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Tokyo Olympics And Paralympics


Noh theatre charity event raises money for Lebanon

21 Nov 2020

At APEC Summit, Suga vows to hold Tokyo Games safely

19 Nov 2020

Athletes’ Village must be safest place in Tokyo, IOC official says

17 Nov 2020

Vaccination not a requirement for Tokyo Olympics: Bach

17 Nov 2020

IOC Bach awards ex-PM Abe Olympic Order

16 Nov 2020

IOC's Bach says will do best to ensure Olympic spectators are vaccinated

09 Nov 2020

IOC Bach to visit Japan next week

08 Nov 2020

Gymnasts gather for friendly Tokyo meet in Olympics rehearsal

07 Nov 2020

'Noshiro Week’ strengthens Jordan and Japan's close ties

07 Nov 2020

Japan's star gymnast Uchimura draws positives from false positive virus test

06 Nov 2020

Tokyo hosts 4-country gymnastics meet to test COVID safety

24 Oct 2020

Tokyo Games to offer ticket refunds

16 Oct 2020

Japan to test anti-virus measures at near-full baseball stadium

07 Sep 2020

Tokyo Olympics will go ahead 'with or without Covid' - IOC's Coates

24 Aug 2020

Tokyo Skytree lights up to mark 1 year to go for Paralympics

24 Aug 2020

One year to go, Tokyo governor says Paralympics are symbol of bonding

03 Aug 2020

Tokyo Paralympic competition schedule will be same next year

22 Jul 2020

Virus vaccine key for Olympics go-ahead in 2021: Tokyo Chief

22 Jul 2020

Simpler. Cheaper. Safer? Tokyo 2020's unanswered questions

07 Jul 2020

Japan still plans on holding the Olympics in 2021, retaining the name "Tokyo 2020"

06 Jul 2020

Japan’s Abe and Koike confirm cooperation for success of Tokyo Olympics

06 Jul 2020

Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics "cannot be held" next year


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