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Sakura Japan Sweets, Boomah cafe collaborate on date-flavored cheesecake

Boomah Café is located in Abu Dhabi's Al Seef Village Mall. (ANJ)
Boomah Café is located in Abu Dhabi's Al Seef Village Mall. (ANJ)
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02 Jan 2024 09:01:59 GMT9
02 Jan 2024 09:01:59 GMT9

Amin Abbas

ABU DHABI: Boomah Café and Sakura Japan Sweets have announced a major collaboration in the form of featuring amazing and tasty cheesecake cakes to customers under the name of “The Sakura Iced Cheesecake Collection.”

Sakura Japan Sweets proudly presents the Sakura Iced Cheesecake Collection with four flavors, such as Sakura Original, Matcha, Yuzu, and lastly, the newly launched Dates Iced Cheesecake.

“Our goal is to be a Japanese-friendly café with locals. In line with this, our main ingredients for our cheesecake are locally produced in Ras Al Khaimah and blended with other ingredients from Japan, like matcha (green tea powder) and yuzu (Japanese citrus). Recently, we started a collaboration with Boomah Cafe. We captured his heart with our iced date cheesecake, and we are grateful for it, aside from being environmentalists who care about the environment and so forth,” Michyo Chiba, founder and owner of Ocha Cafe Sakura, told Arab News Japan about the collaboration. 

“Our Iced Dates cheesecake is creamy and perfectly complemented by the sweet and caramel-like flavor of date molasses. We are looking forward to growing together and wishing each other success. From the start, when I operated a business, these things were really what I loved to do most, and as the years passed, it was happening step by step, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped me and make this come true. In the near future, we would like to add more menus that represent Ras Al Khaimah,” she added.

Mohammed Al Shehhi, owner of Boomah Café, said about the collaboration, “I think that this is just the beginning of our partnership and teamwork for a long time to come. The quality provided by Ocha Sakura Cafe products, especially the matcha and locally sourced desserts, complemented with the Owls Tour Experience provided at Boomah Cafe, would most certainly provide our visitors with the ideal ‘Sweet’ and ‘Owlsome’ family experience.

Boomah Café is located in Abu Dhabi’s Al Seef Village Mall.

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