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28 Jul 2023

Japan panel agrees on minimum hourly wage above 1,000 Yen

24 Jul 2023

Dollar pares gains to slip below 141.50 Yen in Tokyo

28 Jun 2023

Japan to issue new bank notes from July 2024: Finance Minister

11 Nov 2022

Yen’s depreciation won’t affect ODA: Hayashi

25 Oct 2022

Dollar capped below 149 yen in Tokyo

23 Oct 2022

Yen's effective rate falls to lowest level since 1970

22 Oct 2022

To respond appropriately to excessive yen moves: Kishida

16 Oct 2022

Yen hitting 150 per dlr now in sight despite intervention fears

07 Oct 2022

Japan's current account decay underscores yen's weakened stature

23 Sep 2022

IMF cites Japanese yen's volatility, says monitoring situation

22 Sep 2022

BOJ holds steady, triggering yen to hit 24-year low

15 Sep 2022

Yen intervention will not stop sharp declines, official warns

01 Sep 2022

Yen hits 24-year low, 140 level beckons as hike bets buoy dollar

01 Sep 2022

Japan watching FX moves with 'high sense of urgency' - MOF official

14 Jun 2022

Nearly half of Japan firms see weak yen as bad for business

13 Jun 2022

Yen falls to lowest level since 1998 as US yields march higher

10 Jun 2022

Japan repeats warning on sliding yen, keeps mum on FX intervention chance

06 Jun 2022

Dollar hits 20-year highs around 131.50 yen in New York

27 Apr 2022

Japan PM advisers urge improvement in current account as yen weakens

22 Apr 2022

Japan, US likely discussed joint yen-buying intervention: media

21 Apr 2022

IMF says yen falls driven by fundamentals, urges BOJ to keep easy policy

20 Apr 2022

INTERVIEW: IMF economist warns weaker yen may hurt Japan's economy

19 Apr 2022

Japan Finance Minister makes most explicit warning yet against yen slump, economic fallout

18 Apr 2022

Japan's yen bounces briefly after Kuroda comments

13 Apr 2022

Japanese officials worried about yen's rapid drop

11 Apr 2022

Dollar jumps to highest level against yen since June 2015

28 Mar 2022

Dollar tops 125 yen for 1st time in 6 years

05 Jul 2021

Japan's digital yen plan to become clearer late 2022, says ruling party official

22 Dec 2020

Intervention seen powerless to stop yen's climb past 100 per dollar


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