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Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is a Harvard-educated Iranian-American political scientist. He is a leading expert on Iran and US foreign policy, a businessman and president of the International American Council. He serves on the boards of the Harvard International Review, the Harvard International Relations Council and the US-Middle East Chamber for Commerce and Business.

04 Jul 2024

Iran presidential election: Jalili, Pezeshkian go head-to-head amid voter apathy

22 May 2024

What Raisi’s death means for Iran and the region

04 May 2024

How the world can challenge and confront terrorism

21 Apr 2024

Another tit-for-tat strike on the road to catastrophe

12 Feb 2024

How Middle East can turn the tide against chronic diseases

22 Jan 2024

Humanitarian sector must be prepared for cyberattack threat

19 Jan 2024

Dangers of ocean warming should not be underestimated

12 Jan 2024

Middle East can be a beacon of sustainable development

30 Dec 2023

Realistic goals are key to achieving New Year resolutions

25 Dec 2023

It is critical to work toward climate justice

22 Dec 2023

Nuclear disarmament should be a worldwide priority

18 Dec 2023

Silent epidemic that kills 10 million a year can be beaten

15 Dec 2023

Risks involved in AI revolution can be overcome

04 Dec 2023

Gulf nations lead the way on healthcare revolution

10 Nov 2023

Planet Earth also a victim in times of war

15 Sep 2023

How Saudi Arabia has emerged as a green energy leader

08 Aug 2023

How Lebanon, Syria and Jordan can overcome their troubles

04 Aug 2023

Saudi Arabia has all the qualities to be a global peacemaker

29 Jul 2023

World must back Jeddah process to end Sudan conflict

24 Jul 2023

How China became an ideal partner in the Middle East

15 Jul 2023

Gulf nations offer great opportunities for investors

30 Jun 2023

Small actions can make a big difference in plastic pollution fight

09 Jun 2023

The promising new diplomatic trend in the Middle East

11 May 2023

Syria reconstruction would bring huge benefits for the region

08 May 2023

Lessons of the Second World War remain relevant today

10 Apr 2023

Interfaith and intercultural dialogue — the case of Saudi Arabia and the UAE

17 Feb 2023

The growing threat of Iran regime’s drone industry

06 Jan 2023

Action must be taken to halt Iranian regime’s foreign terrorism

30 Dec 2022

Iran’s nuclear prize for supporting Russia’s war

12 Dec 2022

No surprise that Iran regime faces a revolution at home

21 Nov 2022

The Iranian regime’s unsolvable crisis

17 Oct 2022

Now is the time for the West to support the Iranian people

07 Oct 2022

Iranian regime’s main challenge comes from Generation Z

30 Sep 2022

Iranian regime must address the people’s grievances

25 Sep 2022

Time for the international community to hear the cries of the Iranian people

22 Aug 2022

Iranian regime’s oil revenues linked to its military adventurism

08 Aug 2022

Iranian regime cannot be trusted with a new nuclear deal

21 Jul 2022

Iran’s hard-liners increasingly tilting toward Russia

24 Jun 2022

How Iran is creating a sanctions-proof economy

20 Jun 2022

West should expect Iran’s political dam to break at any moment

03 Jun 2022

Congressional approval vital if new Iran deal is to succeed

27 May 2022

Iran’s nuclear defiance may provoke Israel to strike

20 May 2022

Expect another major uprising soon in Iran

13 May 2022

Iran gaining the upper hand in nuclear deal talks

29 Apr 2022

Iran ratchets up tensions with Israel

22 Apr 2022

Iran’s supreme leader in waiting

15 Apr 2022

It is not too late to punish Iran for its crimes against humanity

08 Apr 2022

The negative consequences of normalizing ties with Iran

25 Mar 2022

West must end the Iranian regime’s impunity

21 Mar 2022

The shadow war between the Iranian regime and Israel

18 Mar 2022

How Iran turned Syria into a proxy battleground

14 Mar 2022

How Iran will spend the funds it receives from a nuclear deal

28 Feb 2022

West has to confront the Iranian regime immediately

17 Jan 2022

Iran’s campaign of extortion against the world

06 Dec 2021

Deal or no deal, Iran’s problems are only going to worsen

26 Nov 2021

Time to confront the Iranian regime’s cyber army

27 Sep 2021

How Iran could become a genuinely good neighbor

17 Sep 2021

Iran’s nuclear program was never intended to be for civilian purposes

03 Sep 2021

Time to bring Iranian regime to justice

21 Jun 2021

Raisi’s win means more Iranian aggression, repression and defiance

12 Apr 2021

Why Iran-Israel tensions are on the rise again

05 Feb 2021

Biden should address Iran’s supply of weapons to Houthis

16 Nov 2020

The world has a moral obligation to support the Iranian people

09 Oct 2020

Desire to work with Gulf states a must for US election winner

28 Sep 2020

Iran’s strategy and tactical shift until the US elections

14 Sep 2020

Iran regime fears the power of the resistance

01 Sep 2020

Iran’s growing arsenal of missiles a threat to region

25 Jul 2020

China the biggest winner as Iran’s economy collapses

10 Jul 2020

Iran’s nuclear defiance fueling Israeli fears

26 Jun 2020

International community must act on Iran’s nuclear defiance

19 Jun 2020

Iran and Russia cannot afford to lose Syria’s Bashar Assad as an ally

12 Jun 2020

Extent of Iran’s nuclear progress laid bare

09 Mar 2020

Amid virus crisis, Iran focuses on nuclear program

22 Feb 2020

Iranians’ desire for true democracy should be supported

31 Jan 2020

European powers must realize Iran nuclear deal is dead

24 Jan 2020

Iran exploiting Iraq to achieve its regional goals

03 Jan 2020

Iranian president under fire over economic woes

30 Dec 2019

Why is Iran silent on Israel’s attacks?

16 Dec 2019

Will cash-hungry Iran hit the wall next year?

13 Dec 2019

Europe must act on Iran’s nuclear defiance

22 Nov 2019

West must step in to restore Iranians’ internet access

17 Nov 2019

Protests spread to Iranian cities

12 Nov 2019

Evidence contradicts Iran’s ‘peaceful’ nuclear activity claim

09 Nov 2019

Iran’s support for terrorism has surged in 2019

31 Oct 2019

Ordinary citizens have turned against Iranian proxies

27 Oct 2019

No let-up in Iran’s foreign terror operations

29 Sep 2019

The Iranian regime is the problem, not the solution

26 Sep 2019

Five ways to respond to Iran regime’s aggression

22 Sep 2019

China seizes opportunity to invest in Iran

19 Sep 2019

Trump must outline Iranian threat during UN address

15 Sep 2019

Iran’s role in Yemen part of regime’s ideological crusade


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