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Iyashi Dome brings authentic Japanese sauna experience to Dubai

Iyashi Dome promotes Japanese wellness and beauty around the world through infratherapy. (Iyashi Dome)
Iyashi Dome promotes Japanese wellness and beauty around the world through infratherapy. (Iyashi Dome)
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14 Dec 2023 09:12:16 GMT9
14 Dec 2023 09:12:16 GMT9

Manar Elbaz

DUBAI: Established in 2004 in Paris, Iyashi Dôme was founded by Japanese-French entrepreneur Shogoro Uemura to promote Japanese wellness and beauty around the world through infratherapy. 

Infratherapy is a noninvasive technique that uses infrared rays to increase body temperature, which results in slimming, anti-aging, and muscle recovery. 

“We want to offer people something natural that cannot be found in regular saunas,” Uemura told Arab News Japan. 

The entrepreneur was inspired by his father, who was dealing with severe health issues that led him to research infratherapy, to start the company. In Japanese, “Iyashi” represents the notion of wellbeing.  

Unlike regular saunas, where body temperatures are raised by heating up the room, Iyashi Dome focuses on raising body temperatures through infrared lights. This process allows the body to eliminate all of its toxins. 

“The technology comes from Japan because my father works with a lot of scientists there. We were able to prove the real detox of heavy metals, and we had medical publications on it, so it all comes from Japan,” he said. 

The session, which costs approximately ¥25,229, lasts for around 30 minutes and consists of two phases, each lasting 15 minutes. 

“We recommend two sessions per week, usually a 10-session treatment. After that, it’s good to continue the sessions regularly,” Uemura shared. “Every day we produce stress, so you need to help your body.”

Iyashi Dome currently only offers one technology for all wellness treatments, such as anti-aging and slimming. “When you do one session, you do all the treatments. Nobody will have the same affect, it depends on what the body needs.”

The technology helps regenerate the cells, which improves blood circulation. Each patient will have dietary requirements depending on the needs of their body; however, it’s important to stay hydrated as each session can induce the elimination of approximately 1,200 millilitres of sweat.

Iyashi Dome is currently being distributed by Smart Age Technology around Dubai and can be accessed at Evolution Clinic.

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