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Yossi Mekelberg

Yossi Mekelberg

Yossi Mekelberg is professor of international relations at Regent’s University London, where he is head of the International Relations and Social Sciences Program. He is also an associate fellow of the MENA Program at Chatham House. He is a regular contributor to the international written and electronic media.

14 May 2024

The toxicity of modern politics deters the young

12 May 2024

The right to protest is sacrosanct but not all methods of doing so are legitimate

08 May 2024

Palestine is a state waiting to be recognized

10 Apr 2024

Does Israel’s behavior make an arms ban inevitable?

31 Mar 2024

At last, a UN Security Council Resolution over Gaza, but what’s next?

24 Mar 2024

Netanyahu’s Israel is fast losing its American friends

17 Mar 2024

US floating port in Gaza might serve important purpose

03 Mar 2024

Netanyahu’s day after plan is the same as the day before, but worse

25 Feb 2024

Munich conference confirmed where the world stands and it was not good news

18 Feb 2024

Western governments must not ignore unprecedented warnings from their civil servants

07 Feb 2024

Cutting off UNRWA funding is immoral and damaging

04 Feb 2024

Could the UK lead the way in breaking the peace process impasse?

28 Jan 2024

Netanyahu represents the bottleneck that is choking Israeli politics

21 Jan 2024

Israel facing the ICJ is the country’s lowest point in history

03 Dec 2023

What are the chances of a permanent ceasefire?

23 Oct 2023

Demonizing and dehumanizing in war legitimizes atrocities

06 Sep 2023

The methods of occupation are trickling back into Israel

30 Aug 2023

There is no ‘military coup’ in Israel, just civilians defending their democracy

09 Aug 2023

Are smartphones dumbing down education?

06 Aug 2023

Climate change requires true leadership, not party-political point-scoring

28 Jul 2023

Book burning must be banished from political discourse

29 Jun 2023

Israelis must recognize Palestinian citizens as true equals

31 May 2023

Israel’s war on Gaza: Collateral damage by name, murder by nature

16 Apr 2023

Handing a militia to Ben-Gvir is one step closer to the abyss

12 Apr 2023

President Biden is turning the heat on Netanyahu

05 Apr 2023

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now more dangerous than ever

19 Feb 2023

The tragedy of the earthquake and the power of humanity

19 Jan 2023

Smotrich’s new role brings Israel closer to annexation

16 Jan 2023

New Israeli government wastes no time in provoking Palestinians

20 Dec 2022

How Netanyahu has created a far-right monster

11 Dec 2022

Netanyahu’s far-right government tests US-Israeli relations

16 Oct 2022

A truly historic moment in the topsy-turvy relationship between Israel and Lebanon

04 Sep 2022

Israel faces a major nuclear deal dilemma

17 Aug 2022

Israel’s Palestinian citizens can make a difference by voting

14 Aug 2022

The hostilities in Gaza are over, for now, but...

31 Jul 2022

Far-right religious nationalists are edging closer to power in Israel

20 Jun 2022

US democracy in crucial test

08 Jun 2022

The outlaw settlers of Homesh must face full force of Israeli law

02 Jun 2022

Israel’s governing coalition is in a permanent state of crisis

15 May 2022

Irresponsible Israeli, Palestinian politicians fanning the flames

10 Apr 2022

There is more than one way to reach a two-state solution

20 Mar 2022

Israel and Iran enter a phase of ‘implausible deniability’ in their clandestine war

14 Nov 2021

The clock is ticking on Netanyahu’s political life

12 Sep 2021

The lessons learned from 9/11 … and those that weren’t

18 Apr 2021

Iran and Israel edging closer to the abyss

03 Feb 2021

Vaccinating Palestinians is Israel’s duty and makes political sense

24 Jan 2021

A new glimmer of hope for Middle East peace

29 Nov 2020

The stakes get higher between Israel and Iran

27 Sep 2020

Palestinians must first make peace with themselves

06 Sep 2020

How brutality to protesters shames Israel’s police

26 Aug 2020

Will the Israel-UAE deal be a catalyst for peace?

12 Jul 2020

How the land-grab debacle exposed Netanyahu as incompetent

31 May 2020

Netanyahu’s trial and Israel’s tribulations

24 May 2020

Trump has had enough of Israel’s cozy ties with China

05 Apr 2020

An opportunity for Israel to do the right thing

22 Mar 2020

How Israel can fight both the virus and Netanyahu

15 Mar 2020

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel Netanyahu

01 Mar 2020

Intransigent Netanyahu brings Groundhog Day for Israel

05 Feb 2020

Orwell’s forewarnings becoming frightening reality

19 Jan 2020

Why defeating Netanyahu is not just desirable, but essential

30 Oct 2019

Israel’s dilemma as Gantz bids to form a government


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