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Japan confirms 7,800 new COVID-19 cases

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21 Jun 2022 01:06:29 GMT9
21 Jun 2022 01:06:29 GMT9

TOKYO: A total of 7,800 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Japan on Monday, down by 156 from a week earlier.

New fatalities among COVID-19 patients came to 13 on the day, while the number of severely ill patients stood at 41, unchanged from the previous day.

In Tokyo alone, the metropolitan government confirmed 1,076 new cases, up by 116 from a week before, while reporting no new death linked to the coronavirus disease.

The seven-day average of new infection cases in the Japanese capital edged up 0.8 pct from a week before to 1,619.6.

The number of patients with severe symptoms under the metropolitan government’s criteria remained at zero.

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