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23 Apr 2024

How Gaza conflict thrust Palestine statehood quest back to center stage

28 Mar 2024

Why Jordan is braced for challenging security scenarios

20 Mar 2024

UNRWA’s funding crisis compounds Gaza’s problems amid governance vacuum

19 Mar 2024

Could a ‘maritime highway of boats and barges’ end Gaza’s siege?

13 Mar 2024

Can food airdrops avert mass starvation in beleaguered Gaza?

03 Mar 2024

What contrasting Western responses to Ukraine and Gaza crises mean for future conflicts

27 Feb 2024

Could Houthi attacks on ships off the Yemen coast continue even after a Gaza ceasefire?

25 Feb 2024

How Israeli settlers are exploiting Gaza conflict to seize more Palestinian land in the West Bank

08 Feb 2024

How the Israeli military’s destruction of Gaza’s schools and universities is creating a lost generation

02 Feb 2024

What is the cause of embattled Gaza’s humanitarian aid imbroglio?

27 Jan 2024

What the ICJ’s interim verdict on ‘Gaza genocide’ means for Palestine, Israel and South Africa

23 Jan 2024

How Israel-Hamas war in Gaza is testing the limits of the UN’s effectiveness

21 Jan 2024

How effective are Israeli war inquiries — and who exactly do they serve?

14 Jan 2024

What to make of Israel’s puzzling new Gaza war strategy?

08 Jan 2024

Why Israel seems willing to defy the UN on demands to allow more aid into Gaza

05 Jan 2024

What chances does South Africa’s genocide case against Israel have at the International Court of Justice?

25 Dec 2023

Gaza’s plight: A reminder of the fragile peace this holiday season

23 Dec 2023

What the deaths of Hamas-held Israeli hostages in Gaza say about IDF rules of engagement

19 Dec 2023

Arrival of winter adds to privations of war for displaced Palestinians in Gaza

16 Dec 2023

Why Benjamin Netanyahu’s political fate is tightly entwined with the war in Gaza

11 Dec 2023

Is ‘demilitarization’ of Gaza a euphemism for total destruction?

03 Dec 2023

Can US compel Israel to prioritize civilian protection and aid as Gaza truce gives way to renewed hostilities?

30 Nov 2023

What chances do war-displaced Palestinians in Gaza have of returning to their homes?

26 Nov 2023

As Israel and Hamas pause Gaza fighting, legal scholars grapple with question of genocide

19 Nov 2023

Talk of Israeli reoccupation of Gaza raises questions of legal obligations and responsibilities

11 Nov 2023

Realistic postwar Gaza scenarios prove elusive as Israel-Hamas war intensifies

05 Nov 2023

Will Israel-Hamas conflict trigger new Middle East and global rearmament race?

27 Sep 2023

Morocco calls for resumption of Western Sahara talks

23 Sep 2023

Mideast ‘on cusp of historic peace’: Israeli PM

23 Sep 2023

Mideast faces prospect of ‘environmental catastrophe’: Iraqi PM

21 Sep 2023

Biden ‘putting in a lot of effort’ toward Saudi-Israeli normalization: Official

20 Sep 2023

Resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict ‘key’ to Mideast security: Algerian president

19 Sep 2023

Arab, EU officials reiterate commitment to two-state solution

14 Sep 2023

UN head of mission to Sudan resigns

29 Apr 2023

Sudan’s UK envoy blames Rapid Support Forces for bloodshed


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