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Supporting Palestinian UN membership and recognizing it as state ‘different,’ Japan FM says

Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko. (ANJ)
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23 Apr 2024 06:04:59 GMT9
23 Apr 2024 06:04:59 GMT9

Arab News Japan

TOKYO: Following Japan’s decision in a UN Security Council meeting to vote in favor of Palestine receiving full UN membership and statements from government officials advocating for the establishment of a Palestinian state, Israel said it summoned the Japanese ambassador and other ambassadors to protest.

When asked by Arab News Japan about her position on the matter, Japanese Foreign Minister KAMIKAWA Yoko replied: “Japan’s recent approval of the Security Council resolution on Palestinian membership of the United Nations and its recognition of Palestine as a state are separate issues.”

“Japan made a comprehensive decision and agreed to the resolution to achieve peace in the Middle East, including the process of promoting the establishment of a nation through negotiations.”

Kamikawa said Israel’s Foreign Ministry asked diplomatic officials from several countries, including Japan, for a meeting with officials from the government of Israel.

At this meeting, officials from the Israeli government explained Israel’s position on the resolution and Japan explained its position.

“Japan continues to support the two-state solution through negotiations between the parties and intends to contribute to the progress of the process by effectively utilizing Japan’s unique position in the Middle East region,” Kamikawa stated.

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