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JUYI brings new Japanese dining and entertainment concept to Dubai

"We’re set to redefine culinary indulgence in Dubai," said Yali Sun, founder of the new establishment.
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11 Jun 2024 10:06:33 GMT9
11 Jun 2024 10:06:33 GMT9

Clareto Monsorate

Japanese restaurants have been sprouting in UAE by a dime a dozen.

This time, a vibrant new venue has arrived in Dubai, blending Japanese fine dining with pulsating nightlife entertainment.

JUYI Restaurant & Lounge opened its doors recently, at the Paramount Hotel in Business Bay.

“We’re set to redefine culinary indulgence in Dubai,” said Yali Sun, founder of the new establishment. “We’re merging the thrill of a nightclub atmosphere with live shows and the allure of exquisite Japanese cuisine.”

The name JUYI means “drink and chill” in Japanese, capturing the youthful, spirited vibe the restaurant aims to create. From dinner service to late night, guests can immerse themselves in an environment where gastronomy meets non-stop entertainment.

“We’re set to redefine culinary indulgence in Dubai,” said Yali Sun, founder of the new establishment.

“At Paramount, entertainment is not just an offering, it’s an art we are passionately curating,” Sun stated. “JUYI is the epitome of this philosophy. We’re ready to take Dubai by storm.”

The menu features modern interpretations of Japanese flavors with dishes meant to delight discerning palates.

Diners can begin with the Wagyu Tartare topped with soy-marinated egg yolk or Wagyu Nigiri. Signature mains include the Supreme Wag-Yukke spicy wagyu tartare and the lavish Akabeko Donburi rice bowl.

But JUYI aims to be more than just a restaurant. The venue’s design pays homage to Japanese art while incorporating contemporary aesthetics and a nightclub vibe. From afternoon tea to late night, the ambiance shifts seamlessly to match the experience, whether it be a relaxed lounging or an energetic dance party.

“JUYI marks a new era where dining transcends the plate through a harmonious blend of flavors, sights and sounds,” Sun explains. “We’re bringing Dubai’s culinary scene the ultimate dinner and nightlife adventure under one roof.”

The restaurant is now open daily. Reservations can be made by calling 042677888 or visiting their website

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