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07 Dec 2023

UN chief Guterres calls on Security Council to declare ceasefire in Gaza

02 Dec 2023

Security Council votes to shut down UN’s mission in Sudan

30 Nov 2023

UN chief urges world not to look away and ignore ‘epic humanitarian catastrophe’ in Gaza

17 Nov 2023

Israel must stop using water as a ‘weapon of war,’ UN expert warns

16 Nov 2023

UN security council calls for ‘urgent and extended’ humanitarian pauses in Gaza

07 Nov 2023

Gaza ‘graveyard for children’: Number of Palestinian deaths passes 10,000

04 Nov 2023

Be consistent in ceasefire calls, do not ‘customize the narrative,’ Palestine envoy tells UN officials

03 Nov 2023

UN experts warn time is running out to prevent genocide in Gaza

28 Oct 2023

‘Still goodness in this world,’ says Palestine envoy as 121 nations rally to call to end Gaza war

25 Oct 2023

Security Council ‘complacent’ about loss of Palestinian lives, says Saudi foreign minister

23 Oct 2023

No US call for ceasefire in new UNSC draft resolution

19 Oct 2023

Killing Palestinians will ‘never, never’ make Israel more secure, Palestine’s envoy tells Security Council

18 Oct 2023

US vetoes Security Council resolution calling for ‘humanitarian pauses’ in Gaza

17 Oct 2023

Saudi Arabia at UN rejects calls for deportation of Palestinians from Gaza

14 Oct 2023

UN chief calls for rules of war to be respected, stops short of urging Israel to halt Gaza attack

14 Oct 2023

Arab UN envoys call for Gaza ceasefire, warn of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestinians

10 Oct 2023

UN chief calls for end to ‘vicious circle’ of bloodshed and hate as Gaza conflict escalates

09 Oct 2023

UN Security Council meeting over Gaza escalation ends without unified position

30 Sep 2023

UN Security Council condemns Houthi attack on Bahraini troops, demands end to terrorism

24 Sep 2023

‘This is the best opportunity for peace in Yemen since the war broke out,’ US special envoy tells Arab News

18 Sep 2023

The downtrodden of the Arab world ‘will not be ignored,’ UNGA president tells Arab News

01 Sep 2023

UN renews Lebanon peacekeepers’ mandate after ‘difficult’ talks between France, US and UAE

18 Aug 2023

UN experts sound alarm over reports of sexual violence during conflict in Sudan

16 Aug 2023

UN human rights chief warns Sudan chaos ripe for exploitation, calls for end to impunity to violence

12 Aug 2023

Decaying Yemen tanker no longer a ‘ticking time bomb’ after 1m barrels of oil removed

11 Aug 2023

UN official paints bleak picture of trauma among Palestinians after clashes at camp in Lebanon

10 Aug 2023

UN Security Council hears of ‘unimaginable suffering’ in Sudan

25 Jul 2023

UN calls for urgent action to revive Syrian peace process

14 Jul 2023

Syria allows UN to resume aid deliveries via Turkiye after Security Council fails to reauthorize operations

11 Jul 2023

‘Yemen poised for change’ but serious breakthrough is needed for war to end, UN says

07 Jul 2023

UN chief condemns Israel’s excessive use of force during Jenin assault

06 Jul 2023

Israel’s deadly attacks on Jenin might be a war crime, UN experts say

30 Jun 2023

In milestone decision, UN creates institution for Syria’s missing and disappeared

22 Jun 2023

Conflict and mass displacement in Sudan add to South Sudan’s woes

17 Jun 2023

‘Living nightmare’: Ethnic killing in Darfur should spur the world into action, says UN humanitarian chief

15 Jun 2023

Saudi Arabia at UN calls for a holistic approach to energy transformation

09 Jun 2023

‘UN Security Council must prioritize Arab and global crises, not only Ukraine’ says league secretary general

04 Jun 2023

FSO Safer saga enters endgame with launch of UN-coordinated oil-removal operation

03 Jun 2023

UNSC condemns Sudan violence, calls on parties to honor ceasefire agreements

03 Jun 2023

UNRWA chief warns agency will run out of funds within months unless donors step up

01 Jun 2023

UN chief rejects Sudan’s call to axe his envoy but ‘Security Council has final say over UNITAMS mission’

31 May 2023

UN says new dynamic on Syria could create ‘much-needed momentum’ for progress

05 Apr 2023

UN experts urge Iraq to investigate enforced disappearances, establish laws to prevent more

05 Apr 2023

UN Security Council condemns Houthi escalation in Yemen, calls for peace talks

24 Mar 2023

Saudi Arabia sets out its water strategy during landmark, high-level UN conference

21 Mar 2023

Yemeni government and Houthis agree to release hundreds of detainees

16 Mar 2023

UN calls on Yemen to take advantage of Saudi-Iranian deal and choose peace

10 Mar 2023

Ending Islamophobia a prerequisite for world peace, Saudi envoy tells UN

10 Mar 2023

‘Major breakthrough’ in UN effort to salvage oil tanker in Yemen and prevent environmental disaster

24 Feb 2023

Europe will support Ukraine as long as Russian threats persist, says EU official


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