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US, UK bomb Houthi-held Saada in Yemen

10 Apr 2024

US sends Houthi-bound Iranian arms to Ukraine

09 Apr 2024

Yemenis bear the brunt of Houthi Red Sea attacks, says Al-Alimi

02 Apr 2024

US military destroys Houthi drones over Red Sea and in Yemen

28 Mar 2024

US, UK bomb Houthi-held Saada in Yemen

27 Mar 2024

Houthis claim 6 attacks on Israel, US and UK ships

22 Mar 2024

US-led Red Sea coalition destroys Houthi drone, boat

20 Mar 2024

Houthis claim firing missile toward Israel and attacking Red Sea ship

15 Mar 2024

Yemen’s Houthis attack ship in Gulf of Aden

14 Mar 2024

US strikes Yemen’s Hodeidah airport after Houthi Red Sea attacks

13 Mar 2024

Houthis warn Red Sea attacks will intensify during Ramadan

10 Mar 2024

US-led marine coalition foils ‘large-scale’ Houthi drone attack in Red Sea

08 Mar 2024

Houthi leader boasts of targeting Red Sea ships with over 400 missiles, drones

07 Mar 2024

Three dead after Houthi attack on bulk carrier off Yemen’s Aden

03 Mar 2024

Houthis vow to sink more UK ships in the Red Sea

26 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthis vow to impede rescue of leaking ship in Red Sea

25 Feb 2024

‘Environmental disaster’: Yemeni govt demands help to secure Houthi-hit ship

19 Feb 2024

Houthis will always threaten Red Sea even if Gaza war ends, says Al-Alimi

14 Feb 2024

US, UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi-controlled Hodeidah province in Yemen

13 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthi missiles hit Iran-bound ship in Red Sea

12 Feb 2024

US foils Houthi Red Sea drone boat, missile strikes

08 Feb 2024

Iran playing ‘very, very negative role’ in region: US Yemen envoy

07 Feb 2024

Houthis launch new wave of missile attacks on ships off Yemeni coast

06 Feb 2024

Yemen’s Houthi militia ‘ready for peace’ with Saudi Arabia

05 Feb 2024

Houthis threaten revenge attacks on US, UK following fresh strikes

02 Feb 2024

Missile reportedly fired from Houthi-controlled Yemen explodes near ship in Red Sea

31 Jan 2024

Yemeni riyal hits fresh low of 1,630 per dollar

28 Jan 2024

Houthis accuse US, UK of targeting Ras Isa oil terminal in Hodeidah

24 Jan 2024

Houthis now seek to de-escalate tension with US over Red Sea attacks

22 Jan 2024

Yemen’s presidential council appeals to world to label Houthis terrorists

21 Jan 2024

Red Sea ships declare lack of ties to Israel online to avert Houthi attacks

19 Jan 2024

Houthi leader rejects US terror designation, vows to continue attacks on ships in Red Sea

16 Jan 2024

Houthi missile hits ship southeast of Yemen’s Aden

15 Jan 2024

Houthi drone kills 2 Yemeni government soldiers in Marib

14 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthis vow ‘strong response’ after new US strike

13 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Houthis vows revenge for US, UK airstrikes

10 Jan 2024

Houthis launch ‘largest’ Red Sea attack against US Navy

08 Jan 2024

Houthis want Red Sea ships to report destinations to avoid attack

05 Jan 2024

Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council asks Houthis not to start a new war

03 Jan 2024

Anger in Yemen as Houthis abduct prominent outspoken judge in Sanaa

02 Jan 2024

Houthis vow revenge for US Navy Red Sea killings

01 Jan 2024

US Navy shoots down missiles, kills Houthi hijackers in Red Sea

28 Dec 2023

Houthis recruit thousands of Yemenis under anti-Israel chants

27 Dec 2023

‘Explosions’ alert after Houthi drones, missiles hit Red Sea ships

22 Dec 2023

Yemen militia scales back Red Sea attacks

20 Dec 2023

Houthis vow to attack US-led Red Sea maritime forces

19 Dec 2023

Houthis attack ships in Red Sea following period of calm

17 Dec 2023

Yemen Houthis launch drone ‘swarm’ against Israel

15 Dec 2023

Houthis under fire over Red Sea ship attacks

08 Dec 2023

Houthis vow to continue blocking Red Sea for Israeli ships

05 Dec 2023

Yemen’s government warns of massive Houthi strikes in Shabwa, Marib

20 Nov 2023

Third Yemeni prisoner dies in Houthi custody in month

12 Nov 2023

Houthis torture prisoner to death in Sanaa

05 Nov 2023

Yemeni riyal hits a new low of 1,500 against dollar

03 Nov 2023

Houthis launch missile attack on Yemen’s Marib city

22 Oct 2023

Schools close, fishermen seek shelter as Yemen braces for cyclone

10 Oct 2023

Government offers to settle Yemenia-Houthi dispute

05 Oct 2023

Yemen to execute 4 for kidnapping aid workers

03 Oct 2023

Houthis stop aircraft from taking off to put pressure on airline over flights

02 Oct 2023

Yemeni soldier killed, others hurt in Houthi drone attack in Saada

01 Oct 2023

Houthis told to release citizens detained for celebrating revolution

07 Sep 2023

UN’s envoy remains confident of peaceful solution to civil war in Yemen

01 Sep 2023

Houthi missiles hit Marib as GCC chief arrives in Aden

30 Aug 2023

UN neutralizes threat from Yemen’s aging oil tanker

28 Aug 2023

23 killed in Houthi attack in southern Yemen

25 Aug 2023

At least 90 Yemenis die in lightning strikes in 2 months

22 Aug 2023

Authorities warn of famine among displaced Yemenis as UN limits supplies

21 Aug 2023

Houthis shell villages in Yemen’s Dhale, Lahj, Marib, Taiz provinces

18 Aug 2023

Yemeni government pledges economic reforms in light of Saudi aid

11 Aug 2023

Yemeni military leader dies in Al-Qaeda roadside blast

10 Aug 2023

Rescue mission for Yemen’s deteriorating SFO Safer tanker nears completion

09 Aug 2023

Houthis confirm death of 2nd military leader in a week

08 Aug 2023

Hundreds of African migrants freed from smugglers in southern Yemen

04 Aug 2023

Houthis fire Sanaa University professor for opposing college gender segregation

03 Aug 2023

Saudi financial aid helps Yemeni riyal rebound

01 Aug 2023

UN: Nearly one third of oil on Red Sea FSO Safer tanker transferred

27 Jul 2023

Houthis impose gender segregation at Sanaa university college

21 Jul 2023

Yemen airport reopens after Saudi-funded renovation

12 Jul 2023

Yemen concerned as Houthis fire missiles at Marib city

10 Jul 2023

2 Yemeni demining workers killed in Saada explosion

09 Jul 2023

Yemen oil tanker rescue operation ‘progresses well,’ UN says

26 Jun 2023

$300m in projects funded by Saudi Arabia launched in Yemen

25 Jun 2023

Medical charity records hundreds of measles cases in Houthi-controlled Hajjah

21 Jun 2023

UN experts condemn Houthis for abducting Baha’is, demand their release

19 Jun 2023

First Yemeni Hajj flight lands in Jeddah from Houthi-controlled Sanaa

18 Jun 2023

Yemen prisoner swap talks begin in Amman

16 Jun 2023

Yemenia restarts direct flights from Sanaa to Kingdom to help pilgrims

15 Jun 2023

Yemeni government calls for international action against Houthi ‘economic war’

12 Jun 2023

Two Yemeni soldiers killed in Al-Qaeda attack in Shabwa

08 Jun 2023

Lawyer and diplomat Abda Sharif named as UK’s new ambassador to Yemen

07 Jun 2023

Yemeni government boycotts talks with Houthis over denial of access to detained politician

02 Jun 2023

Houthis halt Marib gas supply to squeeze Yemen govt funds

31 May 2023

Yemeni govt, Houthis exchange bodies of 52 fighters killed in battle

29 May 2023

Yemeni traders accuse Houthis of harassing them

28 May 2023

Yemeni government resumes airlifts from Sudan

21 May 2023

Yemeni riyal falls to 1,320 to dollar as president calls for financial aid

19 May 2023

Jeddah Arab League summit urged to support peace in Yemen

08 May 2023

450 Yemeni evacuees depart Port Sudan for Jeddah, hundreds remain stranded

30 Apr 2023

Second group of Yemeni evacuees from Sudan arrives in Jeddah

26 Apr 2023

Saudi ship carries first group of Yemenis from Sudan to Jeddah

21 Apr 2023

Yemenis mourn stampede dead as Houthis blamed for fueling poverty


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