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Faisal J. Abbas

Faisal J. Abbas

Faisal J. Abbas is the editor in chief of Arab News

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Gaza: Are there any winners?

05 Dec 2023

‘Do you condemn Hamas?’

08 Nov 2023

Gaza: Are there any winners?

23 Oct 2023

The Bassem Youssef moment

08 Oct 2023

Hamas has crossed the Rubicon. What now?

01 Oct 2023

‘But what about the Palestinian cause?’

23 Sep 2023

Why Riyadh? Just ask Fox News

12 Sep 2023

A tale of two G20s

07 Aug 2023

In Jeddah, Saudis’ pragmatism proves vital for Ukraine

30 Jul 2023

Is Saudi normalization with Israel possible?

23 Jun 2023

Saudi-French relations: the sky is the limit

31 May 2023

Mission accomplished: What Saudi astronauts have achieved for the Kingdom

15 May 2023

The People Have Spoken: What Palestinians Think

09 May 2023

The green giant goes digital

06 May 2023

How Charles III can Make Britain Great Again!

23 Apr 2023

Queen Cleopatra is not the Little Mermaid

09 Apr 2023

This Easter, the resurrection of a new Middle East might be upon us

07 Apr 2023

The three possible outcomes of the Saudi-Iran deal

21 Mar 2023

This Nowruz may be a ‘new day’ for the whole Middle East

16 Mar 2023

How Israel is affected by Saudi-Iranian rapprochement

13 Mar 2023

How optimistic should we be about the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement?

11 Mar 2023

Is this the end of Saudi-Iranian tensions?

05 Mar 2023

The US-Saudi relationship: What’s love got to do with it?

04 Mar 2023

As it turns 20, we owe Al Arabiya our thanks … and an apology

21 Feb 2023

Cube-shaped conspiracies won’t stop Saudi reforms

20 Jan 2023

It’s time to host WEF in Saudi Arabia

25 Dec 2022

Merry Christmas from Arab News

20 Dec 2022

How the World Cup cynics took their eye off the ball

14 Oct 2022

US Democrats are spinning out of control

09 Oct 2022

Kingdom’s US critics must have missed Zelensky’s thanks to Riyadh

05 Oct 2022

Why blocking King Charles from COP27 in Egypt is a mistake

17 Jul 2022

Forget the trivia, here’s what really mattered in Jeddah

13 Jul 2022

Biden’s Saudi visit is a return to the norm, not a ‘reorientation’

17 Jun 2022

What do Saudis want from Biden’s visit?

31 May 2022

Our YouGov Ukraine poll exposes deep Arab mistrust of the West

27 Mar 2022

The true price of attacking Saudi oil facilities

22 Mar 2022

Biden is becoming a master at losing friends and alienating allies

27 Feb 2022

Ukraine — a stark reminder of Western unreliability

21 Jan 2022

It’s not that complicated, Mr. Biden!

08 Nov 2021

Kadhimi must not become another Rafik Hariri

01 Nov 2021

Lebanon’s government is playing the wrong game show

06 Oct 2021

Facebook needs fixing, now!

16 Sep 2021

In loving memory of Youssef Khazem: Colleague, mentor and friend

15 Sep 2021

America is sending the wrong signals to Iran

02 Aug 2021

Lesson from Tunisia: Political Islam is not the solution

07 Jun 2021

5-year-old Lian was burnt to death by the Houthis, will the world care?

05 Jun 2021

Lessons from Gaza

18 Apr 2021

Jordan’s stability is vital, and King Abdullah is its biggest guarantor

11 Apr 2021

Erdogan insulted the EU long before “SofaGate”

11 Feb 2021

Only terrorists target a civilian airport

29 Jan 2021

‘Strategy’ won’t beat the virus — logistics will

21 Jan 2021

Team Biden is off on the right foot

13 Jan 2021

Finally, Americans hear the truth on Iran

07 Jan 2021

2021: Things can only get better

30 Oct 2020

Nice: Not in Our Name

26 Oct 2020

So, what do Arabs want from the next US president?

23 Sep 2020

A Saudi National Day, and the international impact of the Kingdom’s COVID-19 battle

13 Sep 2020

Enough process, what we need is peace

02 Sep 2020

Macron’s Lebanese ‘faux pas’

07 Aug 2020

Who is to blame for Lebanon’s mess?

19 Apr 2020

Darwin was right: Only the fittest will survive COVID-19

09 Apr 2020

COVID-19: 100 days that changed the world

29 Mar 2020

In praise of our healthcare heroes

24 Mar 2020

In Riyadh, it’s the G20 vs. COVID-19

18 Mar 2020

When this virus crisis ends, what will be the new normal?

06 Mar 2020

No, Qatar is not behind the coronavirus

01 Feb 2020

A turbulent start for the new decade

12 Jan 2020

How Saudis view Japan

04 Jan 2020

Qassem Soleimani: He will kill no more

24 Dec 2019

Justice for Jamal

07 Dec 2019

Don’t overanalyze the Saudi Media Forum

28 Oct 2019

The world is better off without him

27 Oct 2019

Research shows Arabs have a huge appetite for ‘Brand Japan’

21 Oct 2019

The message from Tokyo

30 Sep 2019

Reconnecting with the past, reimagining the future

15 Sep 2019

From Tokyo to Toronto: Why attacking Saudi Aramco affects the whole world

12 Sep 2019

Netanyahu’s threat a reminder of why Palestinians need a deal

26 Aug 2019

Saudi Arabia is not just a US partner, but a strategic ally

20 Jul 2019

Boots on the ground to safeguard ships on the sea

17 Jul 2019

Gulf politics 101: The Qatar boycott for dummies

29 Jun 2019

What would it take to bring the Palestinians to Kushner’s table?

18 May 2019

Pick up the phone, Rouhani!

14 May 2019

A gleam of hope as we recall the Nakba

12 May 2019

The Saudi ‘Green Card’ gets a green light

08 May 2019

Sahwa clerics must fix what they have broken

12 Apr 2019

What next for Sudan?

01 Apr 2019

Al-Qaradawi hate preaching is no April fool

25 Mar 2019

There can be no tolerance for intolerance

15 Mar 2019

Christchurch massacre proves terror has no color, faith or gender

24 Feb 2019

Going East does not mean snubbing the West

19 Feb 2019

Closer Saudi-Indian ties essential for Asia’s rise

17 Feb 2019

The significance of the Saudi crown prince’s Pakistan visit

11 Feb 2019

Lagarde talks sense … but is Hezbollah listening?

21 Jan 2019

Playing political football with Paterno’s Saudi visit

21 Jan 2019

Playing political football with Paterno’s Saudi visit


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