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Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab

Daoud Kuttab is a former professor at Princeton University and the founder and former director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al-Quds University in Ramallah. Twitter: @daoudkuttab

05 Jun 2024

How Biden can overcome his Middle East credibility problem

09 May 2024

Time for Israel to be held accountable for its lies and trickery

07 Mar 2024

Five months of pain will not stop Palestinians demanding their rights

02 Mar 2024

Starvation: Israel’s criminal weapon of war

24 Feb 2024

If the US wants peace it must back up its words with teeth

31 Jan 2024

West should not have bought Israel’s claims against UNRWA

26 Jan 2024

Israel has two choices: Share the land or share the power

15 Jan 2024

Israel’s genocidal intent was clearly shown at ICJ hearing

21 Dec 2023

Will anyone have the courage to sanction Israel?

01 Dec 2023

Why is Israel at war with journalists?

18 Oct 2023

How can Palestinians get on the road to freedom?

06 Jul 2023

Exposure of Israeli lies will not revive the two-state solution

15 May 2023

Will Israel ever take responsibility for causing the Nakba?

01 Apr 2023

Time for Palestine to be recognized as a full UN member

10 Feb 2023

Turkiye, Syria earthquakes: Helping the Syrian people more important than politics

16 Dec 2022

A winning World Cup strategy for the Arab world

03 Dec 2022

Helping the young Druze who refuse to serve in Israeli army

20 Nov 2022

Fake graves cannot bury the truth and bolster false Israeli claims in Jerusalem

17 Sep 2022

Abbas poised for final effort to save the two-state solution

20 Aug 2022

How Israel’s ‘terror’ lies backfired

30 Jul 2022

Jerusalem’s Palestinians speak out

24 Jul 2022

The right of Palestinians to travel freely is a simple matter of dignity

10 Jul 2022

Disinformation allows Israelis to get away with murder

28 May 2022

A new plan for Palestine that may just work

12 May 2022

The soft-spoken voice of Shireen Abu Akleh has been silenced

05 May 2022

Israel must prove its commitment to status quo agreement

26 Apr 2022

Israel’s heavy-handedness at Al-Aqsa Mosque reflects its political bankruptcy

25 Feb 2022

Jerusalem should be a beacon of peace, not the heart of conflict

17 Sep 2021

The pros and cons of the UN when it comes to Palestine

13 May 2021

Jerusalem the cornerstone of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

02 Nov 2020

The implications of US policy shift on Jerusalem

12 Oct 2020

Abandoned strip of land a reminder of the effects of occupation

31 Jul 2020

Israeli-Palestine conflict: It’s the occupation, stupid

04 Jul 2020

Annexation push and the competing narratives

21 May 2020

Israel unlikely to go ahead with annexation plan

01 Feb 2020

What the Arab League should tell the US

16 Nov 2019

Russia embracing former US allies throughout Middle East


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