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02 Dec 2022

US, South Korea and Japan impose fresh sanctions on North Korea

24 Nov 2022

Japan cannot accept North Korea becoming a nuclear state: Hayashi

22 Nov 2022

South Korea anti-ballistic missile system destroys target in test -reports

21 Nov 2022

G7 demands tougher sanctions on N. Korea after latest salvo

18 Nov 2022

North Korea rebuked as allied countries hold emergency meeting over missile launch

17 Nov 2022

North Korea fires missile hours after warning of 'fiercer' military response

07 Nov 2022

North Korea says launches were simulated attack, as South recovers missile parts

05 Nov 2022

UNSC fails to issue statement over N. Korea missile launches

05 Nov 2022

Japan, US confirm cooperation to denuclearize North Korea

04 Nov 2022

UK's Rishi Sunak, Japanese PM Kishida condemn N. Korean missile launches

04 Nov 2022

North Korea fires artillery into sea as South Korea and US pledge cooperation

03 Nov 2022

North Korea ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; allies extend major drills

03 Nov 2022

Kishida slams N. Korea's repeated missile launches as 'outrageous'

02 Nov 2022

North Korea fires 23 missiles, one landing off South Korean coast for first time

01 Nov 2022

North Korea says negotiations for nuclear disarmament ‘disappeared forever’

31 Oct 2022

US and South Korean warplanes begin largest ever air drills amid North Korean threats

28 Oct 2022

N. Korea fires 2 ballistic missiles toward sea of Japan

28 Oct 2022

Japan 'studying' US Tomahawk cruise missile purchase

26 Oct 2022

N. Korea nuclear test would meet 'unprecedented' response: US, Japan, S. Korea

19 Oct 2022

North Korea fires artillery shells near border with S. Korea

18 Oct 2022

Japan freezes 5 groups' assets after N. Korean missile launches

15 Oct 2022

Abductee still in agony 20 years after returning to Japan

14 Oct 2022

North Korea fires missile and shells, further inflaming tensions

13 Oct 2022

North Korea says Kim supervised cruise missile tests

12 Oct 2022

North Korean ‘fire and fury’ may soon become reality

10 Oct 2022

North Korea confirms nuke missiles tests to ‘wipe out’ enemies

09 Oct 2022

Kishida vows to work with US, South Korea over North Korea

09 Oct 2022

North Korea fires ballistic missile, Japan coast guard says

05 Oct 2022

Japan may shoot down N. Korean missiles targeting U.S.

04 Oct 2022

North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

03 Oct 2022

East Asia’s murky future due to North Korea’s escalatory behavior

01 Oct 2022

N. Korea launches 2 short-range ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan

28 Sep 2022

N. Korea fires ballistic missile

07 Sep 2022

North Korea 'always welcome' at negotiating table, Japan nuclear envoy says

18 Aug 2022

Kim Yo Jong’s path to power in North Korea becoming clear

17 Aug 2022

S. Korea's Yoon vows to solve wartime labor issue with Japan

16 Aug 2022

US, S. Korea, Japan hold missile defense exercise with eye on N. Korea, China

12 Aug 2022

UN's Guterres expresses 'clear commitment' to North Korea denuclearisation

08 Aug 2022

Japan’s Foreign Minister and UN Secretary-General discuss international concerns

10 Jul 2022

Tokyo to increase missile evacuation facilities

03 Jul 2022

North Korea slams US-South Korea-Japan military cooperation

27 Jun 2022

North Korea says US is setting up Asian NATO; vows stronger defence

24 Jun 2022

N. Korea approves new frontline army duties amid tensions

14 Jun 2022

South Korea says North completed prep for new nuclear test

10 Jun 2022

Kishida pledges Indo-Pacific action plan by next spring

10 Jun 2022

Japan hopes to build momentum for UNSC reform: Spokesman

09 Jun 2022

Japan condemns N. Korea's statement on abduction issue

08 Jun 2022

South Korea's robust response to North Korea seen aiding Japan's military push

06 Jun 2022

South Korea, US, launch eight missiles in response to N.Korea missile tests

05 Jun 2022

North Korea fires volley of missiles, Japan condemns provocation


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