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The new NOOSA TRI™ 15 shoe is designed to help you save energy while running

The new colorful ASICS NOOSA TRI™ 15 is designed to save energy while running (Supplied).
The new colorful ASICS NOOSA TRI™ 15 is designed to save energy while running (Supplied).
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11 Jul 2023 05:07:08 GMT9
11 Jul 2023 05:07:08 GMT9

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DUBAI: The Japanese sportswear company ASICS has announced the launch of their new shoe NOOSA TRI™ 15, which is specifically designed for runners to save energy. 

The new colorful shoe offers high-quality cushioning and propulsion to help make long-distance runs and triathlons more energy-efficient.

The shoe is equipped with the ASICS GUIDESOLE™ technology that helps reduce ankle fixation with each step in order to conserve more energy and take steps on longer runs easily. The FLYTEFOAM™ technology is designed to cover the length of its midsole. The shoe will also have other features, such as 1mm higher stack height, and additional foam height to create a smoother run. 

The eye-catching design offers a breathable engineered mesh upper to help the feet keep cool and offer comfort to runners. The shoe also offers lean-back heel construction that makes it easier to put on or take off the shoe. 

Cushion Silo Design at ASICS Yuji Tamakoshi expressed his excitement for the new shoes as he stated “We can’t wait to see triathlon lovers around the world taking on their runs in the new NOOSA TRI™ 15 shoe. We believe that nothing feels better than moving with ASICS, and this shoe’s lightweight comfort is a great example of this”.

The shoe will be available for men and women in online stores and retail stores. It’ll be priced at ¥20,000 in Sun & Sand Sports in the UAE, Intersport and ASICS store in Kuwait, and Doha Festival City store in Qatar.

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