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Japan FM says recognizing Palestine as a state ‘not simple’

File photo of Japanese demonstrators in Tokyo holding Palestinian flags. (ANJ)
File photo of Japanese demonstrators in Tokyo holding Palestinian flags. (ANJ)
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17 Apr 2024 01:04:49 GMT9
17 Apr 2024 01:04:49 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: Japanese Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko has reiterated Japan’s position on recognizing Palestine as a state, effectively rejecting the possibility.

Following Algeria’s move this week on behalf of the Arab Group and the Organization of the Islamic Conference nations in the United Nations to submit a proposal to recognize Palestine as a full member of the United Nations, Kamikawa was asked at a press conference if Japan would agree to such a measure, noting that Japan has recognized other countries, such as Kosovo.

“The question of Japan recognizing Palestine as a state is not a simple one. It requires a comprehensive evaluation, considering its potential impact on the peace process and the region,” Kamikawa explained.

It was suggested to Kamikawa that if Japan didn’t recognize Palestine as a state, it would amount to de facto support for Israel’s rejection of the two-state solution. 

Diplomatic sources in Tokyo told Arab News Japan that a delegation representing the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Tokyo met some Foreign Ministry officials on Tuesday and asked for Japan’s vote to support recognizing a Palestinian State. The sources said that only the USA and Japan remained uncommitted to that request.

Japan has faced allegations of aligning its stance with that of the United States, to which Kamikawa responded: “Regarding the US position on the recognition of Palestine as a State, Japan prefers to abstain from making any comments.”

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