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Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania is an award-winning former Chicago City Hall political reporter and columnist. He can be reached on his personal website at

13 Jul 2024

How Israel spins Gaza killings to avoid being held accountable

09 Feb 2024

Anti-Arab, Islamophobic rhetoric center stage in the US

01 Feb 2024

Biden’s double standard on Israeli, Palestinian accusations

11 Jan 2024

Gaza protesters in US need to win hearts and minds

27 Oct 2023

America’s ‘dual’ concerns for Israel-Gaza victims driven by hypocrisy

27 Sep 2023

US presidential election 2024: Ramaswamy might be Arab Americans’ only real option

20 Apr 2023

Should Arab Americans vote for someone just because they are Arab?

30 Mar 2023

Israel at a crossroads as Netanyahu forced to wait

23 Mar 2023

Israel-Palestine conflict: Palestinians could learn from Israelis’ powerful protests

23 Jan 2023

The boycott of the Palestinian flag will backfire

17 Nov 2022

US politics behind FBI probe of Abu Akleh killing

06 Oct 2022

Why West responds so differently to murders in Palestine, Iran

15 Sep 2022

Palestinians right to take fight for statehood back to UN

26 May 2022

New silent intifada threatens Israel’s apartheid

19 May 2022

Israeli apartheid set to become even more extreme

07 Apr 2022

Israel’s failure to pursue peace may provoke more violence

02 Apr 2022

Israel can’t complain about violence when it provokes it

17 Mar 2022

Fueling Israeli-Palestinian division to rally support

10 Mar 2022

Palestinians offered a new opportunity to confront Israel

04 Jan 2022

A candidate who deserves Arab American support

09 Dec 2021

Report shows how Israel killed truth of Gaza protests

11 Nov 2021

Israel fails to suppress human rights defenders

28 Oct 2021

Israeli human rights violations likely to worsen

07 Oct 2021

Two-state solution is the only path to peace

10 Sep 2021

Remembering those killed in the 9/11 backlash

26 Aug 2021

Pandemic is widening an increasingly bitter US political divide

10 May 2021

Palestinian victims of Israeli violence too often ignored

29 Apr 2021

Arab world needs to ensure Israel respects Palestinian rights

25 Mar 2021

Why Palestinians should try to change Israel from the inside

07 Mar 2021

US media too often ignores killings of Palestinian journalists

14 Jan 2021

What Biden’s Arab American ‘partnership’ might look like

07 Jan 2021

Netanyahu should treat Arabs better if he wants their votes

10 Dec 2020

Tragedies bring Palestinians together, politics keeps them apart

26 Oct 2020

Palestinian leaders must listen to their people, who want US help in ending conflict

16 Oct 2020

Palestinian leadership needs to get its act together

21 Sep 2020

Give peace a chance to end the cycle of violence

25 Jun 2020

Palestinians should seek US Christians’ support

14 May 2020

Arab world must make its voice heard on annexation

30 Apr 2020

Palestinians, Israelis should seek peace together

23 Apr 2020

Palestinians shouldn’t lose hope despite Gantz sell-out

12 Mar 2020

Arabs can dream of one day forming Israel’s government

09 Jan 2020

Israel’s long campaign of home demolitions back in the spotlight

02 Jan 2020

ICC poses real threat to Israel’s hypocrisy and lies

26 Dec 2019

Fighting for Palestinians as a core issue of human and civil rights

12 Dec 2019

Palestinians in Congress should support moderate agenda

05 Dec 2019

Targeting Palestinians Netanyahu’s only road to re-election

21 Nov 2019

New US policy on Israel’s settlements changes nothing

15 Nov 2019

Assessing Arafat’s legacy, 15 years after his death

31 Oct 2019

Sanders’ groundbreaking approach to Israel-Palestine conflict


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