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06 Apr 2021

North Korea decides to skip Tokyo Olympics

03 Apr 2021

Japan, US, S. Korea security leaders hold talks

31 Mar 2021

US, Japan, S.Korea officials to discuss North Korea in a meeting on Friday

25 Mar 2021

N.Korea missile test casts shadow over Biden administration, Japan Olympics

24 Mar 2021

Japan to collect information on N. Korea missile test

20 Jan 2021

Antony Blinken: US must act urgently to stop Iran nuclear weapon

15 Jan 2021

Japan analyzing North Korea's military parade

09 Jan 2021

North Korea threatens to build more nukes, cites US hostility

06 Nov 2020

Japan, US, S. Korea officials discuss N. Korea

23 Oct 2020

Biden slams Trump friendship with ‘thug’ Kim

12 Oct 2020

Japan to bolster defense against North Korean missiles

29 Sep 2020

South Korea, North Korea may seize diplomatic opportunity after Kim Jong Un apology

24 Sep 2020

Japan and South Korea consider cooperating to counter North Korea

03 Sep 2020

Suga eager to meet Kim Jong Un

30 Jul 2020

N. Korea fired cruise missile toward Sea of Japan in early July: media

25 Jul 2020

Japan, US, others call for halting oil products exports to N. Korea

10 Jul 2020

Japan, US confirm cooperation over North Korea, China

07 Jul 2020

North Korea rejects talks ahead of US envoy's arrival in Seoul

20 Jun 2020

North Korea prepares anti-South leaflets amid heightened tensions

16 Jun 2020

North Korea ‘blows up liaison office’ with South

15 Jun 2020

Japan halts Aegis Ashore deployment plan

06 Jun 2020

Abe mourns death of father of abductee Megumi Yokota

05 Jun 2020

Father of Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota dies at 87

24 May 2020

North Korea’s Kim vows to further bolster nuclear war deterrence -KCNA

18 May 2020

Coronavirus crisis heightens political risks for North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

03 May 2020

North Korea fired gunshots at South Korean surveillance station

02 May 2020

North Korea's Kim Jong Un makes first public appearance in 20 days

27 Apr 2020

South Korea maintains Kim Jong-Un health rumors are untrue

27 Apr 2020

Train likely belonging to Kim Jong-Un seen at resort town amid health rumors

27 Apr 2020

US and China confirm that Kim Jong-un is brain dead: Japanese political and military YouTube critic     

26 Apr 2020

Kim, dead or alive? Why that’s the wrong question

22 Apr 2020

North Korean leader’s health under scrutiny

14 Apr 2020

N.Korea fired multiple short-range cruise missiles into sea of Japan

31 Mar 2020

Japan’s Foreign Minister Motegi condemns Houthi missile attack against Saudi Arabia

30 Mar 2020

North Korea's missile launches "extremely problematic": Suga

29 Mar 2020

North Korea fires two short-range 'ballistic missiles' into Sea of Japan

26 Mar 2020

G-7 foreign ministers reaffirm cooperation to fight coronavirus

22 Mar 2020

Japan holds NSC meeting after N. Korea's missile firing

21 Mar 2020

N. Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles towards Sea of Japan

09 Mar 2020

North Korea fires three projectiles into the sea, outside Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone

03 Mar 2020

N. Korea fired low-altitude ballistic missiles: Kono

02 Mar 2020

North Korea fires 2 projectiles: South Korean military

25 Feb 2020

Japanese, IAEA leaders discuss Iran, N. Korea nuclear issues

01 Jan 2020

North Korea ends test moratoriums, threatens 'new' weapon

29 Dec 2019

Seven bodies found on suspected North Korean boat in Japan

28 Dec 2019

Japan police find human remains in boat suspected from North Korea — Coast Guard

18 Dec 2019

Japan, U.S. affirm cooperation with S. Korea on North

16 Dec 2019

Japan committed to security after North Korea missile test claim

14 Dec 2019

US envoy for North Korea to visit Japan, South Korea

30 Nov 2019

North Korea warns of ballistic missile firing toward Japan


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