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27 Sep 2020

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna movie debuts in Dubai

25 Sep 2020

Godzilla structure on Awaji Island in progress

24 Sep 2020

Japanese sculptor Akihito works on popular movies including Hulk, Deadpool

22 Sep 2020

Ex-Pop group member Yamaguchi arrested for drunken driving

21 Sep 2020

Super Mario Bros. animated movie set to release in 2022

19 Sep 2020

Mika to perform virtual concert “I Love Beirut” in aid of Beirut blast recovery

17 Sep 2020

Japanese TV network ranks the most favored anime songs

16 Sep 2020

‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna’ movie coming to Middle East cinemas this month

15 Sep 2020

Sealed Pokémon 1999 Box Set sells for a World-Record $198,000

14 Sep 2020

Who is Motoko Shikama? Meet the Japanese animator behind popular anime projects

13 Sep 2020

Car-ismatic Saudi artist to display her latest work in Jeddah for National Day

13 Sep 2020

Japanese director wins award at Venice film festival

12 Sep 2020

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild prequel to be released

08 Sep 2020

Critically acclaimed movie ‘Weathering With You’ to release in Middle East cinemas this week

08 Sep 2020

The Sound of Beirut: Global artists unite to perform a virtual fundraising concert

07 Sep 2020

Japanese illustrator sets his mark in the anime production industry

06 Sep 2020

Super Mario Bros. titles to be released on Nintendo Switch

04 Sep 2020

Vogue Japan's Takashi Murakami cover to bring hope to readers

04 Sep 2020

Japanese gamers bid farewell to Akihabara arcade

02 Sep 2020

"AllRightsReserved unveils ‘Doraemon Manga Time’ capsule"

02 Sep 2020

Mike Pollock: The man behind the voice of Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik from Sonic the Hedghog

02 Sep 2020

Can Japan's ancient Noh theatre survive coronavirus?

01 Sep 2020

Director Spike Lee features protests from Osaka in new Michael Jackson music video

01 Sep 2020

Music world to conductor Seiji Ozawa: Happy 85th birthday

31 Aug 2020

Japanese animator hopes to share his animations with the world through social media

28 Aug 2020

Writing only book café opens in Tokyo

28 Aug 2020

LOYAC launches virtual art exhibition “RISE UP BEIRUT” to help rebuild damaged homes  

27 Aug 2020

Shinichiro Obata: A Japanese video game designer who started his own game developing company

25 Aug 2020

Eat, drink, shop: Inside the UAE’s first Japanese lifestyle culture shop FRAME 

24 Aug 2020

American illustrator takes inspiration from Japanese monsters in his work for ‘Godzilla’

22 Aug 2020

Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara to make a comeback next year

21 Aug 2020

UAE-based Alserkal Avenue hosts ‘A Day for Beirut’ to raise funds for Lebanon  

20 Aug 2020

Manholes get glowing anime makeover in Japan's Tokorozawa

19 Aug 2020

Kenny James: The man behind the voice of 'Bowser' from Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise

18 Aug 2020

Arab streamers on the price of being a professional

17 Aug 2020

Italian illustrator takes inspiration from popular Japanese anime & manga

16 Aug 2020

Mami Umami: Izakaya-style dining with a Latin American twist

16 Aug 2020

Graphic novel about Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to be released

14 Aug 2020

59 feet tall Gundam complete at Gundam Factory Yokohama

13 Aug 2020

Japanese award-winning movie Promare showing in Middle East cinemas

12 Aug 2020

Nintendo fans can now enjoy Animal Crossing themed wireless controllers

11 Aug 2020

Saudi gamers fuming over local PlayStation Store’s performance

10 Aug 2020

Akiba Cafe: Your manga escape in Saudi Arabia

09 Aug 2020

Ken Arto: The French/Japanese artist working on major anime projects

08 Aug 2020

NBA player's Air Jordan design salutes Japanese-African roots

07 Aug 2020

UNIQLO promotes t-shirt collaboration with J-pop singer, Kenshi Yonezu

06 Aug 2020

Exhibition on atomic bombings starts in Bangkok

05 Aug 2020

Atomic bomb survivor to keep writing kids' books on horrors of war

04 Aug 2020

Japanese Illustrator Shohei Otomo showcases the Seven Legendary Swords in latest print edition

04 Aug 2020

Screaming mask sticker new ticket into Japan amusement parks


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