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TeamLab Borderless museum opens in Jeddah

Universe of Fire Particles – Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness. (Supplied)
Universe of Fire Particles – Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness. (Supplied)
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07 Jun 2024 03:06:14 GMT9
07 Jun 2024 03:06:14 GMT9

Nada Hameed

JEDDAH: The teamLab Borderless museum in Jeddah Historic District, Al-Balad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will open on June 10. The museum is a collaborative project between the Saudi Ministry of Culture and teamLab, an international art collective founded in Tokyo in 2001. 

A press statement from the ministry stated: “This creative museum represents part of the efforts of the Ministry of Culture to attract the best exhibitions and art museums from around the world to provide a creative cultural experience within the Kingdom, in addition to enriching historical areas, enhancing the visitor experience, and promoting the Saudi cultural sector.” 

Eight of the works on display have been designed specifically for the Jeddah museum, teamLab’s first in the Middle East.  

Here, we present some of the highlights from the museum. 

‘Universe of Fire Particles: Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness’ 

One of the installations created especially for the Jeddah museum. Massive rectangular megaliths emerge from the floors, extending into the air, where they are, at times, engulfed in flames. 

‘Persistence of Life in the Sandfall’  

Another Jeddah exclusive, in which sand cascades down a grand staircase like a waterfall. Within it, towering flowers emerge, symbolizing resilience and growth.  

‘Dark Waves: Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness’ 

A captivating display in which waves of darkness ebb and flow, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life and existence. 

‘Flowers and People Cannot be Controlled but Live Together’  

This artwork showcases the harmonious coexistence of flowers and people, highlighting the elegance and beauty of uncontrolled nature. 

‘Infinite Crystal World’  

A mesmerizing collection of crystals that reflect and refract light, creating a dazzling and immersive experience for visitors. 

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