 2023

North Korea’s Kim warns of ‘nuclear attack’ if provoked with nukes

21 Dec 2023

Japan, US, S. Korea condemn N. Korean provocations

20 Dec 2023

North Korea and Russia clash with US, South Korea and allies over Pyongyang’s latest missile launch

19 Dec 2023

North Korea says Hwasong-18 ICBM drill was response to US hostility

18 Dec 2023

North Korea fires what appears to be long-range ballistic missile

16 Dec 2023

Japan, 3 others condemn N. Korea's human rights abuses

13 Dec 2023

North Korea accuses US of being a ‘participant’ in genocide

09 Dec 2023

US, South Korea and Japan urge stronger international push to curb North Korean nuclear program

08 Dec 2023

Seoul, Tokyo, US security advisors to meet to discuss Pyongyang

28 Nov 2023

N. Korean satellite to threaten regional security: Japan's Matsuno

27 Nov 2023

North Korea vows more satellite launches, beefs up military on border

26 Nov 2023

Japan, S. Korea condemn N. Korea's satellite launch

24 Nov 2023

Japan confirms object orbiting earth after N. Korea satellite launch

23 Nov 2023

North Korea scraps military deal with South, vows to deploy new weapons at border


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