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Sony to launch a portable PlayStation this year 

The device will be priced at ¥29,171. (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
The device will be priced at ¥29,171. (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
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25 Aug 2023 03:08:45 GMT9
25 Aug 2023 03:08:45 GMT9

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TOKYO: Sony will be releasing a handheld PlayStation device, titled PlayStation Portal, for ¥29,171 this year.

Previously known as Project Q, the PlayStation Portal will have an 8-inch LCD 1080p screen. A DualSense wireless controller, supporting adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, will be attached to it. 

Unlike other handheld gaming devices, like the Nintendo Switch where you can play games natively, the device will rely on Wi-Fi to play games which are already installed on the user’s PlayStation 5 (PS5). Games downloaded on the PS5 via a PS Plus Premium membership will not be compatible. 

A closer look at the PlayStation Portal. (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Players don’t have to be in the same location as the PS5 to stream games on the remote device. 

The device will not have Bluetooth, so players will only be able to connect to Sony’s upcoming audio devices the Pulse Elite wireless headset, priced at ¥21,878, or the Pulse Elite wireless earbuds, priced at ¥29,171.

Sony’s new audio devices will use the PlayStation Link technology, which offers low-latency lossless audio. While it is built in the PlayStation Portal, players will have to buy a new USB port to connect it to the PS5. 

The PlayStation Portal supports wired headphones as it comes with 3.5MM jack at the bottom.

This will be Sony’s third handheld gaming device, following the 2004 PlayStation Portable and the 2011 PlayStation Vita.

The PlayStation Portal does not have an official release date yet. 

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