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Ali Younes


29 Sep 2023

Palestinians condemn US congressional hearing as unfair and misleading

22 Sep 2023

Sudan leader urges UN to designate RSF a ‘terrorist’ group

14 Sep 2023

Arab Gulf and Central Asian states continue to pursue economic integration, experts say

13 Sep 2023

US urges warring Sudan parties to start peace talks

30 Aug 2023

Climate change, water scarcity threaten Mideast: Experts

18 Jul 2023

Despite limited public support, Israel and Arab states are working together on climate issues

22 Jun 2023

Increased US air force presence in MidEast is show of force and deterrence, says commander

17 Jun 2023

Border tension between Iran, Afghanistan exposes risk of widening conflict

15 Jun 2023

‘World must act against rising Israeli-settler violence on Palestinians’

25 May 2023

America will no longer wage wars to enforce regime change in Middle East: US official

19 May 2023

UN officials urge Iraq to push on with reforms and preserve women’s rights

18 May 2023

UN Security Council hears calls for intensified Yemen peace process

16 May 2023

UN for first time marks anniversary of Palestinian Nakba

13 May 2023

Sudan envoy to UN: ‘Humanitarian situation is very bad’ as quest for truce remains elusive

10 May 2023

UN officials warn security council of major regional risks of Sudan conflict

09 May 2023

Syria still not complying with chemical weapons watchdogs, UN Security Council hears

04 May 2023

UN states urged to support call for International Court of Justice opinion on Israeli occupation

04 May 2023

‘Fighting in Sudan must stop now,’ says UN secretary-general

02 May 2023

Sudan conflict descending into ‘full blown catastrophe,’ UN officials warn

29 Apr 2023

Arab states could resolve Syria crisis, says UN special envoy

28 Apr 2023

Humanitarian crisis in Sudan increasingly dire as fighting rages on, says UN official

26 Apr 2023

UN Security Council calls for end to Israeli occupation and settlements in Palestine

19 Apr 2023

Warring Libyan groups inching toward reconciliation, elections: UN envoy

15 Apr 2023

Arab nations hit by financial crises must listen to experts not politicians, analysts say

06 Apr 2023

US imposes sanctions on wealthy Lebanese brothers over tainted fuel scandal

31 Mar 2023

Economic, political reforms and preventing violence high on US envoy’s agenda in Mideast trip

10 Mar 2023

Majority in US House of Representatives backs resolution calling for regime change in Iran

09 Mar 2023

Experts highlight MENA ‘injustices’ of climate change

03 Mar 2023

Experts share views on new UN proposal for election process in Libya

24 Feb 2023

Regional integration is key to food and energy security, says US envoy

23 Feb 2023

Lebanese economy should benefit from maritime border deal with Israel: US envoy


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