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Faisal Faeq

Faisal Faeq

Faisal Faeq is an energy and oil marketing adviser. He was formerly with OPEC and Saudi Aramco. Twitter:@faisalfaeq

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16 Jan 2022

No supply competition in OPEC+ alliance after Aramco’s refinery return to Europe

06 Aug 2021

Saudi Arabia will bring new perspective to COP26

12 May 2021

Saudi Aramco still most profitable oil firm, despite lower production

21 Apr 2021

How Saudi Arabia’s solar energy brightens the world

09 Dec 2020

OPEC rises above global oil media speculation

17 Nov 2020

Saudi leadership generating dynamic future for Kingdom’s electricity sector

14 Oct 2020

Is the market convinced by OPEC’s outlook?

07 Sep 2020

Saudi energy minister meets historic challenges

13 Aug 2020

Aramco emerges from pandemic in better shape than peers

15 Jul 2020

Don’t be spooked by scary oil stories

09 Jul 2020

Oil price war headlines deflect from new peace

18 Jun 2020

Job insecurity is the new normal for oil and gas

08 Jun 2020

Oil prices recover in a bullish market

03 Jun 2020

OPEC+ to consider market fundamentals, not prices

20 May 2020

Aramco investors in safe hands during a crisis

13 May 2020

Saudi Arabia leads by example in making voluntary output cuts

08 May 2020

The dollar and oil dominate turbulent markets

29 Apr 2020

Future on tap: Is it time for an OPEC of the gas market?

01 Apr 2020

Who is the free rider on the OPEC+ journey?

27 Jan 2020

Saudi oil helps to lubricate the G20 global growth engine

18 Dec 2019

How Aramco and millions of Saudis proved IPO skeptics wrong

11 Dec 2019

Saudi budget 2020: Lower oil prices but larger income

04 Dec 2019

OPEC+ likely to continue regardless of Russian oil executives’ statements

27 Nov 2019

Is shale still challenging OPEC’s output strategy?

07 Nov 2019

Saudi Aramco IPO secures its future and enhances its sustainability


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