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24 Oct 2021

Israel set to OK 3,000 West Bank settler homes this week

22 Oct 2021

Israelis in West Bank flashpoint dig for new neighborhood

17 Sep 2021

The pros and cons of the UN when it comes to Palestine

11 Sep 2021

Israeli media: 4 Palestinian escapees captured, 2 at large

07 Aug 2021

Palestinian dies of Israeli gunfire after West Bank clashes: Ministry

18 Jul 2021

Family: Palestinian Authority covering up critic’s death

16 Jul 2021

Israel troops arrest dozens of Palestinian university students

13 Jul 2021

Israeli demolition of Bedouin homes in West Bank ‘unlawful and heartless,’ says UN expert

08 Jul 2021

Israel again demolishes Palestinian village in West Bank

04 Jul 2021

Palestinians: Israeli forces kill man in West Bank clashes

03 Jul 2021

Israeli settlers leave West Bank outpost after govt deal

01 Jul 2021

Israeli gov’t and settlers reach deal over West Bank outpost, Palestinians angered

16 Jun 2021

Palestinian woman shot dead by Israelis in West Bank after attempted attack

12 Jun 2021

15-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers

03 Jun 2021

Israeli army arrests Hamas leader in West Bank

15 May 2021

7 dead in West Bank as Israel deals with 3 hot spots

07 May 2021

UN urges Israel to stop demolitions and evacuations in Sheikh Jarrah in West Bank

06 Apr 2021

Abbas headed to Germany for ‘medical tests’

20 Mar 2021

Palestinians take another step in preparations for first election in 15 years

10 Mar 2021

West Bank refuge welcomes unfancied donkeys

05 Feb 2021

Palestinian killed in confrontation in West Bank settlement

03 Feb 2021

West Bank demolitions lead to surge in displaced children

22 Jan 2021

Japan deplores Israel's continued settlements

19 Jan 2021

Egypt condemns new Israeli West Bank settlement project

20 Nov 2020

Pompeo visits occupied West Bank settlement, infuriating Palestinians

20 Nov 2020

US-Palestine nationals denounce Pompeo visit

19 Nov 2020

Restoration of ties with Israel sparks anger in Palestine

09 Nov 2020

Egypt slams Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes

07 Nov 2020

UK, EU warn Israel over West Bank evictions, demolitions

05 Nov 2020

Israel razes most of Palestinian Bedouin village in West Bank on US election day

26 Oct 2020

Palestinian teen dies after West Bank chase by Israeli army

24 Oct 2020

Two-decade court battle over West Bank area nears end

12 Oct 2020

Abandoned strip of land a reminder of the effects of occupation

18 Aug 2020

Israeli forces shoot, wound deaf Palestinian at checkpoint

27 Jul 2020

Israeli settlers vandalize, firebomb West Bank mosque

05 Jul 2020

Israel, Palestinians face new restrictions amid virus surge

04 Jul 2020

Annexation push and the competing narratives

04 Jul 2020

Settlers and Palestinians unite in opposition to Israeli annexation

03 Jul 2020

Palestine's Hamas, Fatah join hands against Israeli annexation plan

02 Jul 2020

Palestinians rally as global opposition to Israeli annexation grows

01 Jul 2020

Israel backs down over land grab

30 Jun 2020

Arguments rage over future of Palestinian Authority

19 Jun 2020

Annexation is ‘destruction’ of two-state solution: Jordanian FM Safadi

13 Jun 2020

A state, no matter how unjust, is the start Palestinians need

13 Jun 2020

Palestinians welcome opposition to Israel’s West Bank annexation plan

13 Jun 2020

UAE envoy warns Israel annexation would ‘upend’ Arab ties

11 Jun 2020

Why Netanyahu may be relieved if annexation plan is scaled back

11 Jun 2020

Saudi foreign minister declares Israel's plans to annex West Bank a ‘dangerous escalation’

07 Jun 2020

Israelis rally against West Bank annexation plan

31 May 2020

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound reopens after more than two months


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