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01 May 2024

Saudi Arabia, UAE supplied 85% of Japan’s crude oil in March

17 Apr 2024

Japan oil refiners to tap reserves in case of Middle East disruption

30 Mar 2024

Japan imported 96% of its oil from Arab countries in February 2024

20 Feb 2024

Oil Updates – prices hover near 3-week high on Middle East tensions, China demand

24 Jan 2024

Arida City, Dubai schools sign cultural exchange agreement

07 Dec 2023

Economic advisory group suggests Middle East escalation would pose mild recession risk

06 Oct 2023

Saudi Aramco raises November Arab light crude prices to Asia

06 Sep 2023

Iraq-Turkiye oil flows not expected to resume before October

06 Sep 2023

Saudi Arabia extends 1 mbpd oil output cut through December

31 Aug 2023

Arab oil main source of Japan’s imports for July

04 Aug 2023

Japan closely watching impact of Saudi oil output cut

17 Jul 2023

Non-oil trade between UAE, Japan rises to Dhs 524.4 billion over last decade

17 Jul 2023

Oil Updates — crude slides more than 1% as Chinese GDP dents demand hopes

17 Jul 2023

UN ship arrives in Yemen to pump oil from decaying Safer tanker

16 Jul 2023

Oil Updates — US drillers cut oil and gas rigs for 10th time in 11 weeks

12 May 2023

OPEC raises China’s oil demand growth forecast

05 May 2023

Oil rises but on track for third week of losses due to demand worries

04 Apr 2023

Why the oil industry is part of the climate change solution

17 Mar 2023

Oil rises 2% as reports of Saudi Arabia, Russia meeting calm investors

01 Mar 2023

Arab crude oil reaches 94.4% of Japan's imports in January

21 Feb 2023

Saudi Arabia’s oil exports value climbs 11.1% to $23bn in December: GASTAT

15 Feb 2023

Japan to expand relations in Gulf, offer help to rebuild quake-hit Turkiye: Shikata

10 Jan 2023

KSA’s growth in 2023 to be fueled by non-oil and oil sector activity: Report

06 Jan 2023

Saudi Arabia cuts february arab light crude prices to Asia

21 Dec 2022

Oil updates — oil prices gain; rising supply from Kuwait, Russia to weigh on Asia fuel

14 Dec 2022

IEA raises oil demand growth estimate for 2022 and 2023

13 Dec 2022

Japanese Prime Minister thanks Kuwait for stable oil supply

27 Nov 2022

Oil Updates — crude prices down; Ukraine wants lower cap on Russian oil

31 Oct 2022

Industrial cities to be home for 4IR as Saudi Arabia diversifies away from oil

18 Oct 2022

Saudi crude oil exports hit 2-year high of 7.6m bpd in august: JODI

17 Oct 2022

Kuwait appoints new oil, foreign ministers in cabinet reshuffle

16 Oct 2022

EU sanctions on Russia ‘could reduce KSA oil exports to Asia’

15 Oct 2022

Calls grow for answers about ‘troubling reports’ Biden admin pressured Saudi Arabia for oil cut delay

09 Oct 2022

Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia does not politicize oil or oil decisions

29 Sep 2022

Goldman cuts 2023 oil price forecast due to weakening demand outlook

13 Sep 2022

UAE President, Japanese Prime Minister agree on need to stabilize oil market

22 Aug 2022

Iranian regime’s oil revenues linked to its military adventurism

15 Aug 2022

Aramco to add significant output capacity from 2025 as global spare oil gets thinner

14 Aug 2022

Oil behemoth Aramco beats forecasts with record Q2 profit of $48.4bn

12 Aug 2022

OPEC forecasts lower oil demand growth in 2022

06 Aug 2022

Saudi oil revenues leap 89% year-on-year to fuel Kingdom’s budget surplus

04 Aug 2022

Oil prices rebound after dropping to lowest in months on weak US demand

31 Jul 2022

Saudi economy expands by 11.8% in Q2 on higher oil activities

31 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia and UAE supplied 80% of Japan’s crude oil needs in June

20 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia’s May oil exports fell 4.5% in biggest decline in last 15 months

19 Jul 2022

UAE to send fuel to France to replace Russian gas

08 Jul 2022

Russia to take control of Sakhalin-1: Russian Lawmaker

06 Jul 2022

Oil may collapse to $65 by end of 2022 if recession hits, warns Citigroup

05 Jul 2022

Proposed oil price cap to oust Japan from Sakhalin-2: Ex-Russian PM

27 Jun 2022

G7 leaders likely to broadly agree on capping Russian oil prices

11 Jun 2022

UAE, Japan to enhance oil stability and future energy cooperation

06 Jun 2022

Saudi Arabia raises oil prices more than expected as Asia recovers: Bloomberg

03 Jun 2022

OPEC+ agrees on 648,000 barrels a day hike in July, August output

01 Jun 2022

Arab and Russian oil remain crucial for Japan's economic wheels

01 Jun 2022

Can a UN-coordinated Dutch-US plan defuse the ticking Safer ‘time bomb’?

27 May 2022

‘Asking for oil is simply wrong’: White House press secretary

27 May 2022

US seizes 600,000 barrels of smuggled Iranian crude oil

21 May 2022

Dual impact from oil and non-oil sectors ‘to propel Saudi GDP growth by 10 percent’

05 May 2022

Oil Update — Crude edges up; Japan distances from Russian embargo

02 May 2022

Japan's Eneos announces withdrawal from Myanmar gas project

25 Apr 2022

Japan readies $48bn package to help with fuel and materials cost spikes

22 Apr 2022

Japan to auction 4.8 mln barrels of national reserve oil on May 10

20 Apr 2022

Japan refiner Eneos to buy alternative to Russian crude from Middle East

15 Apr 2022

Japan to release 6m barrels of oil from private reserves as part of IEA-led action

12 Apr 2022

Japan industry minister asks Arab countries to increase oil production

07 Apr 2022

Japan to release record 15m barrels of oil as part of IEA-led action -Kyodo

03 Apr 2022

New steps to fight oil price spikes to be decided soon: Hagiuda

31 Mar 2022

Japan to help Kuwait step up oil production

26 Mar 2022

World condemns Houthis as US says Iran ‘clearly enabled’ Jeddah oil attack

25 Mar 2022

Sakhalin energy projects in Russia are important for Japan -Japan govt spokesman

25 Mar 2022

Here’s what may happen if Russian oil and gas stops flowing into the EU

24 Mar 2022

Saudi non-oil exports increase by 27.5% in January

24 Mar 2022

As Ukraine war ends first month, Putin hits back at sanctions with oil payment changes

22 Mar 2022

UN condemns Houthi attacks on Saudi oil facilities as detrimental to peace efforts

20 Mar 2022

Japanese FM visits UAE, presses for increase in oil supply and production

20 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports near 7 million bpd in January: JODI

20 Mar 2022

Economist rules out complete Saudi shift to yuan in oil deals

19 Mar 2022

Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports near 7 million bpd in January: JODI

19 Mar 2022

Oil heads for weekly loss as prices stay above $100 a barrel

17 Mar 2022

Saudi crown prince discusses Ukraine, oil markets during phone call with Japan PM

16 Mar 2022

Japan sets April 8 for auction of oil from reserve

14 Mar 2022

Russian gas transit via Ukraine to EU remains steady

12 Mar 2022

US seizing tankers has failed to stop Iran’s oil exports, minister says

11 Mar 2022

Saudi ministries to grant licenses to renewable energy facilities and power plants

11 Mar 2022

Saudi energy ministry condemns oil refinery drone attack in Riyadh

10 Mar 2022

Palestinians offered a new opportunity to confront Israel

10 Mar 2022

Oil rises as market weighs OPEC filling Russia supply gap

08 Mar 2022

Brent prices break $130 as US bans Russian crude imports over Ukraine invasion

05 Mar 2022

Oil rises as Biden pressured to ban Russian crude imports

04 Mar 2022

Japan to release 7.5m barrels out of oil reserves

02 Mar 2022

Nations agree to release 60 million barrels of oil amid war: IEA

02 Mar 2022

Saudi, UAE oil supplies 71% of Japan January needs, Russia 4%

24 Feb 2022

Japan urge oil producers to stabilize market in response to Ukraine crisis

23 Feb 2022

Oil likely to hit $100 as worries of supply disruptions, limited spare capacity rise

09 Feb 2022

Japanese government to hold meeting on crude oil prices

05 Feb 2022

Japan subsidies to curb gasoline prices to hit upper limit

10 Jan 2022

Saudi industrial production growth nears 3-year high in November on oil output

03 Jan 2022

Dividends recover for Saudi Arabia’s 10 biggest companies after pandemic: Year in Review

02 Jan 2022

Saudi Aramco publicly recognizes Chief of Riyadh Refinery for 40 years of highly successful service

27 Dec 2021

Japan to auction more than 600,000 bbl of oil from national reserves in Feb


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