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Nintendo Switch helps locate abducted girl, 2000 miles away from home

Nintendo switch console helps save an abducted girl. (AFP)
Nintendo switch console helps save an abducted girl. (AFP)
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19 Jul 2023 03:07:37 GMT9
19 Jul 2023 03:07:37 GMT9

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DUBAI: FBI uses a Nintendo switch console to track, locate, and save an abducted teenaged girl after she had been missing for 11 days.

The teenaged girl was tracked down by her abductor, who lived 2,000 miles away, through an online chatting platform.

After conversing for a few days, the abductor flew across country to meet the teenager and their encounter culminated with him kidnapping her and bringing her back to his home state.

The girl was reported missing and fliers were put up in her home town to help locate her.

There was no success in finding the girl until one of her friends tipped the FBI with a crucial piece of information.

The missing girl booted up her Nintendo switch to watch YouTube videos and download a game, leaving a digital breadcrumb; a friend saw that she was online and immediately reported to the authorities.

With Nintendo’s cooperation, the FBI culled the Nintendo’s IP address, unveiled her location, and went to arrest the abductor and save the girl.

The abductor was indicted on four counts including, online enticement of a minor, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

The girl was returned safely to her family while the abductor gets a 30-year federal prison sentence.

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