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Osama Al-Sharif

Osama Al-Sharif

Osama Al-Sharif is a journalist and political commentator based in Amman. Twitter: @plato010

21 May 2024

Gantz’s challenge to Netanyahu and the ICC: What comes next?

15 May 2024

Netanyahu should accept that his Gaza war is over

01 May 2024

Moment of truth approaches for ICC and Israel

26 Mar 2024

Beyond the Gaza war: Israel cannot be the exception anymore

07 Mar 2024

Gazans need international protection, not just a ceasefire

28 Feb 2024

Biden, Trump, and Gaza dynamic

14 Feb 2024

Rafah offensive threatens to break fragile Biden-Netanyahu ties

24 Jan 2024

Netanyahu aiming to destroy all paths to a Palestinian state

10 Jan 2024

ICJ ruling on the Gaza war will be a game changer

20 Dec 2023

The two-state solution is dead — and there is no alternative

13 Dec 2023

Netanyahu must not be allowed a war with Hezbollah

15 Nov 2023

Can the world order survive Israel’s war on Gaza?

25 Oct 2023

Ending Israeli exceptionalism the first step toward a new world order

12 Oct 2023

Netanyahu’s Gaza war threatens to evolve into a regional showdown

04 Oct 2023

Jordan studies its options as Assad fails to stop drug smuggling

16 Aug 2023

Despair among Arab youth poses a major challenge for governments

09 Aug 2023

Time to talk openly about Israeli terrorism

12 Jul 2023

Egypt makes long-awaited attempt to broker peace in Sudan

05 Jul 2023

Israel’s Jenin raid places PA’s uncertain future in the spotlight

14 Jun 2023

Biden’s tough choices on agreeing a new deal with Iran

24 May 2023

Defunding UNRWA rewards Israel, destabilizes the region

10 May 2023

Arab League’s approach to Syria the only one that makes sense

26 Apr 2023

Sudan crisis: Stalemate in Khartoum is bad news for Al-Burhan

20 Apr 2023

Imperative that Sudan army emerges victorious

22 Mar 2023

ICC’s Putin arrest warrant reeks of politicization and prejudice

25 Jan 2023

Netanyahu bows to Jordan’s red lines — for now

04 Jan 2023

New divisions in Israeli society may benefit the Palestinians

02 Dec 2022

Force will not end Iran’s popular uprising

28 Sep 2022

Why the West should not interfere in Iran protests

21 Sep 2022

Why a maritime deal with Israel may be good for Lebanon

07 Sep 2022

Israel’s security officials warn of West Bank eruption, and they are right

31 Aug 2022

Ambitious new vision needed to fix Arab region’s inequalities

29 Jun 2022

Israel’s occupation is its Achilles’ heel

23 Jun 2022

Crown prince’s Jordan visit a milestone in strategic ties

15 Jun 2022

Iraq is quickly becoming the land of no rivers

09 May 2022

The West’s double standard is not an accusation; it is a reality

13 Apr 2022

Israel’s killing spree will not stifle Palestinian resistance

23 Mar 2022

Those on sidelines of Ukraine war can help deliver a solution

09 Mar 2022

Israel’s Russia-Ukraine mediation unlikely to last

26 Jan 2022

Settler terror against Palestinians a ticking bomb

29 Dec 2021

Glimmer of hope as nuclear talks reach 11th hour

27 Oct 2021

Sudan coup conjures ghosts of bloody past

29 Sep 2021

Three UN speeches, three different takes on Palestine

01 Sep 2021

Gantz-Abbas meeting changes nothing for Palestinians

18 Aug 2021

US Afghan debacle sends a troubling message to regional allies

07 Jul 2021

Palestinians need help fighting ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem

19 May 2021

Israel cannot contain the trio of crises it has ignited

12 May 2021

Only US intervention can halt Israel’s Jerusalem onslaught

07 Apr 2021

Jordanians need to unite in this moment of crisis

24 Mar 2021

Uncertainty hangs over long-awaited Palestinian elections

23 Dec 2020

Israeli-Palestinian peace-talk effort continues after Biden victory — but it is too early to succeed

16 Dec 2020

Iran on edge in final weeks of Trump administration

16 Sep 2020

Historic agreements boost Trump’s image as a peacemaker

11 Aug 2020

Hezbollah must finally opt to put Lebanon first

17 Jun 2020

Palestinians’ unbreakable link with Black Lives Matter

11 Jun 2020

Why Netanyahu may be relieved if annexation plan is scaled back

08 Apr 2020

Israel risks major outbreak by ignoring Palestinian pleas

01 Apr 2020

Post-virus world will see new blocs emerge, old ones unravel

25 Mar 2020

World needs a plan to prevent post-virus economic chaos

17 Mar 2020

Coronavirus outbreak testing governments’ reactions

27 Feb 2020

History might not be harsh on Mubarak after all

16 Feb 2020

UN ‘blacklist’ on Israeli settlements boosts boycott movement

04 Dec 2019

Iraq on difficult but not impossible journey to reform


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