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  • Japan PM says vaccinations will be available for every Japanese citizen early next year

Japan PM says vaccinations will be available for every Japanese citizen early next year

Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga
Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga
Yoshito Hori, G1 president speaks
Yoshito Hori, G1 president speaks
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23 Nov 2020 09:11:39 GMT9
23 Nov 2020 09:11:39 GMT9

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TOKYO: Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Monday explained his policies that will deal with coronavirus infections, digitalization process and reducing carbon emissions.

Speaking at the “G1 Executive Conference,” an event organized by G1 Institute in Tokyo, Suga said Japan’s medical system ensures coronavirus vaccinations for every Japanese citizen by early next year.

Suga also said the GO TO travel campaign promoted by his government to help industries hit hard by COVID-19, will be limited and avoids the heavy infected areas.

The Japanese PM stressed that his government is determined to make sure that by 2050 there will be no emittance of carbon monoxide. He said in his speech, “I have made initial contact with US President-elect Biden, and we discussed issues related to ASEAN and APEC. I have also talked with China and Korea about exports issues,” Suga disclosed.

On local policies, he explained that his administration is going ahead with digitalization of most administrative procedures, including driver’s license and the promotion of “my number cards.”

Further, Suga said “I am talking with Minister Kono and cooperating with him regarding the issue of digitalization.”

Coronavirus infection impact on the economy is given prime attention by the government, Suga said noting that, “it is important to boost the economy again during the COVD-19 times and we are coming up with policies for that goal. I will do everything possible in our capacity for that. Anything that I promised in the beginning when I was elected, it will be dealt with.”

Suga pledged the Japanese economy “will be back again to the growth path, and I will make sure that every citizen will be able to live comfortably.”

The leader touched on the environment protection saying, “I will make sure that we train people who can contribute globally for greener society and employ more experienced people. I have talked with Biden in regards to this for the realization of zero emittance of carbon monoxide by 2050.”

In Singapore, there is a post called “Digital Ambassador,” who helps people with limited digital knowledge. It is important to establish the infrastructure for complete digitization. Japan has technology that we can boast the world to utilize the resources such as hydrogen, and we make sure we will contribute the world for greener industrialization.

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