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03 Jul 2022

North Korea slams US-South Korea-Japan military cooperation

27 Jun 2022

North Korea says US is setting up Asian NATO; vows stronger defence

24 Jun 2022

N. Korea approves new frontline army duties amid tensions

14 Jun 2022

South Korea says North completed prep for new nuclear test

10 Jun 2022

Kishida pledges Indo-Pacific action plan by next spring

10 Jun 2022

Japan hopes to build momentum for UNSC reform: Spokesman

09 Jun 2022

Japan condemns N. Korea's statement on abduction issue

08 Jun 2022

South Korea's robust response to North Korea seen aiding Japan's military push

06 Jun 2022

South Korea, US, launch eight missiles in response to N.Korea missile tests

05 Jun 2022

North Korea fires volley of missiles, Japan condemns provocation

03 Jun 2022

US, South Korea, Japan envoys meet on North Korea nuclear tension

28 May 2022

Japan, US, South Korea slam North Korea's missile launches in statement

26 May 2022

Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles

25 May 2022

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles, possibly including ICBM

19 May 2022

North Korea 'ready for nuclear test' with Biden due in Seoul

15 May 2022

North Korea reports 15 more ‘fever’ deaths amid COVID-19 outbreak

13 May 2022

North Korea reports 6 deaths after admitting COVID-19 outbreak

12 May 2022

North Korea confirms 1st COVID outbreak, Kim orders lockdown

07 May 2022

North Korea fires projectile toward Sea of Japan

06 May 2022

Biden to discuss N. Korea with Kishida, Yoon: White House

30 Apr 2022

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warns of ‘preemptive’ use of nuclear force

26 Apr 2022

North Korea's Kim vows to bolster nuke capability during parade

18 Apr 2022

North Korean leader Kim observes weapons test to enhance nuclear capabilities

14 Apr 2022

Japan says that North Korea could take 'further provocation action'

14 Apr 2022

Kim Jong Un gives North Korea’s most famous newscaster a luxury home

01 Apr 2022

Fresh Japan sanctions on North Korea after ICBM launch

26 Mar 2022

N.Korea says new ICBM will curb 'dangerous' US; Washington seeks new sanctions

25 Mar 2022

Tokyo, Seoul to respond resolutely to North Korea's ICBM launch

16 Mar 2022

Seoul: North Korean launch apparently ends in failure

14 Mar 2022

Abductee families urge US to keep sanctions on North Korea

11 Mar 2022

Japan to consider sanctions on North Korea over missile launches

08 Mar 2022

Construction spotted at North Korea nuclear test site for first time since 2018 -report

06 Mar 2022

N.Korea says it conducted 'important' spy satellite system test -KCNA

05 Mar 2022

N.Korea conducts ninth missile test of the year ahead of S.Korea election

01 Mar 2022

Japan, US, 9 others rap North Korea's missile firing

28 Feb 2022

North Korea claims to have conducted spy satellite camera test

27 Feb 2022

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile

13 Feb 2022

Japan, US, South Korea share concerns over North Korea missiles

05 Feb 2022

9 countries condemn North Korea's medium-range missile launch

05 Feb 2022

Over half of U.N. Security Council condemns N.Korea's 'significant escalation'

01 Feb 2022

Hayashi, Emanuel agree to work on deepening Japan-US ties

30 Jan 2022

North Korea fires intermediate-range ballistic missile

27 Jan 2022

North Korea fires 2 apparent ballistic missiles toward sea of Japan

20 Jan 2022

Japan, France seek to deepen security ties amid China's rise

20 Jan 2022

North Korea suggests it may resume nuclear, missile tests

18 Jan 2022

Japan, US and South Korea share strong concerns over N. Korean missiles

17 Jan 2022

North Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles

15 Jan 2022

N. Korea fires fresh missiles in response to US sanctions

14 Jan 2022

North Korea fires two suspected missiles

12 Jan 2022

North Korea successfully test-fires hypersonic missile: KCNA


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