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Japanese martial arts seminar held in Ajman

The sessions were held on April 20 and 21. (ANJ)
The sessions were held on April 20 and 21. (ANJ)
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Amin Abbas

AJMAN: The fifth Tenshin Ryu Hyoho seminar was held at Daitokan Dojo, a licensed Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu branch in Ajman, to host a Japanese martial arts session from April 20 to 21.

Presented by RYUSETSU Ide, the 11th grandmaster of Tenshin Ryu Hyoho showcased his skills for the participants of the seminar.

Tenshin Ryu Hyoho is one of Japan’s most traditional schools of martial arts, which includes diverse forms of martial arts founded around the Eiroku era.

Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu is a form of jujutsu, a system of unarmed fighting and minor weapon techniques to defeat both armed and unarmed opponents. 

“The two-day seminar featured a few sessions for The Art of Drawing the Sword (iaijutsu) and applying certain strikes or techniques; the other session was (kenjutsu) by using wooden swords (bokken) and doing sword crossing and training to apply techniques with a partner,” Majed Salem Al Hammadi, founder of Daitokan Dojo Ajman, told Arab News Japan.

“This seminar had a cutting mat (tameshigiri) session, where master Ide and the participants participated in cutting mats using the (shinken) sword. The seminar also had a demonstration for Tenshinryu Hyoho, where master Ide demonstrated Japanese traditional musical instruments (shimasen) to represent Japanese folklore and samurai art techniques in front of the audience,” he added. 

Participants received certificates signed and stamped by the headquarters of Tenshin Ryu Hyoho.

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