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Japan’s International Cooperation Center organizes event in Abu Dhabi

The event featured fun activities and remarks of JICE organization in the UAE. (Supplied)
The event featured fun activities and remarks of JICE organization in the UAE. (Supplied)
The event featured fun activities and remarks of JICE organization in the UAE. (Supplied)
The event featured fun activities and remarks of JICE organization in the UAE. (Supplied)
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28 Jul 2023 03:07:53 GMT9
28 Jul 2023 03:07:53 GMT9

Amin Abbas

ABU DHABI: Japan’s International Cooperation Center (JICE) in Abu Dhabi organized a gathering event on July 16 in the UAE’s capital, where it featured activities and remarks of JICE organization.

The event provided a social networking opportunity for those who have participated in the various programs that JICE has coordinated in the past years to deepen the relationships among the members in order to further mutual understanding between the UAE and Japan. One of main highlights of the event was the reveal of “JICE Dodokai” logo, which features a blue Daruma (a Japanese symbol of good luck and future fortune) that reflects the academic and career success that JICE wishes to Dodokai participants. Middle Kanji was created to represent Dodokai, which means reunion /alumni community.

Other activities that were presented at the event were like “Ice Breakers”, where participants interact and brainstorm together and choose a word that connects them with Japan and explaining the reason of choosing the word as well presentations by alumni, pleasantry quiz and evening dinner that featured customized Asian dinner buffet with Japanese relaxing music.

Tokuya Kanamori, new managing director at (JICE) Abu Dhabi shared exclusively to Arab News Japan about the event: “An extraordinary and heartwarming event that brought together a diverse and passionate community of alumni, ex-internship students and language learners who shared a special connection with Japan. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as we celebrated our love for Japan. It was truly a remarkable gathering that not only reignited fond memories but also inspired new dreams and aspirations. We are grateful for the opportunity to strengthen bonds and forge new friendships, fostering a lasting global network of Japan enthusiasts. This event showcased the remarkable impact of international experiences and cultural exchange, leaving everyone with a renewed sense of appreciation for the invaluable connections we made during our time in Japan. Our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated, making this Dodokai event an unforgettable success.”

“JICE plans to host this event annually, fostering strong connections and camaraderie among participants. This initiative highlights JICE’s dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding and international cooperation, impacting the lives of those who love Japan and its rich culture, as we look forward to the future, we are eager to see this event evolve into an even grander celebration of our shared passion for Japan and the enduring friendships it has brought into our lives,” he added.

Fatema AlShowab, ex-internship student in Japan (2016) / JICE Japanese language Class shared exclusively to Arab News Japan about the event: “It’s been almost 7 years since I became a JICE alumni, and it was a great privilege to be back again as part of the first JICE Dosokai event. Not only did it bring back beautiful memories, but it was also an excellent networking opportunity as I got the chance to meet with my former JICE colleagues as well as new JICE alumni. I was especially delighted to be able to finally meet my online Japanese language teacher, Kobayashi – sensei, in person in this event! This demonstrates that this established program is keen on bringing us together even after it is completed, which provides further opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.”

Dhaen Aldaboos, member of Youth Ambassadors Program Japan told Arab News Japan about the event: “The JICE Dodokai was an insightful event, an event that has exposed me to many bright minded people that has love for Japan. It made me proud to be part of the JICE family. As a YAP Japan member, I had the opportunity to share my experiences in Japan and, with the goal of inspiring others, I talked about my upcoming master’s study plans at Kyushu University, scheduled to commence in October.”

Youth Ambassadors Program Japan (YAP) is targeting undergraduate students aiming to go to Japan for studying at master’s degree programs and offer Japanese language study, cultural events, academic counseling as well as Japan visit program.

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