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  • Towels and tumblers are two of the many products available at the B8ta store

Towels and tumblers are two of the many products available at the B8ta store

Traveling tumblers by Kouraku Klin. (ANJP)
Traveling tumblers by Kouraku Klin. (ANJP)
Ikeuchi organic towel. (ANJP)
Ikeuchi organic towel. (ANJP)
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21 Feb 2022 04:02:17 GMT9
21 Feb 2022 04:02:17 GMT9

Shams El-Mutwalli

DUBAI: As part of the collaboration between the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Dubai-based concept store b8ta, customers can purchase unique products from Japan at the store including an organic towel and a range of porcelain tumblers.

The towel comes in two sizes—a face towel and a bath towel—made from 100% organic cotton which makes these products long lasting, while also enhancing absorbency.

This product is suitable for sensitive skin and offers protection for customers who struggle with their skin, according to a sales representative.

The porcelain tumblers come in five different designs all of which showcase the beauty of Arita porcelain and the history of Hizen province in Japan.

Designed by Canadian ceramist, Jérémie Paré-Julien in collaboration with Kouraku Kiln—an Arita based company that specializes in tableware.

Each design represents her interpretation of historical Japanese Hizen patterns with information about each one printed on the tumblers.

The Arita tumbler features an illustration of blooming red flowers on a branch placed at the front, and the back illustrates how in the year 1616 Japan’s production of porcelain began and eventually resulted in the country becoming the number one exporter.

“Originally shipped out of the port of Imari city, Arita porcelain became known as Imari ware” and is designed using a famous painting technique which balances white space with nature inspired patterns, it says.

The next piece in the collection, Hasami, uses a white and blue design made up of geometric lines and circles. Amidst these decorative elements, customers can learn about the history of the ware which began 400 years ago and is described as both sturdy and durable.

The Mikawachi tumber, is made using similar colours and has a Karako Chan figure printed on the front of the base.

The Imari tumbler is decorated with white, blue, and gold elements with interconnected text bubbles on the back.

The Karatsu piece differs from the other tumblers available as it is minimalistic, utilizing a neutral colour palette and a floral or tree-like design painted on the front with factual text beside it outlining how this category of tableware is the oldest.

Each of the tumblers at the store can be purchased for 92 AED (2,879.24 yen)

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