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Saudi Arabia among first to start pavilion build for Expo 2025 Osaka

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion design is inspired by the urban formations traditionally found in the country. (Supplied)
Saudi Arabia’s pavilion design is inspired by the urban formations traditionally found in the country. (Supplied)
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01 Feb 2024 12:02:21 GMT9
01 Feb 2024 12:02:21 GMT9
  • Design reflects Kingdom’s history, culture, economic transformation
  • Reusable and renewable material being used for the construction

Arab News Japan

OSAKA: Saudi Arabia has begun constructing its pavilion at the Expo 2025 Osaka site on Yumeshima Island, making it among the first nations to do so.

The design reflects the Kingdom’s history, culture and current economic transformation. The ceremony on Jan. 31 to announce the construction was attended by government delegates from Japan, and officials from other nations participating in Expo 2025 Osaka.

Saudi Arabia’s delegation at the ceremony was led by Othman Almazyad, commissioner-general for the Kingdom’s Expo 2025 Osaka.

“The Saudi Arabia pavilion will showcase the convergence of the unique heritage, traditions and values that form the foundation of our country’s identity,” Almazyad said.

“Saudi Arabia is the cradle of an ancient civilization that dates back thousands of years and, testament to Vision 2030, it is rapidly transforming to deliver on our mission of economic and social change that seizes the opportunities of the future and expands its possibilities,” he added.

“This vision is underpinned by our nation’s steadfast commitment to our natural environment and will be embodied in the pavilion’s structure through adherence to global best practices of sustainable architecture, delivering on the promise of a better tomorrow.”

The pavilion will feature renewable materials and a reusable structure to reduce their environmental impact.

The building is designed to achieve the highest level of Japan’s green-building rating system and the Net Zero Operational Carbon target through the use of low-carbon materials, energy-saving technology, rainwater recycling, and photovoltaic electricity.

Opening in April 2025, Expo 2025 Osaka will convene over 160 countries and multilateral organizations under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” The three sub-themes are “Saving Lives,” “Empowering Lives” and “Connecting Lives.” Over 28 million people are expected to visit Osaka during the event.

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