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LITUP JAPAN: VR Showroom platform of Japanese arts and traditional crafts

The project focuses on the
The project focuses on the "one-of-a-kind" works of the highly selected artists, as it presents 45 works ranging from traditional crafts that highlight Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary art made by emerging young artists. (Supplied)
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29 Nov 2023 03:11:23 GMT9
29 Nov 2023 03:11:23 GMT9

Amin Abbas

“LITUP JAPAN,” a VR commerce platform established by A’sh Co., Ltd. to demonstrate one-of-a-kind art works and traditional crafts created by Japanese artists.

A’sh Co., Ltd. is a creative agency that provides creative solutions to clients’ problems. With a strong desire to introduce, not only domestically but also globally, the artworks created by Japanese artists who possess sincere and dedicated craftsmanship, they have established “LITUP JAPAN.” Considering the artist as a priority (artist-first), they have implemented a system that minimizes the burden on the artists.

The project focuses on the “one-of-a-kind” works of the highly selected artists, as it presents 45 works ranging from traditional crafts that highlight Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary art made by emerging young artists. By using photogrammetry, artworks are recreated in CG, allowing them to be viewed and purchased from any angle within the VR showroom.

When purchasing an art works physically for artworks purchased physically, an NFT certificate will be associated. Digitalized artworks, such as NFTs, are also available for purchase. As for the atmosphere, the VR showroom is designed based on traditional Japanese measurements in order to emphasize the beauty and depiction of the artworks.

“LITUP JAPAN” conveys its attraction from 360° through VR commerce with the concept of presenting art pieces and traditional crafts made by Japanese artists to the world.

A’sh Co., Ltd. is planning to continue welcoming exclusively selected artists who aspire to expand their presence on the global stage.

Emma Shiono from A’sh Co., Ltd. shared exclusively with Arab News Japan the inspiration behind the project, saying, “Lit is the past participle form of the verb ‘light’ meaning ‘to light a fire’ or ‘to light up’. In other words, ‘lit’ can be taken as an adjective meaning ‘a fire was lit’ or ‘the lights were lit up’, and as a slang, it is connected to meaning ‘incredible’, ‘fun’, or ‘cool’. ‘Lit up’ is also used synonymously with ‘lit,’ but it is also used to mean ‘to brighten’ or ‘to illuminate’. It expresses the concept of shining a light on the incredible and cool artworks in Japan.”

“Recently, the decline of Japan, such as the “weak yen,” “GDP,” “political instability,” and “increasing poverty,” has been pointed out around the world, but there is a lot of wonderful culture and art in Japan. Unfortunately, there are not many places in Japan where they can be nurtured and disseminated to the rest of the world. It’s easy to say, “why not spread the word through SNS?” This may be easy for digital natives, young people, and those who are good at using SNS. However, there are many people who aren’t any of those things.”

“We wish to support these people to disseminate all the wonderful things Japan has to offer and to help monetize them in the process. Our goal is to help create places where these wonderful things can become even more valuable and shine a light on them. ‘LITUP JAPAN’ is a project born from this desire. We will be happy if we can become a small bud that embodies our mission to enliven the future with creativity,” she added. 

Regarding the challenges that Shionon faced while establishing the project, she said there were two things she struggled with the most “There was a lot of skepticism from artists and craftspeople because this was an unprecedented undertaking,” she said. “The second was how to improve the reproducibility of the work. Textures and colors are converted to 3D using a technique called photogrammetry, but even the shots taken and the way the light hits them can be reproduced differently. This was very difficult.”

A’sh Co., Ltd. has participated in World Art Dubai 2023, which happened last May, where they featured some Japanese art pieces and traditional crafts. Shiono said that the visitors at World Art Dubai were very friendly and kind, and most of all, they were very happy to feel the visitors’ respect for Japanese culture.

Regarding A’sh Co., Ltd.’s upcoming projects, Shiono said, “Although we have just started, we would like to participate in art fairs and other events so that more people around the world will become aware of this project. I would also like to research and participate in events in the Middle East.”

About A’sh Co., Ltd. recommendations for those who are looking forward to knowing more about Japanese art craft, “The teachers of traditional crafts are always looking for new ways to transmit information while preserving tradition. So, I guess what I feel is that ‘the source of everything is inside of you.”

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