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Mitsubishi Heavy to deliver Japan’s first automated valet parking

(Courtesy of MHI)
(Courtesy of MHI)
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28 Oct 2021 02:10:26 GMT9
28 Oct 2021 02:10:26 GMT9

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TOKYO: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have teamed up with French company Stanley Robotics to produce Japan’s first business in advanced autonomous handling robots enabling automated valet parking service and automated transportation of finished vehicles.

Stanley Robotics is a startup offering the world’s first automated valet parking systems employing autonomous handling robots, with systems already in operation at airports in France and the UK.

The use of autonomous handling robots offers greater convenience for users of large car parks and relief from manpower shortages in the transportation of finished vehicles at car manufacturing sites.

Automated systems engineered to transport finished vehicles enable 24/7 operation at car factories, port facilities, motor pools, etc., relieving shortages of skilled drivers and providing safe vehicle transport at low cost. The search is under way for a test site in Japan.

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