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31 Oct 2022

West Bank settler violence spreads ahead of Israeli general election

29 Sep 2022

Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians in Jenin raid

21 Sep 2022

Palestinians reach truce to end West Bank clashes

21 Sep 2022

Palestinian suspected of killing Israeli woman found dead

20 Sep 2022 plans warning for listings in occupied West Bank

05 Sep 2022

Israel: Attack on bus in West Bank wounds 6 troops, civilian

24 Aug 2022

Israel’s attempt to demolish buildings, facilities in West Bank condemned

14 Aug 2022

World Cup hospitality website lists Palestine, not Israel, as country

12 Aug 2022

UN rights chief sounds alarm at number of Palestinian children killed, condemns lack of accountability

10 Aug 2022

Flights for West Bank Palestinians to Turkey to start at end of August

09 Aug 2022

Israel: Troops kill 2 Palestinian gunmen in West Bank clash

03 Aug 2022

UN experts slam Israel’s ‘harassment’ in West Bank

26 Jul 2022

Israel demolishes homes of suspected Palestinian attackers

19 Jul 2022

Palestinian residents in West Bank facing severe water crisis

13 Jul 2022

Biden won’t shake hands in Israel due to COVID-19

30 Jun 2022

Israeli military, Palestinians clash at West Bank shrine

27 Jun 2022

Israel forms special military brigade to protect West Bank wall

13 May 2022

Israel resumes raids in West Bank area where journalist was killed

13 May 2022

Israel advances plans for nearly 4,500 West Bank settler homes

09 May 2022

Israeli forces kill Palestinian at West Bank barrier, officials say

14 Apr 2022

2 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on West Bank: ministry

11 Apr 2022

Arab outrage as two Palestinian women shot dead in occupied West Bank

31 Mar 2022

2 Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on West Bank: Ministry

11 Mar 2022

Trump-era settlement growth proceeds in his absence

01 Mar 2022

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

08 Feb 2022

Israel says it killed 3 suspected militants in West Bank

07 Feb 2022

West Bank university on front line as student activism row boils over

27 Jan 2022

At an illegally built West Bank outpost, Israeli settlers flaunt their power

08 Jan 2022

Eight killed in ‘shocking’ West Bank road crash

24 Dec 2021

Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers in West Bank

13 Dec 2021

Israeli forces kill Palestinian during West Bank operation

06 Dec 2021

Hoping virus won’t wreck Christmas, Bethlehem lights up giant tree

09 Nov 2021

Israel spied on Palestinian human rights defenders, investigators claim

06 Nov 2021

Israel troops kill Palestinian teenager in West Bank

30 Oct 2021

Renovations offer new view of ancient West Bank mosaic

24 Oct 2021

Israel set to OK 3,000 West Bank settler homes this week

22 Oct 2021

Israelis in West Bank flashpoint dig for new neighborhood

17 Sep 2021

The pros and cons of the UN when it comes to Palestine

11 Sep 2021

Israeli media: 4 Palestinian escapees captured, 2 at large

07 Aug 2021

Palestinian dies of Israeli gunfire after West Bank clashes: Ministry

18 Jul 2021

Family: Palestinian Authority covering up critic’s death

16 Jul 2021

Israel troops arrest dozens of Palestinian university students

13 Jul 2021

Israeli demolition of Bedouin homes in West Bank ‘unlawful and heartless,’ says UN expert

08 Jul 2021

Israel again demolishes Palestinian village in West Bank

04 Jul 2021

Palestinians: Israeli forces kill man in West Bank clashes

03 Jul 2021

Israeli settlers leave West Bank outpost after govt deal

01 Jul 2021

Israeli gov’t and settlers reach deal over West Bank outpost, Palestinians angered

16 Jun 2021

Palestinian woman shot dead by Israelis in West Bank after attempted attack

12 Jun 2021

15-year-old Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers

03 Jun 2021

Israeli army arrests Hamas leader in West Bank


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