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07 Jul 2023

Millions lost as Palestinians count cost of damage in Jenin

06 Jul 2023

Palestinians mourn dead, vow to rebuild Jenin camp as IDF withdraws troops

26 Jun 2023

Netanyahu’s call to block creation of Palestinian state sparks fury, condemnation

23 Jun 2023

Protest strike after Israel uses drone to kill Palestinian fighters

22 Jun 2023

Settler gangs, backed by Israeli army, rampage through Palestinian town

22 Jun 2023

Dozens hurt in protests against wind turbine project in Golan Heights

21 Jun 2023

Four killed in Palestinian attack after deadly Israeli gunship raid

19 Jun 2023

Palestinian anger as Israeli minister gets a free hand over West Bank settlement policy

18 Jun 2023

Israeli land grab alarms Palestinians in occupied West Bank

16 Jun 2023

Unemployed Palestinian youths fall prey to people smugglers and lose lives on ‘death boats’

16 Jun 2023

Israeli army kills 20-year-old Palestinian man in Nablus

15 Jun 2023

Palestinian township reaches compromise over Israeli groups’ demands to demolish mosque dome

13 Jun 2023

Palestinians concerned about Israeli draft bill to divide Al-Aqsa Mosque

05 Jun 2023

Palestinian residents ‘in constant fear’ over eviction threat

02 Jun 2023

Palestinians accuse Israeli authorities of waging war on their education

29 May 2023

Israel launches ‘eye in the sky’ balloon in Galilee

28 May 2023

Miseries pile up for West Bank refugees as UNRWA workers’ strike continues

27 May 2023

Palestinian children continue to bear the brunt of Israeli actions

26 May 2023

Israeli settlers’ aggression fuels tension in occupied territories

25 May 2023

Hamas-backed bloc wins student elections at Bir Zeit University

24 May 2023

Palestinians outraged as Israel holds Cabinet meeting in tunnels dug under Al-Aqsa

22 May 2023

Saudi Arabia, Arab nations condemn Israeli security minister’s Al-Aqsa visit

19 May 2023

Palestinians attacked as Israeli settlers stage ‘flag march’ through East Jerusalem

18 May 2023

Tensions rise in Occupied Territories over far-right Israeli ‘flag march’ provocations

16 May 2023

Israeli forces kill Palestinian man in West Bank raid as people mark 1948 Nakba

13 May 2023

Palestinian reaction in West Bank to Israeli attacks on Gaza ‘below expectations’

10 May 2023

Outrage in West Bank after Gaza massacre

08 May 2023

Israel releases Jordanian MP accused of smuggling weapons

06 May 2023

Outcry over Israeli plans to seize 70 buildings of Palestinian residents in Hebron

06 May 2023

Israel in ‘secret talks’ with Palestinian Authority to extract gas from off Gaza coast

05 May 2023

Killings of 3 Palestinians by Israeli forces termed ‘extrajudicial’

03 May 2023

Violent clashes in West Bank after death in Israeli custody of Palestinian hunger striker

02 May 2023

Palestinian boy, 17, shot by Israeli army buried in Jericho

30 Apr 2023

Israeli checkpoints, settler attacks torment Palestinians

28 Apr 2023

Two Palestinians killed by Israelis amid escalation in settler violence

28 Apr 2023

Palestinian police set up team to combat string of armed robberies

27 Apr 2023

Israeli ‘desecration’ of Al-Aqsa chapel angers Palestinians

26 Apr 2023

Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike ‘could die at any moment’

24 Apr 2023

Israeli soldier makes Palestinian child break toy gun at Hebron checkpoint

23 Apr 2023

Israeli forces raid towns, arresting Palestinians

20 Apr 2023

Israeli raids on Al-Aqsa continue as end of Ramadan nears

16 Apr 2023

Israeli police storm Christians heading to Jerusalem church

15 Apr 2023

250,000 perform final Friday Ramadan prayers at Al-Aqsa

13 Apr 2023

Israeli restrictions on Orthodox church crowds in Jerusalem for Easter spark outrage

12 Apr 2023

Non-Muslims banned from Al-Aqsa for rest of Ramadan

11 Apr 2023

Thousands of Israeli settlers on the march to illegal outpost

11 Apr 2023

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child, 15, in West Bank raid

07 Apr 2023

Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa face second day of harassment by Israeli police

06 Apr 2023

Israeli police crackdown at Al-Aqsa raises tensions

05 Apr 2023

Opposition mounts against formation of Israeli national guard under far-right minister

04 Apr 2023

Two Palestinians killed in Israel army raid in West Bank

03 Apr 2023

Arab towns in Israel hit by general strike over fatal shooting of doctor at Al-Aqsa

30 Mar 2023

Palestinian children bear the scars of Israeli raids

30 Mar 2023

Israel offers hope of airport link to 2m Gaza residents

29 Mar 2023

Israeli forces tighten security measures against Palestinians

29 Mar 2023

Labor chiefs probe exploitation of Palestinian workers in Israel

28 Mar 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes U-turn in judicial power grab

27 Mar 2023

Tense Ramadan ahead for Palestinians as Israeli excesses continue

23 Mar 2023

Israel’s policies ‘threaten ties with Arab countries’

23 Mar 2023

Attack on hospital: Israel’s Ramadan gift to Palestinians

22 Mar 2023

Saudi-Iranian diplomatic deal could boost support for the Palestinian cause

22 Mar 2023

Palestinian anger as Israel allows settlers to return to 4 outposts

19 Mar 2023

250 Palestinian students leave their universities citing Israeli incursions in West Bank

18 Mar 2023

Israel arrests two teenagers for arson attack on mosque

12 Mar 2023

Palestinians highlight rise in attacks, land theft by shepherd settlers

10 Mar 2023

Pentagon chief exhorts Netanyahu to reduce anti-Palestinian violence

06 Mar 2023

Palestinians cautiously watching anti-Netanyahu protests in Israel

06 Mar 2023

Israeli minister's remarks to erase Hawara town ‘inappropriate,’ says Netanyahu

05 Mar 2023

A year after military operation, Israel faces a more dangerous security situation

04 Mar 2023

Palestinians accuse Israeli government of complicity as Hawara arson suspects are freed

03 Mar 2023

Israel does not need a death penalty — they execute us in the streets already, say Palestinians

02 Mar 2023

Israel cracks down on rampaging settlers but Palestinians say it is ‘not enough’

28 Feb 2023

Global outrage over killing of Palestinian civilians by Israel

25 Feb 2023

New settlement powers for Israeli extremist Smotrich cause outrage among Palestinians

24 Feb 2023

Palestine FM dismayed by ‘timid, weak’ global reaction to Nablus deaths

23 Feb 2023

11 Palestinians killed, scores shot in Israel’s West Bank raid


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