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Saudi Toyota Championship 2023 hill climb highlights Kingdom’s thriving motorsport talent

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13 Aug 2023 04:08:21 GMT9
13 Aug 2023 04:08:21 GMT9

Arab News

AL-BAHA: The much-anticipated second round of the Hill Climb Championship, part of the Saudi Toyota Championship 2023, concluded Saturday amid high spirits at the heights of Prince Mishari bin Saud Park, in Bani Hassan governorate, Al-Baha region.

The championship saw driver Fadi Hammadeh secure first place, followed by runners-up Jean Lahoud and Saeed Zaki Almouri, who finished second and third respectively.

The event was organized and overseen by the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and the Emirate of Al-Baha region.

In the ranking of categories, the G1 category was dominated by Abdulaziz Majed Al-Fudhaili, with Sultan Saeed Abu Nab and Alwaleed Zaki Mahmoud trailing behind him.

The G2 category witnessed Ali Mohammed Alkhudhayr bagging first place ahead of Sultan Jalal Al-Deen Hamdi and Hisham Badiea Al-Badiea.

In contrast, the G3 category saw Mubarak Ali Al-Zbidi taking the top spot, followed by Abdulaziz Abdul Rahman Al-Ramih and Mostafa Ahmed Elberjawi.

The G4 category was won by Rabih Moayad Al-Awar, with Sultan Thamer Kayello and Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Sheryan securing second and third positions. 

Jean Lahoud topped the G5 category in front of Faisal Soufyan Alkabbani and Ahmed Jamal Abdelhady, and Fadi Yousef Hammadeh topped the G6 category, followed by Saeed Zaki Almouri and Zakaria Silwan.

Finally, Reem Thamer Al-Aboud clinched first place in the Women’s Cup, ahead of Jalah Faisal Al-Ghalib and Hadeel Malik Khan.

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