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Anime Village opens its doors in Jeddah

The entrance to Anime Village, filled with people. (SPA)
The entrance to Anime Village, filled with people. (SPA)
Inside the games corner of Anime Village. (SPA)
Inside the games corner of Anime Village. (SPA)
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04 May 2023 06:05:12 GMT9
04 May 2023 06:05:12 GMT9

Malak Alzahrani

 Anime Village Jeddah 2023 is a sub-zone of Jeddah’s City Walk where there is a variety of experiences to learn about Japanese culture. It opened its doors on April 24 as part of City Walk’s grand opening.

Last year, famous Japanese bands and artists were in attendance, but this year, Saudi Arabian female singer Haneen, who sang the opening songs for Japanese anime that was dubbed into Arabic and got popular on TV a long time ago- via a channel called Space Toon. She had a huge audience.

Rin Senna, a Japanese female singer who made her debut with her first EP “Dignified” completely produced by Hiroyuki Sawano, will participate in Anime Village Jeddah, and perform under the name of “SennaRin from Sawan Hiroyuki [nZk]”.

“SennaRin from Sawan Hiroyuki [nZk]” appeared on June 18th at the event “Jeddah Season 2022” held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as her first overseas live, so this time it will be the second time for her to be in Saudi.  “SennaRin from Sawan Hiroyuki [nZk]” is famous for being the singer of the ending song of the currently airing TV anime “BLEACH a Thousand Year Blood War”.

The producer of “SennaRin from Sawan Hiroyuki [nZk]” ,Hiroyuki Sawano is widely known for his music for popular anime and TV series such as the anime “Attack on Titan” and the TV series “Team Medical Dragon”.

Last year’s “SennaRin from Sawan Hiroyuki [nZk]” tour in Saudi Arabia, was her first overseas trip, and this was her impression. “I am very happy to receive various reactions that transcend language and national borders.”

Jeddah City Walk is the biggest event in Jeddah. There are 10 zones, with live performances by Japanese singers and bands, as well as restaurants and food stalls. There is also a popular haunted house that resembles the one in Japan’s Universal Studios.

Last year in 2022, the City Walk itself was very popular and there were many visitors. It is also famous with the Water parks are also fun and many people visit them.

Tickets are 100 riyals for general admission on weekdays and 150 riyals on weekends. A VIP ticket will cost 300 riyals. It is expected to open until the 7th of June.

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